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Afternoon everyone

At 8am  our next door neighbour called to say all the drains were blocked  - we are in the middle of a run of 3 houses . Barry and our neighbour then had a real job of removing one of the drain covers - hasn't been moved for donkeys years  3 hours later - after using drain rods etc. the drains are now o.k

This afternoon we are having the boiler and fire serviced - it was a valve that went wrong last week.

Sorry to hear about your chicken ppam

Congratulations to all  Great Aunt Lottie

I hope everyone is well and dry this afternoon

Just going back to my knitting - - a camel

Pam LL x


It is a bit like Where's Wally??

Those are solo games Jean-we needed a parlour game-like snap or tiddlywinks

Miss Becks

Well Jess has eaten hers, so I can play again!!! Yay!!!


But it is not advent time

Gary Hobson

Yes, I thought it might be like Where's Wally.

Mr Google, who is an expert gardener, says that Sweet Wivelsfield is a dianthus.


Miss Becks

Yes, I realise that, but we don't do things normally in this house. She has a spare.

Jean, you doughnut, those are games for kiddies to play online.

Hi pam!!!


She will have a spare tyre with all that chocolate


Oh - that is not what I thought it might be.  - Gary

Will look for other mysteries later

Still raining 

Jean Genie

Pam . looking forward to seeing a pic   Just looked at the games Geoff . didn't realise but still wouldn't know how to play

Hi, Becks Thought I'ld just found Highlander on the horror channel but it's not, One of those silly mini - series . Used to love that film.

Miss Becks

Bjay, you have to draw a line under him, then guide him under the presents to the finish line! When you've drawn your line, click the green play button at the top of the scene! I finished the first level!! YAY!


Is this just me-but we need a word game-????

Santa fell of a cliff here


Gary Hobson
Insomnia1973 wrote (see)

Jean those are games for kiddies to play online.

Perhaps someone could Google for 'adult games' then.


YAY just finished first level. If you make line too steep he slides back though


Miss Becks

Erm, that might not be a good idea Gary! I've heard of dodgy 'adult games', but then they did involve webcams!

Jean Genie

 Can't even manage them

Bjay - no idea

Miss Becks

I just lost my Santa in a tornado/whirlwind thingy.

Miss Becks

Jean, what's Highlander??


No silly game ideas, sorry!

Becks, my chickens are a mixed bunch, a couple of welsomer crosses, one I've no idea about and little Alice, the bantam. I can tell by the eggs who has laid that day and who hasn't because the eggs are different sizes and colours. But they've all stopped laying now.

So true about dogs and cats. Not getting another cat, we are a dog family.