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Miss Becks

Well perhaps we should reunite the devil with Geoff's lost Dick, and all will be well again.!


Ooh Jo, more spending for you!

I'm guessing a shoe for the chocolate.

The new manservant is about 16. Not actually spoken to him yet, I don't want to frighten him away!

Still cold, gas man can't get here until Wednesday. I wonder if I can bring a hot water bottle and blanket into work?

Gary Hobson

Some farms who do these santa's grottos have live reindeer.

I think there's one not far from here, at Hatton.

Reindeer have a fairly boring life, just grazing in a field most of the year. Then suddenly, just before Christmas, they get all these gigs to do.


Venison-its a bit dear isn't it

Lottie- noted

Aren't offices supposed to be a certain temperature?-I'll call the union

What is the man-servant doing-what silly tasks have been set?

Miss Becks

Pretty much the same for Turkeys Gary!!


Miss Becks

Oh my goodness. See what you've started Gary!! It now appears to be National Dick Day! Do we all have to post a picture of our 'Dick Of The Day'. Say that fast 10 times!! 

Heres Mine... Spotted Dick!


Jean Genie

 You are all cracking me up.

Hope you are not too cold Lottie .

Jo all should be done for Christmas but good news finding your vouchers.

Caz W

Dick a dum dum!


Caz W
The Nightowl Elf wrote (see)

'Dick Of The Day'. Say that fast 10 times!!  

I did - and I sounded like an express train

I think Jess' presents today were some modelling clay and a packet of sweets.  Hope you are feeling a bit better too.

Miss Becks

Tricky Dicky.

Entry Noted Kaz! And yeah, a bit!

Caz W

Anyone remember this little fella?



It is a diddyman-bet he has a rude name


There is an hour to go-the clue is still "out of the box"

ice queen-christmas pressie

snowgirl-reindeer stable

flofairy- jack in the box



twinks-jack in a box