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Very quiet on here tonight. Perhaps we're all resting before the festive season

How could we all have forgotten 



Been watching more jungle tv

Hello Glyn-

-but night all

Pennine Petal

I liked he playlets at the end when they included the current pop songs, I remember one where they were gypsies and sang Bad Moon Rising (Credence Clearwater Revival)

Night Geoff

Inka- I have a sofa that needs recovering, could you pop over?



Glyn--don't think you could afford me---!!!!!

I did this one, too--but much easier, as basically 2 cushions.


 Perhaps one day I'll get around to refinishing the wood!

Being retired is quite good.


Pennine Petal

You are clever, I'm hopeless wit stuff like that.

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers.

The rain has stopped.

But there's a proper frost forecast for tonight, and for the rest of the week. I have a few tender plants still in the greenhouse. Dahlias will, in principle, continue to flower all Winter. I had considered bringing them into the house. But apparently light levels in a house are insufficient, even by a window. So they will need to be cut down.


Morning all. Still shattered after a good nights' sleep- joy. Must be psyco sematic (??) after yesterdays' talk on 'fatigue', or more probably coz I did too much walking!

Frosty here today. Daughter scraped ice off her car & gone in early to do some paperwork.

Have got a couple of washloads to go out, but since the wind non existant am not sure.

Later I'm going to scrape the moss off the lawn border, try & fork over the compaction between plants & bulbs & mulch. Taking a risk of a whole load of subsequent self-seeders but will deal with them promptly this time- she says....

Inka- well done on the upholstering. Several dining room chairs need redoing here, but, as usual, hasnt been done. Need to find a restorer as some of the chair bases need replacing. We know which ones ok to use, but have put them where guests, hopefully, avoid!

We now have even more boxes in this lounge! SIL sent over a lot from IOM. We've decided job of sorting them will be for over the Christmas holidays. Then OH & me can go & try again to get a new cabinet for all the stuff we now have from the 2 houses!

Right, off to finish getting our stuff out of bathroom.... J.

Pennine Petal
Morning all, lovely day here, but cold. Did you see the bright moon last night? I heard someone talking about lunar rainbows last night and saw what they meant when I got up in the middle of the night.

Working at home today, marking dissertation proposals, oh joy!
Gary Hobson

I have some wet grass that I need to strim.

Another little job for today.


Good morning everyone  I hope you are all dry and well this morning

You have made a brilliant job of the chair and sofa Inka

I did a bit of Christmas shopping at Sainsburys first thing - 7am is a good time to go

Had my brekkie - just put the fruit to soak in brandy and orange juice ready to make the Christmas pud tomorrow

Will then climb the ironing mountain

Nearly finished Camel no.1

Have a lovely day

Pam LL x

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Me and madam have both got the dreaded lurgy, so don't come too close! Feel like crap. Knew I was going to be bad last night. I went to bed at 11.30pm!

Sun is out though! And can't see any clouds.

I did notice the bright moon Glyn! At 1am, 3am, 4am! I didn't sleep well.

Hope you're all feeling tip-top!


Hola all campers

Been doing telly catch-up-then decided must get dressed-there was a cold wind at 7.30 on the garden trek

Poor Becks and Jess-break out the medicine cabinet

Georg-you be careful out there

Glyn-resisted the urge to get up in the middle of the night-was it a grand sight-what are dissertation proposals-nothing to do with marriage I take it?

Am waiting for charity collection people to call-phoned them yesterday-there are 5 bags of clothes sitting in hall-way

Pam -that is good news about the camel-you can have another one now





Morning All,

Just a quick visit, I seem to have been sooooo busy, what with one thing or another, I haven't had time to drop in, so don't know what's been going on, far too may posts to catch up with. Hope all of you are keeping dry, it's been horrendous everywhere, sympathies go out to all the people flooded, it must be a nightmare to see all you house and things ruined.

We are going to go over to Brigg shortly. There's a very good GC there, hope to pick up a few more Christmas presents, and then have lunch.

Have a good day.



Morning all

Just  been out to tip: bottles, cardboard (where does it come from) rotten hanging baskets, large bag of wood shavings from log cutting. Then to a low price shop for their horse manure mix (4 bags) and some more bonemeal.

If sun stays bright may plant couple of roses, but one will have to be heeled in and one planned to put in a chimney pot but just realised I forgot the John Innes N0 2, so will have to heel that one as well.

Then will do some more tidying as some plants seem very slow at dying back. 

Get well soon Becks and Jess 


Miss Becks

Thanks Bjay! Dare I ask how many bottles??

Morning Chris!


Hello Chris from me as well

Cardboard is compressed paper and it comes from trees

I have a puzzle-what happens to nails that you cut-why are we not neck deep in nail cuttings if trillions of nails have been cut over the centuries-do they just disappear?

These are important questions

Gary Hobson

Nails grow at the rate of 2 cm per year.

This is exactly the same speed at which the continents move, due to continental drift.

The distance from Southampton to New York is 5000 km. That's how long one person's nails would grow in 250M years.

Nails are made of the same stuff as the shells of some animals.

Where do they all go? Well they all end up as rocks like those at Beachy Head. The White Cliffs of Dover is just a huge pile of nail clippings, and other similar boney material.


2 crates full. We have to re-cycle ourselves NB coffee jars, soy sauce, bottles as well as the usual suspects

Just come in from tidying. Any one know if I leave my potatoes in their bag or dig them out?

Miss Becks

Have you cut any haulms off yet?