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Very late arriving today.

Shattered, just delegated meal to OH, but need to clear him some space in kitchen first!!

Back sometime soon J.


Only just joined you all again - on accidents there's falling out of dustbin while pretending to be a flowerpot man - try explaining that at a hospital!

Now will catch up with everything.

Never upholstred anything but am quite good at stuff like that So bought a book, looks easy!!!!!!!

Dean onesie's



I continue .....Ghillie suits. you must have a very exotic wardrobe

Ha, cept it was one of the lads. And yes he was too young for the real thing but we had a black & white video of a weeks worth of Watch with Mother.

When did colour TV start?

Caz W

1967 - I've been swotting 


I once jumped backwards off a coal bunker.....and split my chin open. As you do.


The son that fell ou of dustbin broke all 4 of his limbs in a year at different times. as you do when you are a sporty teenager.

He's still doing it. But not since last one when he had to have an op as well,

I'm am going to stuff these rag dolls tonight. I know before I start I will make a mess

Just turning the legs the right way now

Deanos Diggin It

I once got inside a tractor tyre n they sent it rolling down the farm lane into a main road! Still Here! 

Oh! n one night soaked through when a little street urchin! climbed inside a tumble dryer at the local laundrette {when thet existed) To get warm! 

Someone shut the door n put a ten pence piece in n set it going! Still Here! 

Miss Becks

Dean, I somehow think those 'accidents' did do permanant damage slightly!


Caz-half a crown

Also- -

Kennedy Assasination

Brigitte Bardot

Flower Power

Hello Dean-you need a shave- or a waxing

Caz W

Becks - was Jess OK?

1963 The Great Train Robbery and 1969 Prince of Wales' Investiture.  Well, I think I've got more than enough for them now - thanks Geoff.


Hello! Having a well-earned rest after clearing the dining room and managing to stash the contents - apart from the piano and the dining table - in other parts of the house. Going to see OH playing a vicar in a play this evening so need to shower and change. Hoping that he'll start cooking tea while I hide in the shower.

Have done some catching up - most entertaining as usual. Caz, I think it's hilarious being living history :- D :- D

I was rather accident -prone as a child. Never broke a bone as I am not the bold adventurous type, more the curious type - stick press stud up nose, try to drink from tiny dolls house cup, that sort of accident. And falling off not very high things and getting cuts and bruises, sometimes requiring stitches.

Deanos Diggin It

1963! Before my time n cannot comment! 

Telly! Nope! Not a prayer! 

Beck's! Really, really good old times! (Alway's wondered why the local Army recruitment Officer took me in with open arm's) 

Geoff! To clarify! I have got my accredition n all the cert's I have been trawling the length n breadth of the country this last eighteen months! n am now in the process of transfering from operational duties to a classroom dude! 


Miss Becks

Caz, yeah, she was fine!! A mark on her head, which she insisted we had to go to the doctors with, but I told her I'd already spoken to him, and he said I had to buy her a comic to cheer her up and make her head better!



I have been bought a new toy to plug into a usb port-and had to go out and buy a new hub port-run out of holes-the end result is I have a flashing snowman-to go with the Christmas tree

So what comic was it today Becks?-did it come with something free?

Flo-have a good evening-shall expect a review later

What is a classroom dude?


In a primary classroom dude is probably the past participle of the verb do.

As in 'I dude all mi hoamwerk for wuns.'


What is the name of this play Flo?

Deanos Diggin It

Far too many Teacher's on this thread! Lol! 

Geoff! I am crossing! Not cross dressing! from operational duties, to being an instructor! Trainer! Driving Instructor! Classroom, Paperwork, Office hours! Wait! Office hours! Not into that!!