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Did she not say she has lost a lot of muscle perhaps her arms are too heavy-there is not much of her-needs fattening up for Christmas

Go Jahmene-do not let me down

Becks-what a plonker


Thanks everyone for the congratulations - I quite like this great aunt business, seeing as I'm unlikely to be a grandmother for a few years yet! My poor niece was in labour for over 24 hours before they decided enough was enough and took her to theatre for the c-section. Could see what the problem was when he was born - apparently he's like a little buddha!

I will probably take my Mum (great granny) up for a visit next weekend. She's knitted lots of stuff already and will probably have managed something blue by next weekend!

Well done on the smoke reduction Inka, its worth it. 


Lottie when OH uncle first became a geat he classed himself as THE Great......


Lottie, my friend's mother who is a GG is known on Facebook as the GR81!!!!

My dog Inka is considering these flies as a personal affront---now the window is covered with nose prints! That low wintersun highlights every cobweb, streak and smear- but the sunshine is worth it!

Roasting a free-run chicken for dinner--it will be that and salad--still have lettuce and cherry tomatoes. Flies are extra.

Miss Becks

I'm sitting here, doing Jess's party food (buffett) list, wracking my brains for anything I've forgot. Every year, I get to the day and think, Ooh, I wanted to get this, or that! This year, I'm going to be prepared!



Are we all invited to the after party cyber-party?

Going to bed now-reality TV'd out

Night all

Miss Becks

Absolutely Geoff! Night Night.

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Shines torch through darkness to see if anyone is up.

Listens - just the sound of snoring.

It was more wet wet wet yesterday, and overnight. Parts of my lawn are a mess. I put some stepping stones down, but you can't cover everything. And there's a little path nextdoor's cat uses, that is getting muddy too. I hope he wipes his paws. A nice sunny morning forecast, then more rain. I might get some fir-tree branches shredded.


Up-just going outside-there seems to be a cloudless sky-check for damage-feed the animals-make coffee- back to bed-my work here is done.

Gary Hobson

We must have had more than an inch of rain in the past 24 hours. I have a bowl for food, which was full to the brim with water. These are some standing puddles on my lawn this morning...


Good morning   Thought I'd just pop in to say it's absolutely tipping it down over here in the east   I was awake for 2 hours in the night (unusual for me) - I think it was the wind and rain on the windows - the bedroom faces west.  I know some of you will have had it much worse than us so just to say 'thinking of you  and your gardens' and send you all an encouraging 'virtual hug' (())  - do you think this weather's my fault for having bought a convertible car yesterday ? 


Glorious sunny day here but the wind does look a bit mental.

Dove I think we can send all the blame your way


Dressed now-washing on line-going make up some containers with the half-price bulbs- - I snaffled yesterday as well as putting some in the garden.

A convertible car eh-does it convert into a boat or ark of any kind?


Demolition in bathroom taking place! Have removed anything that can be removed. May as well wash the curtains as they didnt get done this spring, as per normal.

The rain is passing over now I think, so may even get the chance to put washing out. Dawned on me that wont have water for part of tomorrow/tuesday so am doing as much as nec now.

Daughter now more or less over 'the worst migraine' for yrs. As has day off is planning to go to Christmas markets again! I have put in a request for a piece of chocolate marzipan strudle!!

Need to take some big empty plastic boxes down to shed or greenhouse as OH has no intention of trying to get them back up into the loft again! Bit big for gap apparently. They went up there before though... Daughter has sorted out my Dad's clothes for me, bless her, as we have a good charity collection coming on thursday. J.


I think part of the sleeplessness might have been due to concern about transporting bags of compost and manure in the boot, having been used to a hatchback.  

I also calmly said I'd collect a maiden pear from the nursery rather than have it delivered in a week or so - I emailed them at 2.30am and asked if they could deliver it instead   It'd be ok if I could guarantee fine enough weather to have the top down .... 



Morning all. Lovely day. Next rain due this afternoon. Just been to caravan to move cushions, usually leave them in but caravan has damp and ewith this weather well

A village near herre had £1m. of flood defences, they were opened about 3 months ago. This is first time they have been used and they failed so village os totally flooded and main A38 as well.

Daughter lives about 25 mins from here and it sounds like her little town is cut off. 

Still not as bad as Cornwall. I hope the forkers down there are fairing OK.

My garden looks green but it is just grass sticking up through squelch. Had an e-mail to say some roses are on there way. Cannot plant them, too wet but think I may be able to heel them in, into  raised veg bed that is empty. Am I right? Help!!

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

 Late for registration again. I hope we have a good summer so you can enjoy your car, Dove.

Chickens were going frantic and I rushed out to see a fox had one. The fox ran off but the poor chicken died after about ten minutes. I didn't think the fox could get in the field but I was wrong. It came back a few minutes ago and I watched it for a while but it didn't come in. Hopefully I've mended the gap where it got in. 


Better there than nowhere Bjay. You can move bare-rooted roses until mid March so that should give you plenty of time.

Spotted a tip in yesterday's gardening section of the paper about using spare, in my case old, play sand as a lawn top dressing if got a very soggy area. You need to spike it first to aid drainage. Shall give it a go on one far patch that is always squelchy, esp in yrs such as this. Need to sort out the actual bag though, as it's just been dumped behind greenhouse 20+yrs & the bag is now rotting- oopps! Have got plenty spare old compost bags that can put it into. Realised that I just hate throwing anything away!

No tiles on 2 bathroom walls now & paper removal being done. Wheely bin filling up- well OH can drag it round!! Because the bath is also being replaced OH cant drop all sorts into it. J.

Pottie Pam

Hope the renovations are going well, Jo. I'm with you. I hate throwing things away. The sheds are full of  stuff . Was the play sand from when your daughter was little.

Cornwall has really been battered and flooded and more rain to come this afternoon and the wind is getting up now. I feel really sorry for those whose homes are flooded.

My only damage was the big photinia and I spent Friday  clearing it away. I sawed the trunk about a foot from the bottom which was about 9 inches diameter. I hope it regenerates but if not it's a chance to clear out that bit of border and have something different.


Yes the sand was from daughter's sand pit- one of those big plastic clam types. She loved it. Well used down on the bottom patio. We gave it to the 2 little lads next door, after checking with parents first. Dont think they were ever allowed to play in it properly. What a waste.

The sun is out here, but am tumbling washing as loads of black clouds around & need to be available 'at a drop of everything' to open doors, bins, sweep up, fetch things etc etc.

Yes removal of large shrubs & plants does open up lots of possibilities. I've still to try & sort out from where the Acer was felled, but after this yr I've just not been able. Lots of ground cover lamium & euphorbias there with bulbs growing through- snowdrops especially, so I guess it wont get done until sometime next yr maybe? I've already spotted signs of the first snowdrop buds appearing elswhere & since near the Acer stump there are lovely doubles I dont want to lose those. J.