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With 4 men in my house tiles or laminate were the only sensible options for the bathroom and downstairs cloakroom in my house although I have carpet in my bathroom at the moment.

They despair of me when I go to the tip and say 'oh no, what have you brought back this time??' - well the wicker shopping basket has proved very useful, as has the wooden toy box that has now become a shoe store! And the plant pots were stood neatly by the green waste bins waiting for someone to give them a new home! 

Miss Becks

Ha ha ha. Cheers Geoff!! I'll bear your invite in mind!

It's just a way of recycling Lottie! You're doing wonders for the enviroment!!


I know what you mean about men and suitable flooring. I only have 2 of them now, I was warned by an old lady across the road when the boys were little to always have a easy clwean floor no carpets. Was really good advice

Our tip put things out for others, but never been lucky to get there at the right time


You see Lottie understands-chaps are built differently

Gary Hobson

I thought the Co-Op ran a scheme where you purchased a little stamp each week and stuck it in a book., Then at Christmas you could cash in the book, and buy everything you need for Christmas.

What happened to Christmas hampers.



The downstairs 'loo' has laminate & yes is easier to keep clean- especially with me trotting in/out when gardening. Absolutely hate it at 'the little house' where have to scrabble for slippers every time I move upstairs, as also wooden flooring in bedroom- another 'no no' for me! Stuborn b****r! 

Lottie- well done! J.

Miss Becks

These are the 'reward' vouchers Gary, just like the tesco clubcard, but it's the Co-Op card. I obviously spent less this year!

Park Hampers is still going!


Chaps outnumbered here Geoff! Even when we had guinea pigs.... except the eldest one, with whom OH 'bonded'! J.


We may have to send Red Cross parcels to Cannock Chase-am on to the UN at the moment but the line is busy-leave it with me

Scrambled eggs on toast for lunch


Cheese & tomato toasted butties here next. When I get my act together....

Apparently a plasterer is arriving shortly & the tile adhesive OH bought, after checking with the company, is to be swopped.... J.


You gave me an idea when talking about hampers so have just sent OH to shops ie Cheese Shop to research hampers for pressie for 2 lots of IL. Thanks Forkers problem solved

Becks my co op statement came and I only had just over £2 as well. Last year I think I had a lot more.


Thanks Georg. i will look at them but the local cheese shop is really quite special. He's the one that does cheese wedding cakes.

Making my own sounds OK, done it in past, but requires alot of shopping, which reqires a lot of walking which I can't do

AS only had idea today will ahve to have a long think first.


Just seen Worcester on the news Bjay....

We have water back on! We have a bath in ther hall Plasterer just arrived.

Traditional rice pudding for OH cooking in oven- daughter hates, but he loves & had spare milk so..... shall also do another one she dislikes later this week-apple & almond sponge bake.

She didnt get me any strudle at the markets yesterday & gave up the bus ticket- drat, well she did get asked for it this time.

Not a card done yet...... J.


Ooh plasterer doesnt want to make a mess.. J.



That'll be a first Jo - plasterer no mess

Sons Partners mother just text to say D has bought swmming cossie for baby, so has this Granny AAARGH!!

Just decided will do a trug hamper for one set IL. and other set can have a foody one.

Still needs shopping but for one just a GC and other the cheese shop.


Yes, he's just walked upstairs caryying a dripping 'trowel' & no dust sheets on the stairs! I did ask!

Am ignoring OH's 'find' that yes would be suitable for SIL. By the time it arrives, will discover it weighs a ton & wont parcel up easily etc etc. Have got her something to open & the gift card. That's enough. I always spend a set amount on Christmas & more on birthdays as those are for the person, not just as everyone else. No surprise that some people overspend & get into debt. Might investigate it for her next yrs' birthday when someone can travel over & deliver it in person!

Now the hairdresser cant do when sorted, but I think she's got the wrong week.... J.



Have just done a quick swimming run-on the way back noticed this couple trudging unhappily towards one of the liner terminals wrapped up for winter-so checked departures and it is a cruise to the Canaries-just feel now I want to go

Have added it to the Christmas wish-list

Miss Becks

Well that's car insurance sorted and renewed. Cheaper monthly payment so I'm happy.

There doesn't seem much cheer on here to day! Can everyone please put their 'Smiley' faces on please!!