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Evening everyone!

Congratulations Lottie!
Sorry to hear about your hen. Pam.

Busy, busy again.
Christmas cake in the oven- better late than never It smells good at least.

I think I may qualify for detention as I have been absent without a note.
Had a catch up. Good to see Kate popping in too.

Watched Strictly-I am sure the costume dept must have a right chuckle each week-what on earth was Tess wearing tonight?

I will give a note in advance.....attendance may be hit and miss!
Hi there Becks!
I am trying to get up the energy to do my school work for tomorrow......browsing on here more fun though!
Miss Becks

Ha ha ha. I'm trying to bid on 'secret' items for little miss, but she's lying on the settee behind me, watching TV and trying to go to sleep, so I'm watching them on my phone, then when it's the last 10 seconds, standing up to block my monitor on the PC, so she can't see what I'm bidding on!

The lengths you have to go to! I have ordered a few bits online and have to make sure I have put dispatch and order emails somewhere else so they are not spotted as the children hijack my iPad!

Right....laptop fired up. iPad going in the kitchen so it is out of reach. Good luck with your bidding!



All these stressed out - sorry  busy busy teachers. So glad that is no longer me 

Son just came in and said he watched Jaws without music once. Not the same - 

Miss Becks

Tell me about it Nola. And then there's the issue of parcels arriving in the post, which she normally opens any other time of year, but suddenly, she can't! Always brings a few tears.

Bjay? Jaws without music?? What's the point in that!!


Just to see if it works, I guess, knowing son 

Jean Genie

Hi Nola and Bjay  Becks did you catch Crickley Hall ?  Last one next week

Just watching the news . Feel really sorry for those people who are in the flood regions.


More happenings in de jungle

Night peeps

Miss Becks

Oh Bugger Jean. Forgot about that! I'll catch it on the iplayer.

Night Geoff.

Jean Genie

Nighty nite Geoff, Becks if you didn't see the first one watch that as well . Still not as good as Woman in Black though. Think I've become a little obsessed by that film - best scare I've had in years.


SAying night now as battery running low - again

Just checking in on the night shift! Guessing all in bed asleep.

Bjay, I often used to turn the sound off when I watched scary films by myself!

Hello Jean and Geoff.....and goodnight too!
I like He Woman in Black, Jean. Have you read the book? I have read it a few times over the years.

Christmas cake done! Bed for me now as well.


Pennine Petal
Apologies for absence, family visit, then wanted to catch up with the Grand Prix highlights. Off to work in the wet this morning. No teaching till 1.15 so a bit of time to write my lecture and catch up with the paperwork.

Have a nice day.
Gary Hobson

Morning forkers.

The Brazilain Grand Prix was moderately exciting. Too often car races can be just a high speed parade, with no overtaking or other incidents. Nice to see that they have crap weather in Brazil.

It's not raining here at the moment, but more light rain is forecast for today. I've got a lot of jobs that I want to do outside, but I intend to stay in. Walking around just makes the mud even worse. The situation looks bad in some parts of the country.

Did some Christmas shopping on Amazon over the weekend. So am now waiting for some parcels to arrive. Am confident that Santa will bring me exactly what I want.

Jean Genie

Morning Glyn and Georg.  No sign of the heavy rain that is forecast for today but weather bad last night. Woke me up several times,  

Have to water a few pots that are in the rainshadow today but thats about it - the lawn is saturated and I agree with Georg , walking around on it just churns it up and makes it worse. Counting my blessings though - some folk have had it far worse. Did anyone see the River Exe last night on the news ?

I've not read the book , Nola but that is on my to-do list. However , have read Crickley Hall . James Herbert wrote that . Think the books are usually better and more detailed than the films.

Have a good day everyone.

Pottie Pam

Good morning forkers,

Hope everyone is okay. Thank you for your kind thoughts about my chicken. I haven't had any problems with foxes since the spring when they are desperate to feed their babies. They've had plenty of rabbits all summer but not too many of them now as the poor things have been struck by mxyomatosis again.

I watched 'Return to Forgotted Britain' last night. It was about two farming families, one in Cornwall and one in Wales. They worked so hard and still couldn't make a living. especially the dairy farmers in Cornwall.  The dairy farmers had a suspected TB case so couldn't sell any calves and couldn't afford to feed them. I think the only winners are the supermarkets as food prices are going up all the time.

The sun came out briefly this morning but gone really dark again now. 



Gary Hobson

Mick Jagger is keeping agile and fit for his age.

Presumably due to his healthy life-style.