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Some of us are

(which looks like three little French boys)

Miss Becks

Ha ha ha. Whatever you say Geoff!


Bjay disease!!!!! Indeed

I'm hoping the rumble was just a pot blowing over. I have a fair few

Wonder what Christmas Smileys will be like Having just looked at the 3 little French boys.!

Pennine Petal
No Dean, just ipaditis and not reading properly before sending!


Miss Becks

Night Geoff!

Jean, I'm giving 'The Woman In Black' another try, just for you!

Pennine Petal
Hasta ma??ana Geoff! I'm giving bed a try Becks ......
Miss Becks

Aaw, so early? Have a good night Glyn. x


Back home now - a busy evening with Cubs then a meeting about next year's camp. Not entirely sure I will be going to be honest.

Did first aid at Cubs - made some lovely fake wounds then explained what to do with them. But I might have made them a bit too realistic as two boys said they felt unwell! 

I have asked OH to acquire a copy of the Woman in Black on Jean's recommendation!


Miss Becks

Lottie. How did you make the wounds?


A sort of playdough like substance, vaseline, and fake blood. One was a gash with a bit of glass (actually plastic) sticking out, another looked like a burn and the third was a graze. 

Its absolutely pouring down here at the moment - I can hear it - wonder what the roads will be like in the morning!

Better get to bed - night Becks!


Hi, all-I spent the day at school as a supply teacher for the first time this year. It was really gratifying how glad the kids were to see me [I know most of them]--and I got lots of hugs when I walked in--mostly from the little girls--not unexpected. But what made my day was the hug from a 12-year old boy--I thought it was very brave. Don't miss the politics--but I do miss the kids. Now I am pretty exhausted.

Pennine Petal
Morning Inkadog and anyone yet to arrive. that must have made you feel really great. I had a group of 13 year olds at the uni this week and apparently the session I did was awesome and 'sick' which apparently is good rather than bad. I got a round of applause at the end.I was chuffed.

Weather better today, hoping for a calmer drive to work. TGIF!

Have a good day all.
Gary Hobson

Morning forkers.

It's quiet here this morning, though still dark at 7am. I'm off to Sainsburys first thing. Then will do some storm damage assessment when I get back.

Notice that the Chinese house in the road, which Geoff featured on here yesteday, is in today's Daily Mail, and was featured on Sky News this mornng.

There's also an interesting article in this morning's Telegraph (at least on their website) about tools for disabled gardeners. Although these tools are intended for the disabled, they could be of interest to anyone. They have things like a light-weight fork, a nifty fruit picker, cold frames and raised beds on legs (probably pricey), loppers, secateurs, etc.


Jean Genie

Morning Inka ( or evening ) Glyn and Georg and everyone else popping in ,  Really sorry to hear about everyone's storm damage and hope it can all be put right. We were lucky that the bird table stayed in place , I put bricks on the bottom after last years shannigans. Really bad day yesterday but seems a lot calmer today. Not much to report except the usual. Going to daughters again and then shopping - Bjay gave me inspiration so will pick up all dried food and stuff that will keep for Xmas as well..

Had a ''wobble'' yesterday - daughter got a bit upset . Think she's just stressing over the move and has a mountain of paperwork to sort out. Had to bite my lip and chuck the kettle on and then Daniel asked if Grandad and I could go and live with them.  Had a lot of explaining to do but think he understands.

I loved the word game

Catch you all later.


Morning all. Sun up & out, barely any wind & managed to really sleep well as the storm had moved East by bedtime.

Greenhouse survived- I sometimes wonder whether it's worth it, till I eat the tomatoes. Planning to get out for a couple of hours later & carry on cutting back the remaining borders. The front is still ok & flowering so shall leave until all the faffing around next week over- or as a job to do to get out of the way!

First saw those raised beds on legs, like a big manger, in Kitzbuel, Austria. I drooled every time we walked past that garden. We've since seen more, a lot homemade. The original looked stunning, all polished hardwood, so may have been purchased from one of the local woodworkers of which there are plenty around. The season in the mountains may be short, but it's a lot warmer & wetter over there. J.


Morning everyone. We seem to have got through the wind and wet so far unscathed. Inka, I know exactly what you mean about an exhausting day of supply! I tend to just fill in for half days now. And like you I don't miss the politics but I do miss the children.

Raised beds are a tempting idea, though I've never seen legs on them, but I'd like to bet that between them my dogs and chickens would chuck the soil out and cause more mayhem than they do already!



Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Hope everyone is okay after the storm. Not too bad here today so I'm going to start clearing the photinia that blew over yesterday. It was over 15 feet high and really bushy so might take some time. I'm hoping I can firm the stump in again and it won't die but on gooling info on it it's the wrong time to prune it so just keep my fingers crossed.

Speak to you all later. I may be gone some time.



Good luck Pam.

Flo- the planter I saw was slap bang in the middle of their lawn! Dont remember much else about that garden as just zoomed onto the planter, it was soo stunning- vegs & flowers combined.

Well 2 lots of washing out- no wind, but sunny so maybe a bit dryer? Fed the wormery & veg waste compost bin- heat coming nicely from that. Off to quickly make some bottom of veg rack/fridge soup then get changed & go out! J.