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hollie hock

Good morning to everyone, not been on for here for a while.

A late night last night with a couple of friends and several glasses of wine, good time was had but not feeling so good this morning Back in bed, where I probably will stay for a while

Didn't realise james herbert wrote crickley hall.

Off for a look around, hope everyone has a good day

Jean Genie

Just been reading about The Stones O2 concert - They have a combined age of 273 years between them  Have you seen the price of the tickets ? Must be getting old - thinking of what gardening stuff I could buy with that sort of money.

Plenty of water Hollie  Oh and plain crisps are supposed to help a hangover. Hope you feel better later but at least you had a good evening


Morning peeps! Couldn't get on the site yesterday - there must have been gremlins in the system or more likely water in my broadband line! We aren't flooded but the water table is so high now and the ground so saturated that it wouldn't take much.

I went to the tip yesterday, and as usual did not come home empty handed - two lovely big glazed pots, one with a ficus growing in it and the other some sort of lily. Kate will be proud of me! Also got rid of 4 bags of garden waste (mostly conifer cuttings) and miscellaneous stuff from the cupboard clearing.

Then we watched the Woman in Black - very good and suitably spooky, especially as it was getting dark and I lit a couple of candles. I predicted the ending and got it almost right. Haven't watched Crickley Hall, will probably i-player that one.

I also practised an old recipe for ginger biscuits - we are going for home made gifts where possible this year. The GC has some very pretty tins so we will get some and make stuff to go in them! Plus of course my home pickled beetroot, nice and spicy!



Morning all.

Mayhem about to start here! Have completely emptied out the bathroom- ooh already someone has not shut the front door

Daughter has decided to escape to libary/canteen at work! She's not gone yet....OH trying, not successfully, to hide in the workshop/study & I'm watching trashy tv (yay!) & planning to start the Christmas cards!

Now shall catch up. J.


Hola all peeps

Sorry to have missed Nola-and didn't even say hello-hello Hols long time no-see

Have caught up on flood stories-the old months rain in 24 hours cliche was trotted out again-the maths just do not add up-one for Kate to explain when she is let out of jail perhaps

Big puddles on some grassy areas here-"it canna take anymore captain"

Might put Women in Black on Christmas wish-list- a bit confused on how you can warch a film without the music-isn't that what made Jaws?

Channel 4 are showing the Richard-not David-that would be sillyAttenborough Miracle on 34th Street this weekend sometime

I like the idea of home-made gifts Lottie -more personal-good bit of snaffling at tip-I bet there are groans from the household when you say you are going there?

Saw the Rolling stones around 40 years ago-don't think I'll bother this time.

Now what to do now?




Water off now- prepared this time!

OH has now decided that something else needs replacing........ I give up!!

Pop in as & when Nola & Hollie, more the merrier.

Can you tell I dont want to start the cards? I do have a couple of foreign ones to go & always try & do a letter for those, much better than an e-mail at this time of yr. J.


Morning All

Yes Geoff, Jaws music, that's what made it, so he decided to prove the point.!

David Austin Roses came today. Says in little book that came with them unless frozen (end of week) or excessively wet(now) do not plant. HA Ha!

There is one I am putting in a chimney pot so that will be OK but the others I will have to heel in. Jo said my raised veg bed should be OK.

No rain at moment Hurray

Hangovers. I always gave my son a drink of sweet tea. Raises the blood sugar level , alcohol lowers it. Used to work

OH was asked today if we live in Nobs Alley. We do, but grand it isn't. The road just has a strange history, and locals called it that and the name has stuck with the older ones. Was built about 1953, so not even that old.but has been ineresting finding out about it.

Question though about the roses, when I plant them in final place , at this time of year, do I still put in Bonemeal?


Bjay-as the roses are dormant it wont make a lot of difference-I would still sprinkle some into the hole and work it in -wont do any harm.


I'd always tend to add bonemeal to any shrub planting hole Bjay, so yes in my book!

Just asked OH if he'd heard of Nobs Alley. No, big shrug, but then he did leave the Link in the 70s.

Old bath being broken up what other jobs will ensue? (we've already decided to replace the carpet in there so not worried about that.) J.

Gary Hobson

I had some David Austin roses a couple of years ago. They came in a huge bag, which was very wet inside, and which was delivered by the ordinary postman. I don't know if they still send them out the same way.

I have never considered putting roses in the chimney pot. All mine went in the ground.

Nob is a colloquial form of 'nobility'. Non-pleb.


Just watching a housing prog- one with virtrually no garfen space & huge consevatory. Just like up the road from us!

Old bath now disappearing outside! J.

hollie hock

Managed a piece of marmite on toast but sticking to the day in bed routine

Sounds like a good find Lottie, especially as the pots came with plants as well

I love tips and skips,can't go past one without have a nosey.  I accuired some old garden tools and several weathered pots a couple of weeks ago. Not sure what all the tools are for, one begins with a letter M I want to say matchet but that's not quite right and the other has a round shape at the bottom- which some one said was for onions?May not even use them but I couldn't leave them there

only problem I have is that I wish I had a bigger car or a van

saw the stones about 20 years ago at the time i thought that was going to be the last tour

not even started on the whole christmas thing


Bathroom carpet Jo?-floor tiles surely nowadays

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Very grey out there. Nothing to report yet really, just getting my name ticked off on the register. May do some ironing today. Always a pleasure!


Miss Becks

Just opened my Co-Op statement and very dissapointed this year. I normally get about a tenner in vouchers, and get my turkey with it, but only got £2 this year.   Looks like we're having chicken instead!!


Thanks for advice all.

Nobs Alley may be for Malvern itself. all to do with the Ministry.

Yep mine have come with ordinary postman ina big bag but doesn't look to wet, all loosely wrapped in poly bags. Had some last year the same.

Chimney pot one is called Worcestershire, ground cover type, Should look reall y nice spraying out from the pot


Geoff- no floor tiles in my bathroom! I like warm tootsies when I trot around in the middle of the night! I know it's not considered the 'done' thing these days, but tough... OH agrees. IME those that dont have carpet end up with rugs/bath mats etc & that is 'instant trip over jo' !

Ok I'd love underfloor heating, but not worth it for this house & would still not be on at night. J.


Bjay- OH still looking blank.

Right-  to get the card suitcase open!!

Back later. J.


Well not in my bathroom-but he-ho-not my house

Becks-make you way down sarth-we are having two turkeys-will throw you a bone and let you peer through the window