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This family in China refused to move -so they built the road around them


Deanos Diggin It

Geoff! You laugh! We have a section of M62 over to Manchester where the farmer would not sell up! n they built the eastbound/westbound section around the farm! inevitably, he now lives on the central reservation! 

Gary Hobson

Just had a big fir tree come crashing down. Flattened a few plants, but no major damage done. Missed the greenhouse. I'll get a photo when it's light tomorow.

Satellite signal is going to pot too. It sometimes does in foul weather. Hope it clears up in time for the Apprentice. The review in Radio Times looks good - even more chaos than normal is promised.


The Apprentice. Haven't watched last weeks yet. Could have done that last night. Bother!

Son says he's heard some telephone poles have come down nearby. 

Perhaps the winds will blow away the leaves to another garden so I don't have to rake them

Deanos Diggin It

Just been out to the car to retrieve my box of goodies! It's blowing a right gale out there! 

Anyone want to know what's in it? It's Christmas come early! Then shall bathe, shave have summat to eat, play on my new gagit for n hour n call it a day! 


Pennine Petal
Evening all, what a wild drive home, the wind blew the car over the hills. Very wet in Rossendale, but nowhere near as windy as the other side.

You've been very chatty today, but I haven't go the energy to track back sorry.

Love the house in China Geoff. I know the house on the M62 very weel, we call it the little use on the prairie around here.
Caz W

Hey Dean - I hope it's my Christmas shopping you've got in your box of goodies

Miss Becks

Oh my Gary, now you! We're all feeling the wrath of the wind today!

Just had dinner. Chicken fingers, chips and spaghetti loops! Weird eating it though. The chicken fingers look identical to fishfingers, was weird tasting chicken instead.

Dean! Open the box!!


That farmhouse on the M62 pretty bleak.

I've just had beans on toast & realised part of a tooth has gone! No idea where.... It felt funny when in town, but the 'bit' was still there then & not now. Ok shall phone the H team to check if now ok to go to dentist- was banned before- & if ok phone him.

Havent tried peeking through curtains at greenhouse roof- nowt in there anyway- & no intention of going out to sort if panels have flipped out.

Becks- can you actually get the frame, when repaired/replaced, secured to an adjacent wall? There's still early spring- Feb ok for sweetpeas, if they've 'gone'. March for the rest to be restarted. It's a 'b****r' but could've been worse if been late spring next yr. J.


Deanos Diggin It

Glyn! But that's Well! n House! You have B'J disease! We on this side know it as that too!  We have twinned!

Bathed n shaved! Feel like a new man! Can anybody recommend one?

Caz! I am willing to share! 

We have several bird feeders, two bird tables, bulb planter's, long n short handled! Various plant feeds! Even QVC Richard Jackson's Plant Magic! Compost invigorator! n a selection of ten hybrid tea bare rooted roses! Oh! n a partridge in a pair tree! 

My OH shall go mad when home! Dumped in the kitchen! But shall by then be in bed! God! I have a busy weekend planned! 

Miss Becks

I won't bother with this one jo, I'll just muddle through until next year, and get a new one (Do a deal with Dean ), and secure it sensibly and properly!

Miss Becks

Dean, Gary never confirmed he was single! He spoils his partners rotten! Check out his shopping list for pressies earlier!


I noticed that too Becks

As usual I forgot- ages ok daughter says that she doesnt need any Christmas pyjamas this year, so didnt buy any & pointed this out when she'd asked if I'd got any? She's standing in changing room q at M&S eying up the jim jams & grumbling. Lady in front of us was in stitches. Anyway, braved Primark with her. Gosh arent they cheap for tights? & yes a pair of PJs are now waiting to be wrapped up!

Local forecast says tomorrow going to be dry & cold! J.

Deanos Diggin It

Beck's! Clocked it! 

N must admit! The Karcher window washer thing is actually S++t Hot!

My buddy has one! n I have put in an order at work! on the strength of it!

You are more than welcome to take these or one of these off my hands, Honest Beck's! I get em given, n dare not refuse! Thinking they will come in for somebody!

The time is nigh!

Sort it later!

Right! Off to eat! Catch you fellow forkers later! Night all!  


Am back-eggie/chips consumed

Primark is my fashion house off choice

This windy stuff is God's way of punishing the bad-boys

-glad you made it home in one piece Glyn

Has Dean gone?


Deanos Diggin It

No! I have not eaten yet! 

"Never rush your food" I was taught Geoff!  

Miss Becks

Night Dean!

If that's true Geoff, I shall expect my house to be reduced to rubble by the morning.


He is still here

Gary has had his retribution

Just been outside it is windier at the front than the back- is that a medical condition?



had trouble getting on site again so if I disappear it's nothing personal!!

Cannot enter previous page to see what you have all been up to.

Just spoke to daughter who has had trouble getting home from work road closures because of floods. we were wonderng about her. Took her 1hr 30mins for a 20min journey. Still just glad she's home now.

Something went a rumble outside earlier, will check in morning. 

Hi Dean, Night Dean

Miss Becks

Oh Bjay, not you as well! We must really be a bad bunch!