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No good at doing limericks. Like the results though.

Poor Bjay, things never go to plan do they?

No sign OH yet, but am off to start something for meal. Change of plan to original thought- now green pepper curry. A good old standby we've done since uni days. Daughter dislikes it, but she's at work so.....

Boiler has had a couple of 'whistles' & now shut up & is fine again...

I've still to even pick up that form..... J.

Pennine Petal
Afternoon all, got back home from work relatively early today for a change. A traffic jam on the M62 bunged up all the traffic on the roads I use to get home. at least the worst of it was in the other direction. Stopped off at the butchers for pork pie on the way.

Jo, slugs ate my new actea too!

I'm no good at rhymes either. I could give you a bit of prose instead.
Miss Becks

The time to get ready is near,

To be honest, I'd rather stay here,

But party I must,

A dull night I trust,

Thank God this in not every year.



Well, looks like it was your turn for a blow and deluge. Hope not to much damage done-that first storm is a reality check, isn't it--you find out quickly what needs to be secured.

Today is Black Friday in the US, which has spilled over to here--there is also a Buy Nothing Day, which is what I plan to do. The weather is crappy, so its holed up with a good book for me!!! Have fun with your poetry, folks--very entertaining!

Pennine Petal
It has spilled over to the UK as well Inkadog, lots about it on the radio yesterday and I got my Amazon Black Friday email this morning.



Well have a nice time with young miss

And if anyone asks for a kiss

Reach into you bag

And light an old fag

They are sure then to give you a miss



give me some prose

Deanos Diggin It

Well Beck's will no longer be here, 

Is having to leave us I fear,

Chris is confused,

B'J needs be amused,

An I am just having a beer!

Evening People!


Miss Becks

I thought pro's were... never mind.

Miss Becks

I will not be kissing a soul,

There are other uses for my hole,

To fill it with food,

And say things too rude,

And laughing is always my goal!


:- D : - D :- D everybody
Caz, as a fellow w-watcher I especially appreciate your Santa limerick!!


Ok I'm back.

Dog next door has to return to vet again tomorrow, Moral Don't give dogs bones

Been trying to contact son about Christmas but no luck so far. Still we are skyping on Sunday.

Have to go and collect caravan from Swindon tomorrow. Have you seen the weather forecast??

just looked closely at photos from Dean Ha! Men!!!

Feeling a bit better but don't expect verse - anyway not very good at them



Good luck Bjay.

Might be able to escape outside for a couple of dry hours, if lucky, before our next deluge tomorrow. Dont need much shopping. OH off work all next week- with the bathroom being done- so he's brought all his vegs & fruit back with him. Have done a sort of menu, but actually dont know what the access to water situation will be, so flexibility is going to be needed I think.J.

Caz W

At precisely 09.52

I popped in to talk to you

I had such a fright

No one was in sight

Now I don't know what to do

Caz W

It's curry time for Jo

And I know poor BJ's feeling low

Geoff has gone missing

Becks isn't kissing

And Dean's gone off with his hoe


I'm watching the telly

You poor lonesome nelly

There are bugs in a plane

And no Jungle Jane

The celebs need food in their belly


Miss Becks

Hi honeys, I'm home!

Crappy time had. Lots of nodding, and 'What you doing these days' comments, and remembering days gone by in general. Not my idea of a good night, but Jess loved the attention as she was the only kid there. Glad I'm home, in my pyjamas, kettle on, and ready for bed.

Did you all go out as well?? Not much gone on since I left. Was hoping for a good giggle catching up.