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Yep. Just done it as dying back.


Bjay if you want to serve them as new potatoes its best to leave them in soil.

I'm sure my nails grow faster than that - or is it just the amount of mud that accumulates under them makes it seem that way? I  seem to manage it even with gloves on.

I'm feeling quite cold today, might have to resort to wearing my furry boots tomorrow.

Miss Becks

I think you can leave them in the bags, until you are ready to use them. I did with mine. They don't grow anymore, but it keeps them fresh and undercover. Skins might go a bit harder mind.


Becks, sorry, for got to say, hope you're both feeling better!


Thank you both.

New potatoees for Christmas dinner  Never managed it before.

My nails never grow that long. Always getting broken in the garden, even with gloves.


Miss Becks

Thanks Lottie. We've both perked up now!

I'm jealous Bjay. Planted mine way too early, on the advice on this site, and they all got harvested! Tasted lovely though. Will definately do more next year!


2cm a years growth doesn't seem much-perhaps they have a spurt on and then slow down -is it true that they carry on growing for a few days after you have snuffed it so you can scratch on the inside lid of the coffin in case the medics made a mistake?

Why are potatoes called spuds?

Pottie Pam

Good afternoon all,

Lovely upholstery job, Inka.

Sorry you and Jess aren't too well, Becks. Have you still got potatoes growing for Christmas?

I didn't realise nail clippings went to make up cliffs. Is that why the sands in the cliffs are different colours? Was it to do with the shades of nail vanish that were in fashion at the time.

I'm amazed how quickly dead bodies of birds and animals disappear. We often see  road casualties but rarely animals that have died naturally.  I suppose we should be grateful to scavengers like foxes and buzzards also maggots or we'd be knee deep in bodies.

I saw a programme once about vultures in a certain area becoming rare and the people who followed the Pharsi religion left bodies out for the vultures instead of burying. I'd be quite happy to be disposed of this way. It would save the horredous cost of a funeral. I might have a word with the council to make sure this is okay.

Gary Hobson

Q: Which is the odd one out: a carrot, a spud, a knife?

Jean Genie

Afties all   - just popped back from daughters . Lots of posts to catch up on so just to say hope everyones ok. Glad Becks and Jess are feeling better.

It's gone very cold here today so expect we will be getting a frost as well tonight. AOL's weather forecast seems to be going along with the Express .  Hope Geoff's right and they are wrong .

Aren't nails made from the same stuff as hair ? Keratin I think. Where does all the stray hair go ?

Gary - I would say Knife but knowing you it'll be a trick question.

Gary Hobson

Yes, nails are made from the same stuff as hair, keratin.

It's the full moon today, so with a clear cold sky tonight, the moon will be very conspicuous.

And knife isn't the required answer.

Jean Genie

Aha - just had a word with Mr Google . Spud is a tool  ( also a film ) so it's got to be carrot



Carrot is a measure of gold

Spud is the shortened version of semolina pudding

Knife is pronounced nife


Pam-I would leave you body to medical science or for the dustman to take away with the recycling

Jean-all the proper forecasts say cold but mainly dry-all thermals are on stand-by just in case


Jean Genie

Thermals, hotties , and wooly socks out - our forecast is -2 tonight

Just brought my venus fly trap in . It needs to be cold but don't want to risk frost

Are your pitcher plants still going Geoff ?

Jean Genie

 David Beckham may have them on his Xmas list .


Jean-that is a very touchy subject about the pitcher plants

Before I went on holiday I had 2 healthy plants sitting in pots on damp peat-I left them in the kitchen with a note saying -"do not let these dry out"

And they were allowed to dry out

Those thermals look to big to me


My thermals have already been put to good use! By golly t'was nippy out there when putting washing ouit- it's flapping quite well now, good.

So thermal long johns under scruffy jeans, thermal vest under 3 other layers & a coat on top & 2 pairs of socks & 2 pairs of gloves & a hat! Looked like Michellin man & the young heating bloke still in a short sleeevd t-shirt!!

Anyway, set myself the task of clearing the moss off just 1 bed. Have done it properly, all disposed of in wheely bin. Lots of sitting on the wall inbetween. Forked it all over & then as much own compost mulch on top as I could manage. 2 woody heucheras have been re dug in- as per advice from Tatton show exhibitor.

Soil very wet, but at least wasnt frozen. Was itching to do more but knew that would be daft. Muddy clothes are now in the washing machine!

Note made about dealing with the moss that I couldnt remove from beneath a well growing Penstemon, still in flower. When I prune it back next Spring shall do the last bit of moss clearing- I just couldnt winkle it out without causing plant damage. I did though dig up the spindly white penstemon that has never really done werll. I noticed the only stem was split, I've got cuttings, so daft to leave it.

Becks- hope you & jess get better soon. J.

Jean Genie

Oh dear.  Thats the problem, finding someone who will take proper care of them. The same thing happened to Becks.

Mine have died back a little along with the sundew but the venus has gone to nothing ( which is normal) have to keep putting it outside as hubbie won't let it share his beer fridge.