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I'm going to buy my no2 son a beano for his christmas stocking. Can't think of anything else. In fact at moment it is his only pressie

Miss Becks

The comic, or the yearly Album Bjay?

Gary Hobson
Insomnia1973 wrote (see)

The Beano.

That's a comic for children.

I prefer serious thought-provoking literature, exemplified by the writings of Alfred E Neuman...



Oh the Beano.....

I quite like the idea of growing strawberries in the greenhouse. Fewer slugs, there will still be some in my case, not to mention better 'weather'. Have got some small strawberry plants in pots & a large un-used terracotta strawberry pot to use........ My Alpines never make it into the house either!

It's gone dark here now.... J.

Gary Hobson

It's best to grow some strawberries inside, and some outside. The ones inside come into fruit a few weeks earlier.


Just a comic. Mad looks a good idea. Can you still get it?

Fire's lit, dog's snoring in front of it. When he gets too hot he just turn s his bum to the fire!!


I hope the dog doesn't do a trump


Roald Dahl had a writing hut in his garden - seem to remember Monty Don creating something similar - but as far as I'm aware Mr Dahl did actually write things when he was in his little hut! Maybe Gary is secretly working on a novel.

Hadn't thought of a comic for the stockings - thanks for the idea Bjay!

Gary Hobson

You can get Mad magazines and albums at Amazon. They have a lot of them. You can also look inside them on Amazon. They actually looked a bit disappointing, and not as I remember them.

Remember that recent cartoon about the Mayan calendar "this will freak someone out". You can also get books of cartoons drawn by that person. Was that Gary Larson. His stuff is very similar. His themes are more up to date, rather than old 60s themes which Mad tends to feature.

Miss Becks

Ooh, fetched Jess, and now in for the evening, so can now slob out in my 'Comfy clothes'.

Deanos Diggin It

Evening All! 

Am at last home! Heating on! It's bloody freezing! 

Spent most of today in the classroom, being initiated, introduced and institutionalised!  for the things to come!

Will be sat on the sidelines this evening! Have a seven hour presentation to knock up for tomorrow! 

Oh the joy's of progression!




Thanks for suggestions. Will research tomorrow more cartoon books

Dog can fill room with 'warm' smells especially when he's really relaxed 

Cat s just joined him in front of fire. She's lying on her back with her paws bent on her tummy. very contented. Much like avatar picture.. Shame to distirb them with feeding time really!


If they're anything like mine, Bjay, they'll be dreaming about feeding time anyway!


Happy memories of dog & cat in front of the fire when growing up. Not waking to ice on the windows inside though....

Curtains drawn, engineer gone. Now how to get up to rehang the clean, ironed, aired (!) bathroom curtains without standing on the edge of the bath as per normal........OH & taller steps maybe?

Gary- I've dug up all my outside strawberry plants. Garden not really sunny enough, nor space enough to justify keeping them. We've also got a good fruit farm not too far way, so apart from those in a pot & my alpines, which edge the fruit bushes bed & a rogue one at the edge of the lawn flower bed,  I will be lucky to get a bowlful I expect.

An apple & almond pudding is baking now. Licked out the magimix bowl-yum. J.


A piece please Jo  Haven't got a puddiing today 

Animals now fed and back in front of fire. Cat having a good wash as they do 

Other cat ( my mothers) is hiding in garden room, i have carried her in but she scuttled away again.

Going to try strawberries for first time next year. Probably be clogging cyber space with questions when I do.

Miss Becks

Dean, I've heard about some Initiations! You didn't have to roll one trouser leg up, and hop on one leg in a circle did you??