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This one may be too interesting but not as interesting as Portsmouth

I feel there may be dress code but as I dont have a dress it will be shorts and a t-shirt -could wear the fuschia one -will that do?

Every time I see a camera I will wave-you see this is when you need a mad woman in a hat who has recent experience of the media .


I will watch intently on Tuesday, may be you could watch a orange buttonhole too. 


I could wear a "come on Tim hat" if you like.

Is there anything sporty on this weekend I should worry about -anything crucial or vital?


Should that not say "come on Andy"? Having watched the germans play last night I am not sure that winning this game will do us any favours


Someone on breakfast this morning-David Davis??- used the penalty cliche

I see the geezer from the channel 5 gardening prog is in the one with AT on Tuesday and they have dropped lady marigolds-probably from the top of a very,very,long ladder.

Has anybody seen Australia film it is for 3 hours tonight on 4-should I bother?



I have seen it, it is a bit odd if I remember correctly, some fantasy bits, some great scenery, I think you have to completely suspend reality? Now you have to watch to confirm if I am thinking of the right film.

Does this mean the channel 5 programme has been dropped, I thought that Bonnie was a great hit


I want Bonnie in the shorts back-just checked and there is nothing about a new series but they are still asking for gardens to fix?

OH has decided she doesn't want to watch the film after all-so will be flicking through the channels -still got 8 out of 10 cats to watch which should be fun

Chicken salad-potato salad tonight


See I thought gardening programmes would be great for commercial channels, companies must be queuing up to plug their products.

I have bacon, salad and a choice of potato roasties/wedges/hash browns?

I will be watching footy and hoping for ET and penalties.


An extra-terrestial?- now that would be worth tuning in for

I am plumping for wedges

Flip-flops or trainers for Wimbledon?




  Men behaving badly is being repeated tonight, was that based on your early years?

I would go for trainers, is there not a lot of jostling at these events, you do not want broken toes.


I am going to watch sex and the sitcom-just for the references to Mrs Slocombe's pussy

Ah but am I Tony the reckless one or the other sort of sensible one?

OH read just now that there is a dress code at Wimbledon and shorts are banned-until I pointed out that is in the members room and it wouldn't stand up in court


Those were the days when all the family could watch a sitcom together.

Definitely Gary

Are you not a member, will you have to rub shoulders with the common people and do things that common people do.


The hat is for hire, Geoff, and is good for keeping the rain off - though of course it won't rain.

It was South Today. Have not recorded it - don't think anyone in the family will be that bothered ;- )  Tristan Pascoe was very nice.


Flo-Is here still going-Tristan?-the forecast is looking good at 22C-am I the only one going to Wimbledon?-I was on a vox-pop on tv just before xmas years ago-it was quite exciting and squirmy as well.

Kate-I don't mind mixing with the plebs occasionally-just as long as I am not expected to carry out a conversation

I could be a ball-boy


Tristan is indeed still going, and very good he is too, IMO.

The hat will still be handy, even if it's sunny.

I went to school in Wimbledon so we used to nip down to the tournament after school. I gleefully shredded my A level timetable and scattered it on court no. 1. Haven't been since, though. I would have loved to have been a ball girl but it was only boys in those far-off days.



Am cream crackered! Havent actually done that much today, so expect it's yesterday's drug kicking in- joy!

Have sown more beans & courgettes, to replace the 2 that were composted earlier- sob! The other 2 already have small courgettes on them! Both now have copper strip around them, as have the dahlias in the new bed. Havent put any around the front, also being chewed, dahlias as felt that the copper would 'walk' with the price of scrap these days. Sympathies KG, I know how you feel.

Then I cleaned all the dirty pots! Have put the majority away in the large boxes I use, but somehow have more pots than room. I even threw out several damaged & unwanted ones. The wind was wild, so actually being in the greenhouse was quite scarey with the top panels flexing - they're only single polycarbonate sheets.

We've put down soya bread crusts for the slugs & the latest tally is about 20. Lots of stamping on the majority & I disposed of 2 or 3 very large ones.

OH made foccatia again- what diet?! Then daughter walked in with 'pudding'- a beetroot cake! I give up! J.



Jo it is OK to sit back and eat cake Do the soya crusts not attract vermin?

Geoff I think you have much more chance of being a steward at Ascot

Flo did you sneek in to Wimbledon?

Spain have scored


We went to the Weald & Downland Museum today and they also are experiencing terrible probles with their bean and peas.  I don't feel so bad about it now.

The five day forecast is looking good for Tuesday.  I don't watch tennis but may have to make an exception looking for Geoff wearing Flo's hat.


Kate, we used to hang about outside the ground in our school dresses and straw boaters looking as cute as we could manage. Nice people coming out would give us their tickets!


It pained again in the night but that might be it until mid-week..

GK-their pain is your pain-a pain shared is a pain halved-that is all I know

I have a vision of Jo doing the dance of the seven snails whilst munching on soya bread-not sure if that is a good or bad thing-could we have a photo?

How can Spain afford a football team?