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Here's my contribtion to the Dick theme



I've morphed into Mavis Cruet now :- )


I'm back! Need to catch up though.....

Parcels gone, not too expensive as sent 2cnd class. BTW in my days doing the Christmas sorting, they all went the same! Dont know if still like that now, but wont pay 1st class.

Had an experience of the totally selfish attitude of parents these days-went past a local infant school just about pick up time. Double yellow lines obviously means park here & even double park here!! All the local driveways were blocked regardless of any cars on them- when it's an unauthorised obstruction- or not. Motto- NEVER buy a house anywhere near a school!!

Right, now to catch up. J.


Jo, I recently got caught out going down a local road at infant school collecting time. Gridlock ensued when two people heading in opposite directions through the remaining gap between the double-parked parents both refused to give way and cars coming up behind them didn't know what was going on. Eventually two mums got out of their cars and started directing traffic so it could be resolved. I believe that this was not the first such occurrence.

Geoff, that's quite cute :- D


Pottie Pam

Just heard, Kate is pregnant.

Tried to be clever and googled pics of Dicks. Should have known better 

Jean Genie

Think Geoff has E.S.P. Kate ( the Duchess that is , is expecting . Just put the news on.

Geoff, can I have the winning lottery numbers for Weds please. It'll come in handy for Christmas

Afties Flo, Caz and Jo and anyone else I've forgotten

Jean Genie

 PPam don't get me started again !  That IS you Pam isn't it ?


Ah, Duch of Cambridge, not our forker friend, then ;- )


Oh no-shoot me now-news overload for months about every step she takes, pompous Nicholas Witchell spouting hyperbole, papers full of crap,rubbish about names, lines to the throne and how the Queen is delighted

How ordinary mortals cope is beyond me.

Flo-that was my first thought


Here's my offering.

Royal baby means another excuse for a street party!!

Sorry trying to catch up been to big shops and a GC, and visit to ancient mother

Didn't dare google Dick


She is in hospital- with morning sickness

Miss Becks

Are we all 'Dicked' out yet then?

Got a lovely huge piece of Gammon for our dinner tonight, and Jess has decided she doesn't want it. She wants bacon!!??!! Dopey mare. It's the same thing, but thinner. Or should I say thicker?


It is time for the big reveal

 We have a winner today



And the winner is -with the correct answer of "angel"- clue-"out of the box is"~~~~~~

 The Nightowl Elf-another one tomorrow


Much ado about nothing, as expected.

Gary Hobson

How fitting that those with the purest thoughts should be the winner.

But didn't someone tell us that they also had the same calendar.


Lost track again!

Have a corking photo from the garden that OH has mailed me for my avatar. Yes can open & download it but after that.....? No chance until daughter around-  sometime Wed/Thurs morning maybe?

The 'b' boiler whistling again. No, engineer NOT fixed it & about 30-50mins after it, the boiler, comes on, off it goes. Turning on a hot tap, or daughter's radiator valve (!) stops it. Have done the tap way already earlier, then whistling quietly started again, but has stopped by itself this time as was trying to 'do things' with the photo & couldnt be bothered to get up off backside! J.


Jo-have you saved it?-look in pictures