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Miss Becks

How's your new toy dean??

Deanos Diggin It

It's alright Beck's! Not really had much time to play on it to be honest! But I shall somewhere along the way! 

But it does what it say's on the tin!

I am in no way a techno buff! Unlike Yourself! But once I get my head around it, n download the app's I need! I'm sure it will serve it's purpose! Even just has a training aid! 

We'll see!

But really still wanting an Ipad! 


Hello all forkers! Well the big news is the baby has arrived! My niece ended up having a c-section, she's had a little boy - 9lb 11oz!!! Anyway all well! 

I'm a great auntie!


Hi all. Had trouble getting on herre AGAIN

Jo whenwe came home we were towing a caravan Not ideal in this weather but we were very concerned in case wind came. Still quiet as far as that goes at moment.

Just had tea and let fire go out whoops. SCD did it!

It was great meeting sons sort of in laws without the young ones. We are ame age, and have so much in common. Perhaps that's why son etc didn't want to encourage it. 

As we have all been told not to buy Pressies for baby we have made plans HE HE HE 


Geoff- I gave up a long time ago! 1 through room, 1 working tv & digi box, 1 sofa- no chance!

Quite happy to leave them to it. Dishwasher loaded correctly, well to my standard, pans washed up, spare pasta sauce chilling in fridge & will freeze it tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the great bathroom tile removal- I shall grab everything out of there first thing & once OH finished point him in the direction of cleaning stuff!  Although since bath going on monday no point.

Talking of gadgets- anybody got a Kindle? J.



Bjay by we do you mean the grandparents?J.

Miss Becks

Hey Lottie! Congrats!! And a nice weight! That's bigger than my turkey!!


Great Aunt Lottie--sound like something from Agatha Christie

Jo-son is buying Kindle for OH for Christmas but I think Lottie has one in the family?

Jahmene still Jahmazing


Oh right.....

The i-player prog has finished- phew, but TV still off. Shall sign off now & get the remote whilst I can.

Night all. J.


Soz- well done to Lottie! J.

Miss Becks

Night jo.

Still haven't made that coffee from when I put the kettle on after dinner! Will do it now.


Congrats Lottie. What a weight Hope all are well

OH has a Kindle equivalent. He uses it a lot but don't pry about the books he reads. never seem to cost.

Miss Becks

Hmm, seems I DID make that coffee, just never drunk it! It was stone cold on the side in the kitchen!! I'm losing my mind. Kettle is now on again!


Deanos Diggin It

Night Jo!

Not far following if truth be known! 

n I actually don't mind cold coffee! 

n tomoz! I have no plans, so shall have a nice sleep in, n potter leisurely around my own little domain! 

Goodnight All! 


Pennine Petal
You're right Geoff, great Aunt Lottie has a lovely ring to it. What a whopper Lottie. I'm a great aunt to 5 and I'm still so young!

Lottie babies are such good news for everyone

SCD I still cannot believe that VP is an olympic athlete and struggles to hold her arms out.


Wow, Lottie!!That's a big boy-probably just as well it was a c-section. And now you are GREAT! Congrats!

Warmish sunshine today, so I opened the doors to the deck and now there are a couple of dozen HUGE black flies buzzing around! Must put a battery in my zapper.

Running around today--local Xmas fair for smoked salmon, Market for produce, library and then the Small World Art show--lots of great miniature works by local artists--including some former students--very proud!

Outside in a mo to top up the woodpile--still making progress in my smoke reduction program--down to 10 yesterday. Went to buy an inhaler, but they don't sell them on the island. May make an appointment at doctor's next week to get the patch.