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Miss Becks

I won!!

Gary, she ate that one! Plus, I've guessed angel everyday, cause that's all I can think of!




Geoff- no couldnt even sort out how to save the blasted thing. It's still downloaded, somewhere.....but honestly havent got a clue how to do things with it. My basic computing course didnt do that!

Like I said, shall wait until daughter & me coincide! She'll show me, hopefully giving me time to make 'how to do' notes as she goes along! Since she's even more impatient than me you can hear the row now....... J.

Gary Hobson
Georg Faust wrote (see)

How fitting that the person with the purest thoughts should be the winner.

The Nightowl Elf wrote (see)

... I've guessed angel everyday, cause that's all I think of! 


The tree is up and decorated-there is a huge parcel under it-and it isn't mine

Jo-we could talk you through this



Jo - last Christmas I had Windows 7 for dummies. There are other versions. I find it useful

Think i might add the Geoff Hamilton selection to my Christmas List. may be too late though


Miss Becks

Gary. You can shove your '' where the sun don't shine!! It's just a game! Whatever I guess tomorrow, I will guess everyday as well. Lighten up misery!

Bjay, are you sure they're not still up?


Must go for a twinkle-and quick


Absolutely positive Becks 

Miss Becks

Hmm, shed?

Is that better now Geoff?


Hmm, those books food for thought folks....... I darent get an Amazon account.. but if I want a Kindle......

Shall see how I get on with daughter first. WW3 could ensue, but what the heck! The pic wont go away.

I need to go & empty the dishwasher, then can reload & the kitchen will look a whole lot better. Back in a bit. J.

Deanos Diggin It

Here's my entry for Dick of the day!






Jo-why not Amazon account?

Chip fryer has died

Deanos Diggin It

Nope! I tried n have given in!  I am knackered, had a very long day n need food! 


Pennine Petal
evening all, I used to love the Ken Dodd and the diddy men Caz, went to see them at the London Palladium! Did anyone say that was Dicky Mint, or was that so obvious no-one needed to!

Came home from work this am, kept going dizzy. Head and eyes hurting now!

Can't remember much about the dream, I'm sure Geoff was fully clothed, I would have remembered otherwise! I think we were in a service station, don't ask me why ..
Jean Genie

Not working for me Dean  Can do pics but never tried videos.

Plenty on here today

I have written 4 Christmas cards. Only because we've just been round to SIL 's to trim her cats claws.

Miss Becks

Not working for me either Dean. But somehow, I think that might be a blessing.