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FloFairy wrote (see)

 Unless you do elfy chips with the sknis on, I spose.

Or potatoes with skis on??



Caz, seasonal Welsh cakes, fab idea!  I could have spent a fortune in Lakeland and usually do. Need to hold back on baking as once started, I find it hard to stop.

Poor dog! Pepper dog covers his embarrassing moments the way that a cat does - by pretending he was just intending to do that all along.



Oops, dyslxecic fnigers.

:- D :- D spud on skis


Becks it is a caddy for colouring pens with colouring pens

Do hope I am right-need to break my duck


What are festive welshcakes?



Miss Becks

Just had a bloke knock my door saying he was over from Grimsby, and did I watch fresh fish delivered to my door!!??

Caz W

Becks, sorry to hear you're still suffering from that cold - it's time it went now!  My guess for today's mystery present is some ready mixed paint.

Miss Becks

I think it's the longest cold I've ever had!!


Becks -it wasn't Dean on a detour was it?-pensive look

I did a job like that once-lasted 2 weeks

Caz W

These are normal welshcakes Geoff, but the ones I made yesterday are in the shape of christmas trees and stars.  They are sort of fruity cakey scone cooked on the hob on a bakestone (griddle or heavy based frying pan).  Will have to send some to your locker for you to try




Geoff, you clearly didn't have a Welsh mother in law as did I!

Caz W

Well, I thought the Daily Mail would find plenty to say about the royal pregnancy but they have now printed some pictures titled "Forensic artist generates computer images of William and Kate's future child".  I also thought, like Gary did, they would ease up on weather predictions but today's story is "High pressure over Scandinavia raises hopes of a white Christmas as freezing -8C conditions contiue across Britain".  Glad I only read this paper on line and not waste money buying it.  Thank you - rant over!!!


Local news -always have to find a slant- went to Bucklebury-where parents live-the Middletons pick up their papers from the local shop but hadn't done it yet-there was Broadsheet with Middleton's written on the top

Then- apparently there is a lot of local excitement -can a place be excited?-perhaps it was also pensive

Flo-no she was Dutch-can tell you all about clogs,gouda and windmills.


A Tub of play dough

Very busy today. Back later 

I am not called Granny I am Nain

Miss Becks

Well, I've just thrown up my Cheese and Tomato sandwich, and a cup of Lemsip. If I remember right, last time I was this poorly, after I was pysically sick, I got better, so fingers crossed.




Today's guesses so far on the round mystery advent chocolate are

The Ice Queen-fairy


Georg-Christmas pudding

Zippy-star on a reath (sic)




The Nightowl Elf-bauble

I think that is all guesses to date-any more?

Miss Becks

It's not good that I might be getting better?? Thanks, Pal!


I have got a toy lawn-mower to wrap,christmas card number 2 has arrived and an Amazon purchase



Snap. Flo. Great minds think alike I went to the Range today and bought a potato peeler, one of the old fashioned sort, a bargain at 59p. Don't have a chip fryer though, OH has to make do with oven chips.

Becks, I was going to say crayons to go with the colouring book from yesterday, but I will say coloured pencils instead. I hope you are soon better, it seems to be hanging on.

We had a Christmas card this morning from the paper boy, I think he might be after his Christmas tip, very enterprising, now have 3 cards. Must get on and write mine, have got several to send overseas.