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Caz W

Goodnight Dean!  You have all been very restrained I must say

Have been having problems getting on here too BJay - but better luck than I hadf yesterday.  All ready for the advent competitions now.

Deanos Diggin It

Oh n Beck's! It's "The Forest of Dean" not Deans Forest! I am now a solicitor n playing with words! Ya see how it works!  Night All!  


Yep Inka - topical. Now they say it may rain over the weekend!

Night Dean. Very excited about competitions. Wouldn't it be great if a Forker won 

Bjay wrote (see)

 Very excited about competitions. Wouldn't it be great if a Forker won


 I never win anything



Nor me.

OH is always saying that (re: cartoon)


:- D :- D Inka.

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Came downstairs early to see if Santa had left smilies.

He hasn't been.

But it may be that the smilies need to be plugged in when someone is on hand to do the job, so it may have to wait till Monday, or until one of the eleves comes in to work later today. There may be a box of smilies sitting on a desk somewhere in London, right now.

The advent calendar competition is up and running. Forkers do represent the bulk of those posting on here, and there seems to be a prize every day. I'd think there is a good chance that several forkers will be winners.

Bit of a surprise in the jungle last night, and final instalment tonight.

Might buy myself some more Christmas pressies on Amazon today.

These web adverts are getting very smart. Just been on the Daily Mail website, and was greeted by a big advert for Geoff Hamilton's DVD Box Collection (which I mentioned in a post on here yesterday). Someone has been watching me. Santa?

Also noticed a novel stocking filler advertised on the Telegraph website. A garden drinks holder - to hold your glass of champers, Pimms, or gin and tonic, while gardening:

They also have a mug holder for those who prefer cocoa.


First day of advent-it has gone 10-been up since 7-where is everybody?-still snuggling under the duvet?

Have entered the competition-got all my bits crossed again-hope I got the question right

Defrosted the bird bath-chickens in the garden trying to peck frozen grass

Gary has a stalker

Waiting for the signal to start the advent calendar guessing games-Becks should be here with her part


Wave, wave. I'm here.

Have had errands to do this morning, next job to take dogs for walk then belly dancing in a shopping square at 1 - have to sort out thermals to wear under costume! I expect our shimmying will be exceptionally good today ;- )

Can't get excited about buying Christmas pressies. OH offered to buy me slippers yesterday :- (  . I must offer him my list.


Here you are Gary


Gary Hobson

How the heck did you get them.

Don't send them to me.

It's the elves at GW who ought to have them, then they can stick them on the widgetty-bar-thingy, for us all to use.

Something has obviously gone wrong with the addressing or sorting.

You just can't get the staff.


I shall up my very, very long ladder today-looking at some Dorset ladies wobbling their bits-there has been no mention on this on the local news-perhaps it is a national event and Sky have bought the rights and it is live on Sky Sports-Clair Balding doing the commentary.


Morning All

Entered the competition, i have put some of those things down on my Christmas list already!

Have had to walk the dog  OH usually takes him to the wood but car tyre still not fixed. Waiting for a man!

Going to look on Daily Mail web site now


Morning Bjay.

Geoff !!  Wobbling ???   What are you implying?


hollie hock

Morning everyone,

Tried to have a bit of catch up on here Hard frost here last night, but still got snap dragons in flower.

Just seen the competition so have entered, but don't ever win anything.

I do seem to accquire a lot of paperbacks, a while ago I used this site and got about £100 for my old books

All books are £3.75 including delivery and you can sell your books on there for £3 each. They do support the woodland trust also.

Went with my heart earlier this week and now have 2 ginger kittens running around the place OH have to rescue one this morning as he went head first into a flower vase

I've called them Tips & Ali- Can anyone work out what they are named after?

 I've  also got 2 episodes of The Killing to watch before  the next 2 tonight, looking forward to the dancing as well

Generally housework/tidying to do



Gary Hobson

Is the belly dancing raising money for some Christmas charity or other cause.

Suggestion: dance of the 7 veils, at £10 per veil.


Bellies wobble don't they?-then they all fall down-like weebles



Georg-is that to take the veils off?- or put them on?-just asking

Hollie-just had a quick look at that site-will have a delve later-seems like a good idea

How come you have 2 new cats?

Ali -after Ali McGraw-or McClaw Or Muhammad

Tips-because you felt tipsy when you got them-or after a PG monkey


Hey Forkers

Just a quick drop in. Just been on Thompson & Morgan web site and for this weekend they have seeds 25% off, fruit 20% off.

Offer finishes 2/12/12