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This is one I made earlier-just after 5
elf 'n' safety wrote (see)

Todays choc was~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


 a bird

Snowgirl nearest-another one tomorrow


Miss Becks

The bubbles were tiny Bjay!

hollie hock

what are mini bubbles? Are they are a smaller version of the tubs filled with washing up liquid  that you use a wand to blow bubbles out of?


Where is this spot on Jean that I have been alerted to?


Miss Becks

There may be more than one!!!


Jean has acne??-there is a cream for that


Miss Becks

She may not know.

I can see me having another early night tonight. I've been to bed before 12am all this week!


Very good-have a night cap


  I'm going to watch some TV in Bed

-night all


Jean Genie

What was I spot on with ? Well thats the end of Crickley and the end of me

Off to climb the wooden hill - think the weekends caught up so nite all

Miss Becks

See, told you I was cafuddled!! You weren't Jean. I meant Hollie was spot on. With the mini bubbles.

Night Jean.

Sorry Hollie.

Miss Becks

Morning Lovelies!

Yes, I realise it's 4am, and no-ones up, but we're both having a terrible night, so we've got up for a bit.

No frost tonight.


I am still up--it's just gone 11 pm here. Hope your day goes better than your night.

Mild here,too--almost 8*. Soon to be abed--just finishing a crossword.


I'm up now-stuck my head out of the window-and it is a completely different day

Will do the early morning duties and then back under the duvet

Today's site competition is garden vouchers-what are the chances?

The smilie elf is still in bed

Todays mystery choc-is out of the box-that is the clue


Pennine Petal
Morning, thank goodness don't have to scrape the windscreen today. I was dreaming that we all met up last night!

Teaching till 5.15 so won'tbeback till this evening.
Pennine Petal
Just entered, fed up of adding address now.
Jean Genie

Morning Everyone  Becks - can't believe you were both up that early  Was it the coughing ? Hope you are both feeling better later.

It's chucking it down here but doesn't feel too cold today but very dark out there.

I've just entered the competition as well. Quite fancy the vouchers but don't hold out much hope. I can't even win an arguement

My choc of the day is a Christmas present.

A day of housework today. Haven't been here much over the last 3 days so going to get stuck in. Daughter is down at house later to go through the bits and bobs that need sorting before the move at the weekend. A man who can is meeting her there so day off for me today.

Well sort of.

Have a good day all



Gary Hobson

Morning festive forkers,

Been out to feed the brids. Really mild outside, so might be a day for sitting in the greeenhouse....

Holly Berry wrote (see)
... I was dreaming that we all met up last night! ..

That is quite fascinating. I wonder what faces your imagination (or whatever) put to the faces of people you have never met in real life. Or did you, by some mysterious and miraculous process, actually see genuine images.

What were we doing? What happened?

I had a couple of vivid dreams myself last night, though they had nothing to do with forkers.

It is said to be very theraputic to write down the contents of dreams in a notebook, or even better, make drawings. Even if a person is useless at drawing, they can still draw some representation of the dream. Artistic skill doesn't matter.

Pottie Pam

Good morning festive forkers,

Hope Becks and Jess are feeling better, also Inka.

Good luck with your daughter's move, Jean. Will she be living far from you?

Was it a nightmare, Glyn? Did Geoff have his clothes on?

I also thought Christmas present for choc of the day so I'll have another guess Reindeer stable