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Good morning All.

Back after my mini break at friends, pleased to be home, especially after the rotten weather. It's a lovely morning here so I might get the washing dry. I haven't been round the garden yet so don't know if any damage has been done. Sorry I missed the game. I didn't really catch up with all the posts, just dipped in, there were far too many.

Hope everyone is well.

Catch you later.


Miss Becks

Good morning lovelies!

Where's Geoff??

It's a totally blue sky here, not a cloud in sight.

Good luck with your tree Pam.


Morning all. Everything seems ok and calm this morning after last night's deluge, but the streams and ditches are full. Any more rain and I predict some overflowing. The chicken run has turned into a bit of a bog, so I'm tempted to move the whole thing tomorrow to the corner under the trees where its drier.

Glyn, 'sick' is praise indeed!

Inka, sounds like it was lovely to be back - but just for a little while!

Jean, must be hard for you. I'm sure your daughter appreciates all your support.

Gary Hobson

Fallen fir tree from last night...

It's been there for at least 20 years, and we've had worse storms than that. Maybe the ground was so wet and soft, that the soil wasn't able to hold the roots in place. I have some honeysuckles growing up it, so will need to decide just what to do. There's no hurry. With this tree down, it has let a lot of light in, to some small shrubs that have been starved of light.

The only other minor casualty was my Christmas tree in a pot, which was blown over, but easily put back on its feet...

 Nosey robin, came to see what was going on...


Hello later arrivals.

Becks, I wonder if Geoff is bashing a little ball around into muddy puddles while the rain and wind hold off. I'm going out shortly to get my dogs as wet and filthy as possible.

Anyway, must share this. Have just come off phone to a friend who has secured a part-time job in an old-fashioned ironmongers shop. On her first afternoon her very first customer was a little old lady who asked if she had any candles - unfortunately she didn't specify a number. I'm sure I'll shall be popping in there very soon, perhaps for O's. If anyone else has any requests I can ask Sally for those items too.



Gary, fab. photos. I love the robin's fluffed-ness and little topknot.

Miss Becks

Oh yeah, Flo. Forgot about his ball bashing obsession.

Cute little robin.



Morning All

Late signiing in - swimming morning.

Damage report - we have a large drum BarBQ which is kept in corner of patio, more like a 3-sided courtyard, well sheltered and covered. Too big for inside storage Somehow the wind must have blown under the cover and blown it across patio only knocking over one pot,and my acer pot looks a bit drunk! When OH went out the BarBQ had also been spun around. Pot is uprighted, drunken acer will soon be straightened and Bar B Q is in the sun drying out.

Thank goodness nothiing else as far as I can see. Will walk round and inspect later.

I think I'd be in panic mode if a tree like Gary's came down, still robins are always around to find out what's happening.

Miss Becks

Bjay, I'm getting worried. Is anyone or anything SOBER at your place??


Course I am. and OH is most of time

I f I was drunk I wouldn't have been able to lose all this weight. Talking of drink, I've just seen on another thread that you can put stale beer/lager onto compost. Sometimes have half drunk can - left by son- so may give it a go.

Any way it's my lovely acer. Just going out to investigate.


Inspected garden, put the acer straight, thank goodness the pot it was in is in one piece and no other eal damage, All plants shrubs where they should be, one rose is a bit wobbly but it was blown down in a previous storm and still has  support system in place from then

Lovely day

I see Geoff is out and about on the forum


Morning,afternoon,midday greetings to all.

Have been doing a tidy up-apologies for tardiness-will do lines later-not of cocaine obviously

Looked out of window this morning the water butt that was at a funny angle last night has gone over-virtually empty--so after a bit of maneuvering concrete block now in place underneath-hopefully now stable and new method to guide the water from the greenhouse gutter now made

Have spread more compost-sorted out bins and have 2 full ones to empty at some point

It has been very mild but is set to get very wild again-early warnings in place

There is a posh candle shop in Crystal Palace-resisted the urge to go in

That might be a blessing in disguise Gary- a chance for something else to grow

Lunchtime -then play time

Pottie Pam

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is okay and not too much damage.

Just come in for a coffee after cutting my fallen photinia up. Not finished it all yet but will try and clear it all later. I don't know if it will regenerate as I had to cut it off about a foot from the bottom and the trunk is about 9 inches across. I should have kept it pruned as it was too big and too near the house. Why do I never realise that little trees and shrubs are eventually going to be big?


Hi all.

Quick nip back in for coffee & yoghurt.

No obvious damage to report here. Am cuttin back in the lawn bed which has become infested with moss, again. So have trug for my compost bin(s) & a bowl for the moss I get out to go into the council bin. Amazed at the baby self-seeders too, so lots of them going to council too! All being well, not today, shall try to stir up the soil before I mulch. Darn it, will need to seive my compost too otherwise..... more work!

No sign of the burgundy Actea, ?new name, but it had been struggling & got well & truely eaten by sluggy lot. IF it shows again next spring have already made note to move it to a shadier bed which has deeper, moister, soil which it should like. There's a half hardy fuschia in the spot shall use. That not my favorite & probably wont come through the winter, so no prob there.

Cant get any answer from H teams' office, so will try next week. If nec could ring the nurse manager who's seen me a couple of times & he should know or whom to contact. Luckily no toothache. Right, back out. J.


Pam- I hard pruned my Photinia a few yrs back. It'd thrown a 2cnd trunk which I didnt want. I didnt go right back to the main stem & have noticed that now it's got lots of new growth down there. So hope for yours maybe? J.


Miss Becks

Oh Lordy. I really should check my calander more often. Just realised we are out partying tonight. Forgot all about it. Bath now running, so I can bathe in peace and save time later.


Pam-your photinoia has two choices

Chris where did you go and what did you get up to?

Becks you will get wrinkly if you stay in there too long-and where are you gallivanting off to?



It's just chucked it down again. Me & washing back inside, but I did finish the cutting back of the bed, just about.

Going to get out of grubby clothes- ops- & then OH will get back, put rubbish on the tv & promptly go to sleep!

Might actually fill in that form I got sent & do need to return...... J.

Miss Becks

Ha ha ha Geoff, I don't need a bath to make me wrinkly! I've enough wrinkles without the water!

It's not so much a party, but a get-together/reunion of all the neighbours from the street we grew up in. Not entirely thrilled to be going, but at least my Dad and older sister will be there, so I won't be sat in the corner bored to tears when the nosey questions run dry.

Off to get wet. back in a bit!


Just went out to top up bird feeders, give them some apple and put out some mealworms (never used them before. I was then going to do bits of this and that when the heavens opened. Grabbed the washing and rushed in. Guess that's the end of gardening for the day.