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Jean Genie

Hasten to add -  I mean E-bay ! Not bashing balls

Miss Becks

Night Geoff.

It's so easy Jean! And cheap! Goodnight.


Jean, that shirt is perfect! Don't know what happened to my last post--disappeared.

Will wear it with my skinny jeans[ if I can get into them], and think of you!

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers, eventually.

I tried to get on about 6am, the website was down. It was still down at 7.15, and still down at 8. Anyway, now we're up and running...

Love the Mayan cartoon on previous page "this will freak someone out someday".

Wanna job, anyone? Because there's an interesting gardener's job going, in Kent...

The brief: "Vita was flamboyant, and wanted everything to be full and wild. Then Pam and Sibylle developed it more towards perfect lawns and high-quality horticulture. Pam and Sibylle probably went a bit too far towards having things controlled and ordered. I think the new person needs to try and pull out a bit more of the Vita influence in the garden, and bring some of the exuberance back to the planting."



Oh-we are back then.

I shall be cold this morning-it is damp underfoot-but must do exercise.

It is a long commute for me to Kent-Dove is over that way somewhere and is retiring next year-an opportunity not to be missed or perhaps MD would want to stretch himself?

Catch you all later



Morning forkers. Well the rain's finally stopped, hoping this situation will last for a week or two.

Have no time to play today as there is a room to finish clearing before 8 am tomorrow. it's not so much getting all the stuff out, it's finding places to store it while the work's being done.

Be good, play nicely. Seey'all later.

Jean Genie

Morning Flo, Geoff and Gary and to everyone else

I noticed the site was down earlier as well. I was thinking our Christmas smileys were being updated. Maybe the team are still working on them

I won't be forking much either today Flo, got a lot on and want to do some more Christmas shopping after seeing how daughter is getting on. Good luck with clearing your room. Flo


Jean Genie

Sorry Inka, Glad you like your shirt  Hope you have a good time at the hen party

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Bit cold, but no rain.

Watched the first of that Crinkly Bottom Hall last night. It was ok. Shall watch the second one tonight, see if there's a bit more action.

Off collecting more ebay wins when I've dropped madam off, so I won't be around at lunchtime to play either.


Hi all

I wanted a small settee to do up. Ebay semed the best bet. Failed in my bidding as wasn't really sure what to do. D. boyfriend said he would do next one for me. Brilliant lad got a 2 seater sofa for 99p. We had a lovely drive across the Cotswolds to get it and it is still not re-furbished, threw an old curtain on it as a throw to hide the hideous fabric, but in fact cushions, springs etc in very good condition and comfortable. so very usable.Bought upholstery fabric from local flea market about 10m for £10 so when I get round to doing it will b a really good bargain.

That is my only e-bay purchase. i would still hesitate to use them again though. It's the bidding!

Been out this morning - WW then shops, then social service review for ancient parent. Walked home slowly. Maybe shouldn't have done that but don't like asking OH all the time.(foot)

Gary Hobson

I've often seen old furniture bought on TV antiques shows, with very tatty fabric. They think nothing of reupholstering. So they buy an old chair for £20, spend £100 on upholstering, and sell it for £400.


Don't think this settee is quite in that class 

Still it's my New Year project when I can't get into garden. If I can then everything else goes on the back burner!


Afternoon all

It was cold it was wet and it was miserable this morning-glad to get finished and back in the warm and dry

Quiet here today-no playmates??

Miss Becks

Back from my travels, and very pleased I am indeed.

Bjay, that is my type of bargain! Well done. My golden rule on ebay is never pay more than 99p, else I'd spend a fortune!!

Nursery has just rung to say Jess has fell and bumped her head, and they have put a cold compress on her, and she's acting fine. Do I want to go pick her up to get her checked out??? Are they mad?? Do they not know how precious these 3 hours are to single mums!! She put Jess on the phone, and she said she was happy to stay, as she was just about to have a snack.


What did you get Becks?

Nursery is just covering themselves in case of injury and you sue for millions-they probably recorded that call(-I watch a lot of TV)



Miss Becks

Today was an artists activity table, which lights up and plays music, and sounds as if it's going to bug the hell out of me, a set of electronic drums for kiddies, and a brand new, still in the box, 'Gator Golf' game! All for £2.97!!

Gary Hobson

I think accidentlawyers4you would be really interested to hear about this. Trying to cover their backsides with a phone call to mum does not excuse their negligence in allowing this accident to happen. (I watch a lot of TV adverts).

Electronic drums sounds fun, even for adults.

Miss Becks

If those places saw the way she runs around and bangs and bumps herself at home, I'd be sued for millions!!


Don't think I'd know how to re-uphoster a sofa, which is a shame. Our sofas came from ebay - originally M&S so I think we paid about a tenth of the original cost! Trouble is I'd like to change the colour of them!

Got a few bargains from ebay over the last few years. The best way to bid is to use a snip - saves you having to sit there poised to hit enter when the auction is about to end. Also saves you gettting carried away and bidding more than you intended as you set your limit well beforehand!

Elf bowling - was a computer game around a few years ago, Santa goes bowling and uses his elves as the pins! Was quite good fun. 



Kids bump and bruise themselves - that's what kids do. And they break things, pull things onto themselves and cut their heads open, fall off the cupboard in their bedrooms and break their arm, jump off the climbing frame at school and break their ankle.....I speak from experience!