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Miss Becks

Well, he'll never need a proper one any more Geoff!

Pam, you just reminded me I picked up a leaflet for a Christmas Savings club from the Post Office the other day. Must find that and have a look. For next year!

My mum always used to have a hamper as well. We used to love it when it was delivered, taking everything out and seeing what goodies there were in it!


Those hampers always contained a tin of" Ye Olde Oak Ham"-with jelly

Gary Hobson

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in US. It seems to be like their Christmas. Perhaps they have both.

I've been watching some US TV. It's been about cooking turkeys, and everyone must have pumpkin pie. Several fancy pumpkin recipes demonstrated, which I didn't understand. Top pressies there for kids are computers, iphones, or WII sets.

Think Obama is being presented with his turkey in some special ceremony a bit later.

Tonight, all the little kids will be hoping that Steve Jobs will be coming down the chimney.


You have all been very busy preparing-just asked again OH what she would like-still nothing-son wants to buy something and is stuck-oh what to do??


Missed am and pm registration - just out of detention. You are a busy lot with all this Christmas planning and shopping. I've got to buy some more stuff for the prize hamper for Saturday at the fair but that's as near to Xmas shopping as I'm going for now.

I'm waiting for OH to ask me what I'd like, I have a little list. Trouble is he likes to go off piste and his surprises are not always easy to be delighted about!!

Have nice evenings all, I have Parish Council tonight so had better go and peruse the papers the clerk has prepared. May just go and see if there's anything on telly to record first, though,




Well you have all been busy this afternoon. 

Jo there is now flood prevention on that road from Worcester, Trouble is we couldn't get to the road too much water in between

When Kids were small our child free friends used to come on Christmas Eve and OH and friend OH would get steadily more drunk while trying to stick those stickers that are never on the toy when you get them! 

Have to catch up on all posts later. Becks not touched that ****** doll.



Geoff, have you not seen Miracle on 34th Street? Its the believing that makes something real!

Becks, I was deeply unimpressed at the time and just left him there!  

Pam, like you my Mum tries to keep to a budget but normally fails!

I still do a stocking for the boys - but the trouble is because I buy them the same things once one has opened it the others know whats coming. I might try and get a few surprise items this year. 


Oh George, that remark about Steve Jobs coming down the chimney cracked me up!



My son, new father, asked if I wanted his old Christmas stocking to fill. Pointed out that it was now his job to fill it for his daughter. Said he didn't know what to put in it, I could think of quite a lot but refused to tell him any. He needs to use his imagination, he used to have plenty.

One year he was about 5/6 he told us what he wanted for Christmas was a secret betwweeen Santa and him, so he was not going t tell any one else! In the end a sympathetic teacher, in the days when lessons weren't so controlled, asked the class to cut and stick what they really wanted and sent the pictures home. and yes he did still believe, he was just a really strong believer in magic Bless


I've just found some more stuff for daughter in my wardrobe! That's it, no more. Do need more wrapping paper though, time enough. Must check out card stock too. Will start those next week, in between dealing with workmen & OH, who'll also be here. Garden maybe? Shed? At least am out on the course one day. J.


Deanos Diggin It

Gutten Haben mein iche Jager Shneizel's!

I lived on them when serving in Germany!

Pam LL..... Hope Barry is right! n only a valve!

Lottie!..... Congrats in order!

Beck's..... A few nice bonuses had!

Inka!..... You have survived!

Gary..... Steve Job's! 

And to all else! A very good evening! 



Break between storms--promised wind never really materialized, but there is a stream flowing down my road. I found some nifty wind-up flashlights--pocket sized, in different colours for stocking stuffers--that and a book mailed to Australia is the extent of my shopping so far. Will try to support the local Island economy--lots of artists and artisans. For the rest, I give money. Grandchildren are teens now. Miss having little kids to buy for.


Not done any Christmas shopping yet. Today I have written out Christmas Menus. More for the shopping list so I can get meat ordered and dry goods purchased steadily, also can freeze stuff and use  a tick list to show i've done it. IT's a habit from when I used to feed 18-20 folk on Christmas day, saves a lot of stress with the food.

Rain stopped mid afternoon but forecast more and worse tomorrow, where will it all go? garden is just a squelch. hope it clears by Saturday as have to collect caravan and towing in 'weather' is not fun.

Just given my son instructions on possible things for baby stocking. They didn't realise that things 'For babys first Christmas' are available. and I suggested bubbles as well. I will instruct him into ways of having fun with their baby.

Caz W

Evening all. 

Glad you're holding up in all that weather there Inka.  My Christmas shopping is pretty non existent too - did buy my cards in the sale last year and have even managed to find them


Hi Inka, glad you're ok. Sounds as if been rather a lot of rain though?

The forecast for tomorrow over here isnt good- strong winds & heavy rain again. There's already flooding in places. This is when am glad live partway up a hill.

Despite the awful forecast, am off to the continental Christmas markets tomorrow! Daughter's day off & she always wants to go. Will wear stout, waterproof shoes & wrap up well!

I carry a wind-up torch in my car. Never actually needed it, but you never know. Never have to worry about flat batteries! J.


Deanos Diggin It

B'j! Caz! Last minute .com here too! 

Been reducing a chilli this last hour! But now thickening nicely! 

N now had a little slurp! it is bang on! 


We have wind up torches in caravan and in loft. I have a wind up/solar radio in my greenhouse. Wouldn't be without them especially my radio.We bought the radio and one torch after we were in a storm in Scotland, the battery in caravan went and we had no  weather forecast.

Must go Master chef.


I have a windup radio, too--it's my lifeline when the power is out, since I no longer have a laptop--just a 27 inch Monster Mac desktop. I love it.

Miss Becks

Jess just dropped off. Heaven. Could do with an early night myself.

But... I can't go to bed without watching a film, so tonight it is Jaws 2!!



I'd never manage to stay awake to watch a film late night!

Enjoyed Masterchef. Nice to see constructive critism.

Like the idea of a wind-up radio for the garden shed. I do have a small trannie that I use, but it's a real pain if you take a bit too long to change the batteries- it looses all the station settings.

Signing off now, daughter shouldnt be too late tonight. Looks as if going to be a wet day at the markets tomorrow. J.