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Morning all, cold here. Of course today is the day that the radiators in my office have decided not to work, and I don't know why. Its not the boiler, because there's still hot water. I'm already starting to freeze up despite having a long cardi and my furry boots on.

Noticed out of the window this morning that the bottom of the bird feeder had fallen out and although there was a wren, a blackbird and a robin hoping to get some feed it looked like the fat woodpigeon was getting it all. Didn't have time to go and sort it before leaving for work.


I-note-I-have been to the shops-basically to try on slippers as tootsies are cold and OH wants to but me a pair-didn't buy any

But did come back with a very heavy stone chicken ornament that had a slight chip to the beak- got it for £8 instead of £16-that is now hiding in the greenhouse as it will be a pressie

Hello to the latecomers


Bjay- Siskin perhaps?

Am cracking on with the ironing. Actually not that much, but still prefer OH's shirts ironed, especially if not been in tumbler. That is on with some towels & daughter's scrubs to follow.

Family back! Daughter says OH been well behaved!

Kettle on now. J.


I have just looked in my bird book at a bullfinch. It definately isn't that as the wing markings are not that prominant., but had a browse over a couple of pages and I think they may be Linnets. It says the male is brown in winter. I will have to wait until they reappear to see. Of course they may well not be.

We also have nuthatches, very amusing birds, but like you, Jean haven't seen any for a couple of weeks.

Oh has come back with cheap lard so will make a seed cake later.


Pam, four tonnes of gravel - cool pressie!

Bjay wrote (see)

Page 638 is still as wierd as last night!!


Perhaps 638 is a number of magical weirdness and anything can happen. Look out for mysterious happenings at 6.38 GMT and invisible cars with 638 on the reg. plate.

"Captain, we have a 638, deploy your top men/women in short order"



OH & daughter arrived back just as was about to put the box from new shredder, which came yesterday, into the wheely bin. We must keep it apparently.....

Just having 'cheats' version of cheese, & homemade chutney, on toast- you zap the whole in the microwave instead of heating up our electric grill. Daughter's trick, I do beans on toast that way, & have to admit the cheese version fine!

Off to investigate OMG completely forgotten what as daughter came in to say going out again.... help! J.


A couple of birds I would hope to see in my garden



I had gravel as an anniversary present. Only one tonne though, Really good pressie.

I suggested a raised bed for Christmas but was poo-pooed so am buying one after Christmas as I still need one. That will make 4 beds. Argument against was about mowing grass, argument for was even more veg. We will still have loads of grass for him to mow!

I wondered Siskin as well , but my book says they are geeninsh. Will just have to wait fro them to visit.


I know what it was!! Page 638! Fine here....ok funny farm next, J.


Oh yes, the review. I enjoyed the play, my friend and I got a fit of the giggles when I laughed rather loudly at one line and no-one else did. But since a local hack wrote the review, this is all I keep hearing:

"Steve* is perfect as the straight man, Rev. David Thomas, satisfyingly obtuse and unaware of goings on about him"

*That's OH. I didn't think he was acting, really  ;- D


Not that interesting, then.

Ask Prof. Brian Cox, I bet it's a woo-woo number.


Geoff - 




The Reverend Thomas is a character in Emmerdale-well was before he quit the church


sotongeoff wrote (see)

in the same way as accepting some flowers means you will open a florists shop


:- D :- D  Geoff

 The Daily Mirror tried to spark Royal baby fever.


Looks as if wont be as sunny here tomorrow, even the odd shower. Drat, OH & me are planning to go down to Dunham's winter garden so he can take pictures. I also asked 'can we have a snack there?' which he didnt disagree with! Too cold for a car picnic IMO.

Ironing done. Really need to do some cards or the foreign ones wont get there. No motivation though.

Daughter gone into work, on her day off!! She has paperwork to complete.J.

Gary Hobson

Thought I was going to be able to spend the afternoon outside in the greenhouse.

It's only 2pm-ish but the sun is already going down. So greenhouse has already started to cool. I've come in.