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Deanos Diggin It
Good Morning all Festive Forkers!

Heavy Frost here, we have sunshine but bitterly cold!

Shall have an hour down at the plot shortly, if only to check things are all hunky doory! n to stash the boot full of freebie's in the shed!

Notice Glyn as opted for her Sunday name!

Geoff..........Choccy Reindeer!

Have a great Sunday all!

Geoff - dog/puppy. Was it tasty?

Trying to find outside Christmas lights. Have everything but them! 

Then if it warms up!!!! plant some bare root roses that came other day


Morning all,

Brass monkeys here. Very hard frost & OH has just walked across the lawn in size 11s to take pics to upload onto this for me!!

Dean- great minds think alike re the choccy. Can 2 of us say the same thing? .....probably not, so now will rethink.

Saw the fox out the back of us this morning- trotted off down the dell. J.


Sorry. Forgot to say Morning All. Bit stressful here today hope it all calms down later.

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Been AWOL a few days. Hope I haven't been expelled.

Geoff .......Robin?

Off to make a blackberry and apple pudding. Really feel like something sweet.

Be with you all later.



So I don't lose track






 Have we all entered the site's competition this morning?


Yep! Harrogate show supposed to be lovely.

Engineer phoned to say been called out to an emergency, which with the temos up here is no surprise. OH is going back today, over the tops should be fun! & daughter off to work later so I shall be on my ownsome, plus the remote with a pile of ironing & the Christmas cards.....

Early lunch for everyone now. J.

Gary Hobson

A Simpson's cartoon character


Will someone please tell the tits, that can use the hanging feeders, that the stuff on the ground feeder is for the blackbirds & robins etc who cant use the hangers..

OH is baking....... what lunch? J.


3 climbing roses planted. I think that's about all I need except maybe a shrubby one for the flowering shrub border which is just a glimmer of an idea at the moment. If I can find a supermarket cheap one I'll put a Zepharine Drouhin up old concrete post we weren't able to move.

OH is chopping wood, all is at peace for the moment!

If I won those tickets could do the trip and visit son and grand daughter 

Where is today's advent parcel?

Drat! I dropped mouse on the floor earlier and now it's all wobbly!


Well, Good afternoon. Have I stepped into pantoland? Since I last visited everyone has changed their names and avatars, so it will take a bit to catch up with everyone's ID. Must look for something appropriate for myself.

I have been really busy over the past few days, visiting, shopping and doing the rounds.

Have managed to pick up a few bargains, ie 4- 60 ltr bags of Erin multipurpose compost for £10, used it last season and found it to be the best compost we tried.

Geoff, had to titter  (pardon the pun) at your latest cartoon.

Going to make a game pie for this evenings meal, practice run for a Christmas get together, smells alright so far, only got the meat and gravy made so far.

Now to find suitable id.

Catch you later.





This one hasn't worked, not very distinct picture, going to find another one.

Back soon.


Miss Becks

Afternoon lovelies!

This is not a healthy household today, so don't breathe in when you're reading my posts.

Todays advent pressie is a tricky one, and no-one will get it if I don't give a clue, so...

If you lose one part of this , you won't be able to use the other part!!

It's small, light, and thin.


 There are also 2 other things in there as well!

Geoff, Angel!




earrings and choccy?

Just made 3 'tiny Christmas cakes' Mary Berry recipe. You put them in empty baked bean/ tomato tins. Thought may be OK for Mother. Have to see when they are cooked.

I thought you just had a cough now Becks. - Take Lem-sip extra, or honey and lemon



Changed again, hope you can keep up.

I haven't a clue what's in your present

Sorry you're suffering, Becks, hope you are soon better.