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Pottie Pam

Good morning Gary,

I've heard of men and sheds but not men and greenhouses. Do you wear your smoking jacket in there?

It's a better day here today so I going to carry on spreading the 4 tons of gravel on the drive. I was hoping to caatch the driver when it was delivered so I could ask him to tip it in small heaps but he tipped it in one big pile so it's hard work wheelbarrowing it about. It's granite and is covered with a fine dust and when it's wet the dog leaves white footprints all over so want it done as soon as possible then can wash it done with the hosepipe. Passersby will think I've gone mad washing the drive.

Gary Hobson
Snowgirl wrote (see)
..Was it a nightmare, Glyn? Did Geoff have his clothes on?...

Was that the nightmare... seeing Geoff with no clothes on?

Jean Genie

Morning PPam and Georg  Hope that is you PPam - still a bit confused  about who's who

You are looking very suave today Georg.

She's not moving that far away - about 40mins from where we are but I'm just used to popping round as she was only just up the road. The house held some bad memories for her after her divorce so thats why she decided to leave the area and sell up. Completion is also on the 10th so we are all hoping that runs smoothly as well. I will miss them all but it's not too far away and it's a better area so I'm happy for them although it will be a bit difficult at first.

Jean Genie

Sorry - flippin cat sat on my laptop and sent the message before I'd finished

Meant to add good luck with the gravel shifting

Right, off to start. catch you all later.


Morning all. Raining and warmer here today. 4 tons of gravel,  Snowgirl, it definitely would have been better in small heaps! Sorry forgot who's who again, I have it noted on my laptop but not on this computer. I have to keep a bit of my name otherwise I'd forget who I am too ;- )

Geoff - choccy of the day could be Jack in the Box.

I've put my address on a sticky note on my screen so will copy & paste. Only using two lines of it as postcode will find me with all the prizes.



Morning Forkers - choc of dat - clown

4 tons of gravel, kovely pressie but hrd luck on having it all in one pile.

I was up at 5 as well, perhaps we were all taking part in Georg dream 

I was going to change both avatar and name today but when I see TFP I wonder who it is so I'll stick for a bit. Mind you I have to look at my post it to remember everyone else.

Going to enter competition now.

Georg Faust wrote (see)

Been out to feed the brids. Really mild outside, so might be a day for sitting in the greeenhouse....

For artistic and set design- the award goes to Georg



Morning all Forkers. I'm not up to speed with who's who yet!

Must have been a strange dream! I know what two forkers look like but I guess would just have to imagine the rest.

Becks can I take part in the present guessing? You left me off the list!  Am sure it wasn't deliberate though, there's a lot of us to remember now!

Very grey here at the moment, think its going to rain any minute. At least its milder today.

Had a busy weekend, I did look in from time to time but didn't get round to posting.

Gary Hobson

It was Glynn (Holly Berry) who had a dream last night, involving some of us.

This morning we have simply been speculating about how she may have envisaged us, and the contents of the dream.

But it would be interesting to know more about the actual dream.

Caz W

Morning Forkers! I am going for an early entry for Choc o'the Day - I think it's a Christmas Cracker.  Going to enter the advent comp on here next - my name and address is always ready filled in so I only have to click on submit.  I remember ages ago clicking Yes on a pop up that asked if I wanted to use auto fill and hey presto!

Gary - you are looking very smart in your photo but are you going to shave that moustache now that Mo-vember is over? 

Well I'd better go and do some chores now or else I'll be sitting here all day - that's the danger of me coming on here in the morning.  Catch you all later.


Yes. I'm sorry I realised it was Glyn later

Just done battle with attempting to send an Amazon Parcel to a different address than the 'billing' address. Fingers crossed i think I've done it. However the other parcel from Evengreener to the other address,may or may not get there, and then they'll have the Bill!!

Be a phone call tonight to son to try to explain it.



Good morning all festive forkers

Quite a change in the weather here, mild and damp. OH had to get up in the night as he had been fixing the guttering over the conservatory door and had left a rag over the silicone he used to bung up the crack to protect from the frost, and forgot to take it out. The rain woke us up and he then remembered the gutter was blocked by rag so had to get the steps out to remove it at 4 o'clock this morning, He was not amused, neither was I. It was a disturbed night all over the country by the sound of it.

I was going to say Jack in a Box for Geoff's advent comp, so now I don't know what to say. Have entered the GW comp, are they going to publish winner on the forum?

Must get something done, so far have only showered and got dressed, feel lazy today.

Catch you later.



Twinks, you can say Jack in a box as well and we'll share the glory ;- )

Miss Becks

Afternoon Lovelies!

What a bloomin night!

Todays present is a misleading shape. There are 2 things in it (not connected to each other). The main thing is something arty.


 Lottie, I am so sorry about missing you off the list. You weren't alone. I had missed both the Pams off as well.

Geoff, Angel!!


umm Becks, it's not very big, so I'll say a pack of small crayons and a lollipop.

 Sorry, forgot to say good afternoon


Pottie Pam

Hi Becks, everyone seems to have had a disturbed night. My daughter never sleeps in but work at 2.00a.m. then went back to sleep and work when it was light. She had to drive my grandchildren into school as they missed the school bus.

My guess..... glitter pen and chocolate santa

Gary Hobson

What about magic pens (the sort where you draw with one, and then write over the top with the other).

Plus tube of sweets.


Oh I was going to say crayons.  Urm!! pair of childrens scissors and a choccy.

Just been with OH to get car tyre checked everything is fine. It may have been some mud that got between rim and tyre edge, Guess it's possible with all the floods last week.

Miss Becks

All entries noted. Except for Snowgirl. I don't know who you are.

Jean Genie

Afties  My entry is a packet of stickers and chocolate coins .

I don't like housewrk  Oh well off to tackle upstairs now.

Where's Jo ? / plumstruddell