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Miss Becks

Afternoon lovelies!

Sorry I'm late. The pair of us were up at 4am having bloomin coughing fits, but we both slept well after that. Too well in fact. We only got up half hour ago.

Pam, that is awful about the fox! Poor chucks. Hope your fix works.

Dove, enjoy your new car. I'm jealous!


Pennine Petal
Afternoon all, though I would just check in Before the family arrives, no kids today, so will be relatively quiet and it means I don't have to hide the yard of Jaffa cakes I bought yesterday for the kids at Christmas. Bought chocolate Leibnitz for myself, half price, you can't say no to that price! Well I can't!

Well done Inkadog, we are all rooting for you!

Dove, a convertible sounds lovely.

Sunny here after a morning's rain, thoughts are with those of you where it's sodden.

Have done  a quick garden check. A couple of bulbs I planted are peeking through, sprouts are looking good,(never grown before), Pulled some curly kale and checked bag of Christmas potatoes in greenhouse only to find some decent sized ones there. Feel very pleased with myself. Should have sprouts for dinner next week i should think

Now its raining!

Bad news about the fox, next door but one ended up electrfying an enclosure.


Done the bulb planting-dodged the showers-more tidying up and more compost spreading

Pam-the little git-the fox that is-the trouble is now knows where dinner is-could it be the one you saw a few weeks back?-really hope the fix works

Have a good afternoon Glyn

Hardly worth getting dressed now Becks

Jo-leave him to it-watch telly

Bjay-the garden just keeps on giving.


Pottie Pam

I've never grown Kale, Bjay, but might give it a go next year. Well done with the sprouts and potatoes.

My son had an electric chicken fence and one morning when my young grandson went to feed the chickens he found they were all dead inside the chicken house. My DIL discovered a badger still inside the chicken coop. It was one with a removable floor for cleaning and the badger had gone through the electric fence and dug under the chicken house but been unable to find it's way out again. They gave up on chickens after that. I don't think I'll get any more when these ones go as the fox always seems to win in the end.


Gary Hobson

I'd have thought that foxes could be very enterprising in finding their dinner, and getting to it. It'll be back. You need to make sure the chickens are safely tucked up, well before dusk.

I suppose a fox is a bit like a burglar. He'll choose the properties which are the easiest to burgle. So if there are less well-guarded chickens somewhere else nearby, he might concentrate his attention on those. Foxes can range a long way, miles, in search of some dinner.


Pam-it is so sad-when we came back in May and the fox had had 3 it was so quiet as if the others were missing their mates

You wonder how farmers who free range cope-is it just an occupational hazard?

I have weather news it is set to get colder with a brisk cold wind-but it will be dry from mid-week onwards

Gary Hobson

I know a poultry keeper who had sereral hundred chickens killed in one night. The fox(es) wasn't killing to eat, just honing it skills, apparently. It was very distressing for the owner.


I have been for a squelch in the garden, I have pulled up more dahlias, it is so wet that they are starting to rot, a sharp frost and they would be gone.

Saints playing soon, then West Ham

Pam sorry about the chicken, those foxes are pesky creatures.

I have made chocolate and raisin puffs, check your cyber lockers

Gary Hobson

I decided it was just too squelchy to do anything.

Also on telly this afternoon is a repeat of I'm a Celeb; and the Brazilian Grand Prix , 3pm BBC1 (which I think I'll watch).


I too will watch cars whizzing round and read the Sundays-done my bit for today-and eat the treats


Afternoon folks. Had full on day yesterday - dog rescue Christmas Fair to organise and friend's concert to attend Spent this morning lounging about, catching up on Strictly and quick dog walk between rain showers. No time to catch up on yesterday's doings though I will join in congrats to Great Auntie and commiserations for Pam's lost chicken. I have so far been lucky but one of the local foxes has been spotted several times sitting on the pavement in the middle of the day outside next door's gate (she also has chooks).

Seems to be getting dark here already, though only 3.03pm. Had better try and give the dogs another outing.



Gary Hobson

The car race doesn't actually start till 4pm. There's an hour of build-up first.

Miss Becks

Well, I've agreed to let Jess look through all the boxes of decorations, and 'test' all things musical/electrical, so I know what batteries I need to get. May let her open a box of 'stashed' chocolates as well!


A rewrite~~~~~~

Well, Jess has agreed to let me look through all the boxes of decorations, and 'test' all things musical/electrical, so I know what batteries I need to get. I will open a box of 'stashed' chocolates as well!


Gary Hobson

Rewrite #2.....

Well, Jess has agreed to let me look through all the boxes of decorations, and 'test' all things musical/electrical, so I know what batteries I need to get. I will open, and then proceed to eat, a box of 'stashed' chocolates as well! I will let Jess chose one of them for herself, as a treat.

Miss Becks

You guys know me too well.

Caz W

Afternoon all.  Been to visit mother and deliver her groceries then went to a Green Christmas Fayre.  OH watching footie (Swansea v Liverpool goal-less draw) but at least was happier than Wales losing to All Blacks in rugby yesterday.

Congrats in order for Great Aunt Lottie - I've got 2 great nieces and they feel just like grandchildren to us (of which haven't any).  Sorry to hear about your poor little chick Pam - it takes some doing to outsmart those foxes.  Inka - keep up the good work!   Are we playing any games today Geoff?  Becks I have to make more mince pies soon and will trade you for some of your chocolate stash.


Daughter just phoned to say they are away but have been told they can't get back into town they live in. Can they come here for night if its that bad. A friend of hers in one of cut off villages has gone into labour she says. Bed's all ready! But they are assuming they can reach us.

Fortunately they live in a flat above a shop (nothing can get wet!)

Just ordered 1st Chrissie pressies from Amazon