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Deanos Diggin It

I am the "Babe Ruth" of Pengu! 297.3,  Am I awarded a prize?

Little thing's please little minds!

A very damp, dank, dark, evening to one n all! 



Well went into big room to watch cooking programme as was feeling bored. OH woke me up with a cup of tea just as they were doing final!! 

What have I missed? What's this End of World Party? 



No idea either Bjay? J.



Bloomin' nora, you disappear for a day and a bit and come back to a different world. I haven't the faintest clue what's what round here. When was the end of the world announced???

The decorator phoned today and asked if he could start a day early. So my clear-out of the dining room has taken on a new urgency. The trouble is, it has been the general dumping ground for several years - it is quite amazing what is turning up.

Deanos Diggin It

 I've put my lights on early too! Just in case!

 Will pass on your invite cheers B'j! I have somewhere to go! 

Jean Genie

Evening Flo, Jo and Bjay  P Pam was wondering if the Mayan prophesy about the 21st dec was going to come true - and you know what it's like on here

Bjay - that may have just put me off meat

Flo my spare bedroom is the dumping ground in our house , The Christmas food's up there now .


I think we need to rethink the meaning of Christmas-Jean has a spare room full of  food, others are waltzing some where exotic for a last dinner,having bathrooms done,buying stuff from Amazon and illuminating odd buildings-yet one of us only has a £2 Co-op stamp to buy a dinner.

I have offered a turkey bone as my contribution-what can the rest of us offer?

Sorry-forgot- hello Flo and Dean-what you been doing?


Evening Dean, Bjay, Geoff, Jo, Jean and anyone who's lurking.

Jean my spare bedroom was my dumping ground until OH moved in and needed somewhere for all his 'stuff'!!!

Nice lights, Dean. Solar powered, are they?

For Christmas dinner I can offer stuffing.


I will chuck in some crackers as well




Bjay no offence.

I've got a spare room full of all sorts including Christmas biscuits! A lounge currently with bags for a charity collection,  a small w/end suitcase full of Christmas cards & in the hall a bath!

No idea when shall get the chance, but do actually make a mean mince pie! J.

Deanos Diggin It

Yo Flo! of course! Forever the energy saving kind of a guy!

Soz! Beck's! Smelt too good n could not resist!




Here's my contribution. Whoops could have given sprouts


Are there enough here?

Miss Becks

Ha ha ha. Do not send me all your rejects!! There will be food in this house, don't you worry!

Now, where's this party?? I don't do parties, but somehow, a room with all us lot in it together sounds too tempting! I think it would be a blast!!