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Miss Becks

Yeah, she is. Tommorrows is a big one!

Jean Genie

Right will get thinking cap on.  Going up to bed for a read so will say nighty night .

If I watch this tele any more there will be a serious crime commited here


Night- The Ice Queen Jeanie

Miss Becks

No, sorry Geoff. I'm going to say goodnight to all now, as bed is calling after last night.

Goodnight lovelies!



The Queen has got back in the car-chips on the way home-so that is me done

Night all

Hello everybody! Popping in, all very festive on here. Just about getting to grips with all the festive names. I ended up having to write a list!

Struggling to stay awake so just a quick visit. The frost has finally finished off my dahlias but I have a lupin in flower surprisingly

I need to go on the PC to be able to change my photo.
I could have submitted a dodgy shaped tomato photo as well. one of the Gardeners Delight I grew was rather interesting

Night all
(Forker formerly known as Nola)

Hello nola/Miss L Toe

Site was unavailable earlier-there might be some shenanigans going on-still no sign of smileys-but perhaps today?

Bashing me balls this morning-ouch indeed-

Today's advent calendar choc is round-guesses please

Off to watch tv news in bed and a reporter standing outside a hospital

Gary Hobson

Morning festive forkers,

Enjoyed Claridges last night (on TV). The lengths they go to to accommodate dogies. But that's nothing to the lengths they got to to accommodate princesses and pop stars. Interesting that all those super-rich were foreigners. And very good it is that they're spluging their foreign currencies here.

Several speakers on Sky News this morning giving expert opinions about pregnancy.

And there's a special souvenir edition of the Daily Express today. Don't miss that. Thank goodness the Express has now got something to enthouse about for the next 6 months, besides extreme weather.

You'll probably want to run down to the bookies to place an investment on the name of the new baby. The names with the shortest odds are Frances and John:


Jean Genie

Morning everyone  and hello Miss. L. Toe

We had a huge hail storm last night at 3 00am - woke me up . Not much better this morning.Blowing a gale here and the rain is lashing down and I'm going to daughters later. At this rate I'll need a canoe.

My guess for the choc is a fairy. Hope your balls don't get wet Geoff.

Haven't had the news on yet but can guess what it will be all about.

I think Waynetta Windsor could be favourite.


Good morning Gary, Geoff and all other forker who are up and about

It's, as they say in Lincolnshire,  taters here this morning, couldn't make out if we had had a slight snow fall or very hard ground frost, well it was dark when I got up.

Right Geoff, I guess its a bauble, thinking along the line of balls,-- have a good game.

Yes we shall here nothing else but babies from now on, but it makes a pleasant change from all the misery in the world.

I thought the RCP was a vast improvement on previous years, but I didn't see all of it.

See you soon, cybernetically?( I spellchecked that and guess what it's a proper word) Sorry Jean, didn't say good morning, but you posted just as I did.


Gary Hobson

Geoff's round mystery item will be a minature chocolate Christmas pudding.

Deanos Diggin It
Morning All!
Well, just about!

I have sneaked home for a bit of lunch! Ssshh!

Just thought I'd have a check in and catch up on last nights escapade's!

Geoff.........My guess......a star on a reath!

Right! Off to Leeds for my last collection of the day, back to depot n my day should be done!

Catch ya laters!

Morning all, oh it's just switched to afternoon. Had to go out and look for something to wear to a festive meal on Thurs. Went earlyish as hate shopping centres esp. when crowded. Headache & not in the mood but came back with a sparklyish top that can go with black skirt. 

Had a good pooch round Lakeland while OH in camera shop so not all doom and gloom. Bought a potato peeler.Exciting or what ?

Jean, I think it was Jean, posted the snowman poem that I used to give to year 2 and 3 (6 & 7 yr olds for those not in the know) for handwriting practice. Went down very well.

Round choccy thing ... er... balloon?

Is someone pregnant then?


Yes Flo someone's pregnant - Wills and Kate. Although I find it really stupid when couples say 'we are pregnant'. From what I remember from biology lessons its only ladies who get pregnant. It will dominate the news for the forseeable future.

Geoff, my guess is a bauble too. Or do I have to guess something original?

Sunny but cold here.

Popped down to see MIL and FIL yesterday evening. MIL was saying she wants lessons in how to use a smart phone before she decides if she wants one. She says there should be special lessons for 'seniors'. Even if there were, my Mum would never get the hang of one.

Zippy - get back to work!




Back from ball bashing all guesses noted - duplicates are allowed-it is in the rools

On the news reports from outside the hospital it was said that William was seen lookingf pensive-must practise my pensive look-I often feel pensive bit don't know how to look pensive-it must be a regal thing.

It could be twins

Potato peeler Flo??-we have a new chip-fryer-so na-na-na-na

Lottie did the man-servant come back today?



afternoon Forkers

Sorry I'm late - weigh in day

Then went up and down the hill Christmas shopping. Very hard work here - shopping!

Managed to get some fire lighters and some outside solar light -static-to replace ones I can't find. If they turn up it's fine as want some lights permanently up on an arch in the back.

Came home to find dog curled up on very small armchair - he was so firmly wedged he couldn't even wag his tail or get off chair. Then he went soppy because we laughed at him. 

Chocco of day - snowflake

Miss Becks

Afternoon lovelies!

Just been to shops and stocked up on Lemsips. I WILL beat this bloody cold!

Advent Pressie is the biggest of them all today. Clue is, it has something to do with yesterdays.

It's quite heavy.


 I'm going for bauble Geoff.



Caz W

Afternoon Forkers - great name Nola.   Lovely sunny day here so far

Geoff can this smiley now be renamed "pensive" and used accordingly? I think Choc today is a snowman.

Flo - love buying small kitchen gadgets. I bought some star, heart, bell and moon shaped pastry cutters in Dunelm on Sunday and have now made Festive Welshcakes.  BJ - it's so funny when dogs get embarrassed when you laugh at them.


Becks  - a useful pot to put things in.

Geoff, I think you'll find that one needs a potato peeler to  prepare the chips before a fryer can be employed. Unless you do elfy chips with the sknis on, I spose.