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Bjay-we tried that -they don't want anything at the moment -this went to Leukemia Research-I checked it out first to make sure it was genuine

Gary Hobson

Yesterday was Giving Tuesday.

It's the day when wealthy and generous benefactors like Soton-man make contributions to a charity of their choice, or doing something similar...

"That might mean participating in a food drive, or volunteering your time, making a special donation to a cause that matters to you, reaching out to those in need, or donating a bag of old clothes to charity"


Lottie -does this mean you donate to the bookshop-but come back with more than  you took in?

That settles it -I am officially an--------french boy with a cap on.


Hello everyone, late again. Living in a major muddle while decorator is in. Went to get paintable paper and paint. Forgot to check if pot of paint I have is matt or silk so came back with paper only and a warm top and a pair of socks. Not all items are stocked by Homebase.OH decided to invite his cousin over after their uncle's  funeral this morning - at least I got a GC lunch amidst all the hassle! Not much chance to catch up but

Gary :- D can't remember what for now but I liked it.

Inka, I like your upholstering. I did have a go at a very plain three seater sofa once when young and poor. Not a bad effort for a beginner and an interesting and satisfying experience.

Pam, hope to see piccy of camels in due course.

Becks, hope the lurgy takes itself back where it came from! Keep warm and indulge yourselves.

Miss Becks

Ooh, I love bookshops! When I decorate in here next year, I'm investing in a huge bookcase, ready to fill! Give me a paper copy of a book anyday!

Thanks Flo! Feeling better now. See what tonight brings.



'B' another post gone awol!

Have done in garden what set out to do. Was good & spent plenty of time sat on wall & didnt do too much in one go. Thermals brill!

Plumber gone for today. We now have a bath we can use, but musnt wet the lowest tiles around it. Daughter- no chance!

Will be doing a pressure cooked veg curry soon. Tomorrow will be fish & some baked pudding. OH & daughter are off to Trafford Centre I believe, so I shall be ironing & may even start the cards whilst I deal with constantly open doors- no, he didnt learn!

Friday I'm going out! Dont know where yet  & OH can supervise the last bit of work!

Now to see if OH can pull the wheely bin round......? J.


Many's the hour I have spent waiting for OH to finish in a 2nd hand/charity bookshop. Where ever we go he always googles for the 2nd hand book shops. When we were moving I put a ban on buying books, Still is on until he gets round to putting up bookshelves. He has thoudands of books, A room full I do not like book shops for that resason - don't get me wrong I like a good read  but......


Miss Becks

And has he actually read them Bjay!

Hi jo! Sorry, forgot to say thanks for your get well wishes earlier.


Most I think, some  probably years ago. He used to read on public transport as he went backwards and forwards to work. Now he has a Kindle type thing. He just won't get ris of them.

Selling some before we moved on Amazon meant I raised nearly enough to buy my lovely greenhouse.


We have a large bookcase across one whole wall in the alcove bit of lounge- the previous owner built it for his electric organ, so you get the dimensions. Trouble is... some of the books are double stacked ie what you actually see is only half the story......... Then there's OH's shelving in his study/workshop & the kitchen bookshelf ........! That now musnt have any more put onto it as it could buckle!!

Love Oxfam books- other charity shops are cheaper, but not always the same selection/quality. Am still debating a Kindle though for holidays. J.


I donate some, I buy some - think it works out about even! Need to sort out more to donate though because we need to clear the very large bookcase - its got to go. OH now only reads stuff on his Kindle. I'm sure there are still some school books on the shelf as well!




Won't show OH that picture he might get ideas!


I have cooking books - in kitchen Garden books were in garden room but have just moved them as shelves were decidedly rickety. Odds and ends in big room ( upholstery book for instance) and a few fiction books in bedroom and in OH piles of boxes!!!

Always have a selectiion of fiction in caravan where I can devour them - no gardening

Becks I didn't finish story of my ebay sofa - paid 99p, when at home was cleaning it and found £2.10 down side of cushion, Was straight away in profit 

Miss Becks

  Bjay! Excellent!

Have just been looking at Amazon's 'Trade-In' service. Has anyone used this?


I considered it Becks for my JS book-could have got £30 now down to £25.50-then I see cheap copies are now appearing from one seller which points to the fact they they are the traders

So you wont get the best price -like selling it yourself -but you will get instant gift card.

Depends on what you want


Miss Becks

Well, I've got books on ebay that have been on there 6 months plus. I just keep relisting them. Wondered if it was worth checking the titles on Amazon.


So annoyed at my computer-it regularly resets to the previous page. Do you think it's my browser? I use Firefox--seems to have started after my last update.

Bjay, my loveseat was also free--I quite liked the upholstery until the cat scratched it. The canvas was cheap- about 15 dollars a meter, and it took 3 meters.Mind you, I didn't do the back,as it's never seen!

Our local bookstore will buy books back --you get a credit of half on the original price, for those in good condition, so last year I had a real cleanout. I have an e-reader that allows me to borrow library books, and now that we have a local library [albeit very small] I am able to keep the burgeoning books down to a dull roar. Am a readaholic, especially mysteries.

Deanos Diggin It

Good Evening fellow Fokers, Forkesies n Country Folk!

Nice job on the couch Inka! "A Wrench going back to normality" What ya trying to say? 

B'J!.....Yeah! Mean's I shall arise at the same time normal people do! Will take a bit of getting used to if I am honest! But by the sounds, will not all proper kick in till the new year! 

Jeez! Been bitterly cold here today! That cold wind didn't go around ya, but straight through ya! 

But home! Safe, n now getting warm! 


No can't find it. Thought I had another one about selling books on Amazon but can't find it. Sorry

Hi Inka.