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Me also this month


Deanos Diggin It
Caz.... was invited to gaffers lock up as he had me a box of goodies!
We got onto talking about laptop etc! Said I was thinking about investing in an Ipad, but couldn't warrant the expence if I have been advised, they are just a glorified Iphone!

So he rumaged a cage n handed me this fancy MultiPad PRO thingy, n said

"Give us a tenner for that n see how ya get on with that, before spending silly brass on an Ipad! Bonus!

Off to catch up! Wanna see what this silly game is!
Caz W

For BJay



Dean-that sounds good-my be knock-off though

Has it got a demangler of English built in ?



Caz W

 Dean - bargain!!!  Think I'll send you to do my Christmas shopping.


Miss Becks

Well, that was one job I wasn't expecting to do today.

Yes Gary, It was my greenhouse, or 'Walk in wardrobe' as you affectionately named it.

Pam, I had all my seedlings in there. Sweetpeas, rhubarb, holliehocks and my tulip bulbs in buckets at the bottom. All went upside down on their arse!

If I'd known that was going to happen, I would have just emptied a bag of compost on the ground and threw the seeds in randomly!

And yes, I know you all warned me to secure it down, and I tried, I really did!! It has bricks around the bottom, and a slab over one part! Crock of crap!

The frame is totally wrecked, with snapped joints, and the plastic has ripped right away from the zipped flap at the front. But I have saved them, and will try to refashion it/recycle it somehow, when I am in a better mood.

I've saved a few seedlings, but I haven't a clue what!

Caz, give me the rest of them pies! I need them. And cream!


Caz W

Aaw Becks - that's awful and so disheartening too.  Pies & cream on way to locker.

GLITTER (and don't put GARY)  


Oh what a flaming nuisance-hopefully you can retrieve something




Lost you all again.

My cat tipped my tomato seedlings everywheere before I had a greenhouse. Saved them but very interesting when they grew. Gave my neighbour a hanging baskey one. When it grew it wasn't


Have had a similar problem to Becks - just retrieved my plastic growhouse from the neighbouring plot where it was snagged on their raspberry canes. Luckily no plant damage as it was only covering some chard anyway which is still ok. Becks, hugs, hope your plants are ok.


Gary Hobson

Small seedlings are remarkably robust. I've had trays of seedlings turned over (by mice). If put back together, they usually survive.

At least the weather is mild, so they should grow on before Winter.

You've had a good warning now about the stabilty of that frame, and the way that wind can catch it. So you need to give that some attention. Anything heavy needs to go on the bottom rack.




COLLEAGUE (in response to hobbit!!!!!)


You've got a colleague that looks like a hobbit  Lottie

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Pottie Pam

Sorry Becks, so disheartening after all your work.

Caz I got out of sync with the word game and Geoff's speedos were supposed to follow LYNX as a 'babe magnet'  but I suppose TIGER works as well.