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Miss Becks

Mmm, warm freshly cooked pasties. My locker is unlocked.


Hi everyone

So sorry I am late for my mark - well extra late.

We have been to Swindon and back and it rained all way there and back. Very pleasant lunch though with sons partners parents. Its the first time we've been allowed to meet without supervision!! Such fun, spent some of the time commenting about young couple and their child rearing skills. Everything by the book !!!! They are a bit overwhelmed by parenting. What they don't realise is that i don't think you ever quite get the hang of it 

Loved the secret message, and I can just imagine trying to pick up one of cats to give it a 'bath'

It was a bit like having a drive through a large never-ending lake occasionally overspilling onto road. Winds haven't started yet just relieved we are home before them.

Now have a glorious fire, 3 sleepy animals, and Strictly to come 

Miss Becks

Geoff, I just found your Christmas present whilst browsing on ebay!

Click here Geoff

lad you're back home safe bjay!


I have bisodol on stand-by for anyone with wind trouble



Geoff have uyou seen Ola she's on pointless


Ok check your cyber lockers for hot pasties

Inka I am teaching in the land of TOWIE and  Rylan and ignoring the puplis is extremly hard

Bjay you were brave to leave the house today.


Miss Becks

I'm getting hungry. Those pasties done yet kate?

Miss Becks

Oops, posted the same time! Thankies!


Will save the pasty-I have quite a build up in there-

-lamb stew is now being served


Boo Hoo- my pasty is cold. Must be the time difference.

Kate, not sure who Towie and Ryan are, but if it has to do with politics, let's just say I'm glad I retired when I did!

Pennine Petal
Back, just in time for SCD, my pocket somewhat lighter. Supplies secured, but they sold your sanity to someone else, Geoff, sorry. I did buy some Lindt chocolate teddy bears for us though

Someone must be feeling unwell as they have left SCD on! Oh 'spoke' too soon- OH has told daughter about some 'proper' chefy thing on i-player so she's turned off the tv sound.

Bit tipsy though.... & need to sort out in kitchen.

Brave Bjay & OH. Glad you're home & safe. It's chucking it down out there now. Do wish had shifted myself this morning then would've had some time outside. J.



Jo -send daughter to the kitchen for the sort-out-OH to the other room-watch TV

I bought some Celebrations In Tesco-but they are pressies

Pennine Petal
Yes, Kate, never ending. 4 assignments in before Christmas - 150 students in total. That's the Christmas holiday sorted then!


Deanos Diggin It

Evening All!

Tree felling dutie's done! Got soaked in the process! But my ex-collegue is over the moon with the results! n I bagged myself a Christmas tree in the bargain! So a good old productive day as been had!

Bathed n eventually warmed through! Oh! n it's Curry night! "Bring it on" 

Oop's! Now gunna go catch up! 


Miss Becks

Well that's us fed and watered. Spongebob on TV, madam is playing ABC's on her Leap-pad, and kettle is on. Will now try and browse ebay in secret.


Geoff- cant shift them! OH & daughter sat on sofa watching this darn cooking prog on daughter's laptop. TV now completely turned off. Just accepted only ever get to see the SCD results prog.

Not interested in the cooking prog actually, but dont tell OH. Much easier for me to go & load up dishwasher.  J.

Deanos Diggin It

Kate!.....Glad you have returned! Although a little bedraggled! I am sure you will pull through!  Oh! n cheers for the pastie! 

B'j!.....You have braved the day n have come unscathed! "Good on you girl" 

Caz!.....Early bird today! 

n to all else I have missed! Soz! But I am trying! 



Jo -I give up-it would be easier for them to leave the room-sorry but that is how it looks to me-I thought you liked SCD

They need telling!!!