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Two candy canes ( for the tree)

Pam LL x

I don't know who anyone is again


Whoops - I posted too late !

Pam LL x

Miss Becks

We posted the same time! And I forgot both you, and Pottiepam off the list. So, so sorry.


Miss Becks

Have ammended the list, for next time.



The chocolate was a tree

Miss Becks

I guessed an angel, who sits on a tree, so I was close!


Sorry what have I missed. Actually been watching a movie again That's 3 in a week, in fact it's 3 in 3 months.

So why is there a cheese bun??

Oh a necklace and chocos. Will try harder tomorrow


Gary Hobson

That looks a very fancy necklace for a 3 year old.

But I can understand why mummy chose it; for Jess. 

Come to think of it, it might not look too bad on mummy.


Its a cheese roll .............................on a roll...................

One tries...........................

Gary Hobson

I was wondering if Jess buys presents. I wouldn't really expect her to buy presents, out of her pocket money.

So it would be a good idea to have some presents that could be shared.

Miss Becks

I never did the calander Gary, My dad's wife did! It's only a plastic thing. And no, she doesn't buy presents. She doesn't even get pocket money! She's spoilt enough!!


Up with the lark-what happened to Sunday morning lie-ins?

I hope Kate is not still planting bulbs

I'm a Celeb has finished for another year-XF finishes next weekend-I shall be bereft until BGT starts again sometime next year

They are already asking for applications for next years XF's if anybody can sing................-or not as the case might be??

Back to bed for me-the advent door has been opened-todays chocolate has 2 eyes-and is not human-guesses please



Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Another frost last night and another bright cold day ahead, but some mild rain forecast for tonight.

Enjoyed SCD. Karen Hauer's AT was brlliant. She comes from Venezuela. I think she may actually be part panther.

Then watched the result of Jungle Celeb. Don't think that Charlie was really best candidate overall. Her attitude, throughout, seemed too negative.

The Telegraph website is continuing to try to sell me Equifleece as a Xmas gift for 'my dog'. I do not intend to purchase, because I do not own a dog. (I must have said the word 'dog' on here, while Santa was eavesdropping)..

Pennine Petal
Morning all, lovely day, very frosty. Off to the hair dressers this morning to hide the grey.

Sorry I missed the competition, I would have guessed a Christmas tree thingy, so would have lost anyway.

Windows and door now sorted, need some new windows soon though. Want double glazing, but listed, so will be a fight. Don't think they will let us have UPVC though.

Have a lovely Sunday all.

Morning seasonally-adjusted forkers.

Glynis, I'm glad you signed your post because I had you down as HollieHock!

Gary, perhaps you said 'dog rose or dogwood' and Santa wasn't paying attention.

Geoff - a choccy dog.

Pennine Petal
I'm afraid I wasn't very imaginative yesterday, I might find another one today. Off for shearing now.

Flo-you answer has been logged

Just defrosted all bird baths, chicken water cups etc-this is the last frost for a while-we may even get a snow flurry to day before milder weather comes in for the rest of the week.

Glyn-have a good snip