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I don't think a lap top would last on a battery for that long, without power any way Inka.

Dean i don't really think its last minute - well not yet any way. I have finally begun to think about what to get though. I always set a budget and go over, usually for my daughter. She is just so easy to buy for.

Wish i had a choice of film, Becks, sod all on TV tonight

Miss Becks

Night jo.

I love to watch films Bjay. I'm never short of a movie to watch.


There you go Jo. Something for your Christmas list - wind up/solar radio.



Started pouring down again--picked up some cream cheese and an avocado to go with my smoked salmon--like to eat well while watching Survivor, where they are all starving. I guess I have a bit of a sadistic streak. Do you see Survivor where you are?


Miss Becks

I think there's only me left up Inka! And I don't watch regular TV, so couldn't tell you to be honest. It does ring a bell though.



No. Is it a reality show? We get some but I don't watch them, Geoff and a couple of the others do i think.

Yum cream cheese, avocado, smoked salmon  Been planning Christmas, we always have a roulade - smoked salmon wrapped aroound  cream cheese and chives chilled like a sausage in cling film. Also a fresh salmon and smoke salmon course pate. But daughter and I love salmon at any time!

Hope the weather not too bad now for you, some areas here are really suffering from floods but we are OK here, just very squelchy and water-logged.


I'm still here too but don't watch much TV so can't answer your question either, Inka!


The salmon is local--I have a native commercial fisherman friend who does the yummiest smoked salmon--several different kinds, depending on the season. And they make wonderful artisan cheeses on Saltspring Island. I am definitely spoiled!


Miss Becks

Yeah, Geoff will know. he is the TV King!


I'm just off to bed in a minute. I've heard of Survivor but never watched it. 

I love salmon! I'm sure I live in the wrong place.


Me to Lottie, yummy smoked salmon from a local man bliss.

we do have a local specialist cheese shop. He stocks locally produced cheese, and a cheddar that is matured in a cave in Cheddar. (getting some for a Christmas treat) Most of what he has is from unpasteurised milk and is lovely and he knows his suppliers(dairies). Bit of a character as well!

He makes cheese wedding cakes.

I'm off to bed. Night

Pennine Petal
Morning all, hope you are still afloat. no rain here, but very windy.

My brother in law in Campbell River makes the best smoked salmon. I always bring some back with me after a visit. My sister brought me a dehydrator last time she came over. It is great for drying pineapple, it is so yummy. You can make fruit leather on it too.

Just eating my porridge, then off to work shortly. If any of you watched Last Tango in Halifax, the road where the mum (ex Spooks) and the son sat in the red Landrover is the one I travel on to work. It looked very wild and often is!

Have a nice day y'all.
Pottie Pam

Good morning Glyn,

I missed registration yesterday morning so didn't want another black mark.

My had had an old landrover and I loved it. Could throw dogs, wood and anything in it. It was going to be too expensive to get through the MOT so she sold it to someone who did it up and sold it for a good profit. Looking forward to the next episode of Last Tango in Halifax.

It's still quite dark but the sky has a wierd pinky tinge. We have an amber weather warning in force.


Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

sotongeoff wrote (see)

-just asked again OH what she would like-still nothing-oh what to do??

FloBear wrote (see)

... waiting for OH to ask me what I'd like,..

Not to worry. Welcome gifts for ladies are quite easy to find. Just look at an Argos catalogue. Loads of ideas there. Some simple suggestions for ladies' pressies:

  • Set of saucepans
  • New ironing board
  • Tin of oven cleaner
  • Hedge cutting shears
  • Set of golf balls

If you want to splash out on something a bit special, what about a Karcher Powerwash Window Cleaner. I have seen something similar on the Argos Home Shopping channel. Ladies are just gagging for one of these this Christmas. Ideal for keeping your greenhouse windows clean too.


Morning fork folk, hope it's not too wet and blustery where you are.

Gary, thank you so much for helping me out with my list  :- D  You left off wheelbarrow which I have on mine. And also pet rats - my ex OH once bought me two for my birthday.

Last Tango in Halifax  :- )

Fruit leather and cheese wedding cakes!!!   Have I stumbled into Edward Lear country?



Hola mos amigos

Have sorted one pressie-son will get OH a Kindle-she keeps hinting-I have pooh-pooed the idea-so therefore as is the scheme of things she will get given that.

It is windy and set to get windier

Last Tango in Halifax has beem deemed a hit

Had computer meltdown -and just tried system restore-don't like doing stuff like that

I bought my Mother a toast rack once when I was a child-very useful letter rack


Morning all

Am I going to be the only one to say something about your Christmas list Georg - No second thoughts I won't say anything

Flo I hav e a wheelbarrow on my list - I quite like the idea of a lilac one! 

My OH was always complaining that I wouldn't let him mash potatoes in my teflon saucepans so I did the only thing I could. Bought him a stainless steel saucepan and a metal potato masher as a Christmas present.

I have been given permission to accompany OH to supermarket this morning. He has promised not to moan when I look at things! 

The cheese wedding cakes are popular. When we first saw a picture (royal wedding time) we thought it was a joke.

OH just come back from walking the dog in the wood and he says   there is a sign up asking that dogs, footwear and clothes are cleaned of leaves mud etc when leaving it. Good idea but how do you rub down a large dog who only has to look at mud to get covered in it. His tail very long, waggy and hairy (the sort that can clear a coffee table with one wag!) also is a magnet to leaves. Easy to clear them, not so easy on the mud clearance. Though we will of course try

Pottie Pam

Good morning all and thanks Gary for your present list suggestions.

My daughter bought me a whwwlbarrow for my birthday and reaalyy appreciated it. I usually get garden themed presents.

I bought my brother a poo picking up set last Christmas. He'll probably think of me every time he clears his horse's field.  But really he said it was one of his best presents, saves a lot of back ache.

It's probably too late now, Bjay. to stop the spread of the tree diseases. We were asked to wash dogs and boots two years ago as the larches were infected and they've cut down thousands to try and stop the spread of the disease. Now we are told not to cut down infected trees in case some of them develope immunity.

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

The sun is out! Jess was woke with a coughing fit last night, which woke her right up, about 1.30am. Didn't drop off again until 3.30am. Poor love.

Geoff, she will love the kindle. I haven't got one, but have the kindle app on my iphone. It's great in bed.

Gary, I presume you're single.

Not a lot going on today. Will move the PC desk over the other side of the room to make way for the Christmas Tree!


Morning all. Sunny here at the moment but quite windy.

Becks, hope Jess's cough is better this morning.

If Gary isn't single, he soon will be if that's his shopping list.

I've seen some lovely wheelbarrows - purple and pink ones. I already have pink hedge shears, perhaps Santa will bring me a wheelbarrow.

Not sure how you can clean a muddy dog out in the open!