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Jean Genie

Must have missed that competition  Are late entries acceptable ?

Hi Nad/Caro

Miss Becks

I can smell it from here Dean! (The roast, not the bird )

Jean, you still have up to 9pm to enter my guess the present comp, and end of today for the Gardeners World Advent calender Comp.

The picture is a few pages back, with clues.

Caz W

Hi Sotonelf

Lovely pictures of your very contented dog BJay.  Am loving these wood burners too.


Call that a wood burner-this is a wood burner~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Jean Genie


Done the Gardeners World one Geoff  ( not that I'll win ) Will check out the other one.

And Zippy- this is real roast beef . One for us ladies !




I probably will win a trip to Harrogate-that would be my luck




Like the real roast beef

Miss Becks

Dinner has been delivered. back in a bit!

Caz W

Things are certainly hotting up on here


This will cool all ardours


Deanos Diggin It

Right guy's! I is calling it a day! Goodnight n Godbless All! 

Miss Becks

Geoff, Jess wants to know why Santa isn't wearing any clothes???

Night Dean.

Finally found time to sit and read everything thats been going on. Dont know what has happened the last week but here i am. Went to Chichester yesterday and had a lovely day shopping and eating, felt really christmassy, if there is such a word. Hope you are all ok and not too cold. As my feet are.


hollie hock

Evening everyone now I'm confused once again. A very enjoyable Sunday- watching films. Headhunters- great adaptation of the book, the book still beats it......but only just also another Scandanvian one- Easy Money.

Any body watched the film "Better off Dead" in the 80s, saw a little bit of it today and still makes me smile

Looking forward to the dancing- my money is Michael and Lisa in the danceoff.

Becks - my guess would be a party blower thing

Lovely pics of dogs/cats in the best seat of the house, my two are now doing the same thing.

Roast beef looks very tasty


Gone for a day--and look what happens!!!

Board is unrecognizable. When the dog's away, the elves will play, I guess--or are they gremlins?

Antibiotics taking hold now; feel better. There is even a hint of sun after yesterday's deluge. Down to 5 smokes a day, and have lost 6 lbs in the last month. Soon I will be so healthy noone will recognise me; might change my name too!!!


Hollie-Hock=jackie frost

Got Headhunters on DVD months ago-still haven't got round to watching it

Santa with no clothes is Santa for grown-ups-form an orderly queue

Miss Becks

If that's Santa for Adults, I'm glad he doesn't come here!!

Hey Hollie. Entry noted. Just over an hour left for remaining entries!

Geoff:        chocolate money and and teeny-tiny gloves
Bjay:        chooccy and lipstick and lip brush !?
Gary:        Toothbrush, toothpaste, and sticky sweets.
Flo:           picnic-style spoon & fork that click together. Choccy?
Kaz:         sweet lollipops and balloons
Dean:        Recorder n Choccies
Hollie:        party blower thing
Miss B:        Pea shooter kit,Party blower, Whistle
Pam:           Candle,match or whistle
Pottiepam:    Torch


Hi Inka hope your tooth is getting better

Really it's elves!!!!!!!!

OH gave up smoking, then started again, but I know hoe hard it is. He has not smpked now for 15 years. but those first few years 

I think we all deserve  stars for pseudonyms on pseudoyms 

But who the hell is Jackie Frost????