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Miss Becks

Not a lot. No-one was really online tonight. Not perking up really. Those Lemsips are horrible. Do they really work??


I take them - the ones that say extra and always put some honey in them not taste as bad. But then could be your taste is iffy at moment.

Have to rememebr though that you can't take other stuff with lemsip. Now I can sleep when I need to if not well. Spent first 10 years of children totally sleep deprived, especially when unwell!! 

Realised tonight  after I thought I had done last amazon order that have not anthing for daughters partner - whoops - back to big thinks again  

Think I'll change my avatar tomorrow as long as internet OK 



Think I'll sign off now. Talk tomorrow 

Miss Becks

You can always guarantee you miss someone by mistake.

I did put sugar in it to sweeten it, but then threw up 10 mins after. These are just called Lemsip Cold and Flu. 10 sachets.

Miss Becks

Yeah, I'll give sleep a go. Night night.


Gary Hobson

Morning festive forkers,

the elf centre wrote (see)

The correct guess today was Christmas Pudding

It was a sheer guess!!!

More likely some form of telepathic thought transferance.

Wasn't much on telly last night (for those not too interested in footy). So watched something I'd recorded yonks ago and not yet watched - Ian Stewart presenting a progam about plants and photosynthesis. It was very interesting. The reason why wood was invented (by Sequoia trees) was to keep their leaves above the heads of browsing dinosaurs. And the two plants that produce the most oxygen are bananas and maize. We saw Ian Stewart locked in an airtight greenhouse for 2 days beathing just the oxygen generated by a bunch of banana plants.

On Sky News this morning - a report that Norovirus vomitting bug has been early this year, and 666 thousand people (666!) have already been infected by it:

There seems to be snow in several parts of the country, but none here. A bright cold day ahead.


Woke up to early again

I hope all have had a good night's sleep- and the sickies are on the road to recovery

Today's mystery choc-is-"very close to home"

Morning duties await.

Jean Genie

Morning everyone .    Won't be able to spend much time on here this week as the move is well underway now. Daughter is stressing me out with the '' what if's '' so things are a bit hectic at the moment . Skip is coming today so a clear out is on the cards - think that will prove difficult for her as well. All memories I suppose.

We'll get there.

Right, mystery choc - a christmas tree

Georg, the number 666 seems to be mentioned quite a lot lately.

No snow here - just frost . And there had better be none at the weekend either.

Becks - hope your cold doesn't last much longer - maybe a trip to docs is in order ?

Have a good day all


Morning all. Had a little lie-in as decorator arrived later this morning. He'll finish today so I'll have to do the major sort out I've been putting off so that all the 'stuff' that came out of the dining room doesn't just end up back in there.

Mystery choc. a little house.

Off to weigh in now. Back later.


Good morning Jean, Geoff,Gary, and anyone else who's about.

Jean, my thoughts are with you~~~, we went through a very similar situation with our daughter almost 5 years ago, very distressing for all. The only good thing about her breakup and divorce was that she didn't have any children, so it was a clean break, no need to see THE RAT as we call him amongst other things, again. She is now very happily settled with a lovely chap. Hope the move goes well and the family will be settled in before Christmas.

Geoff, you little tinker, you've done it again. changed your name, what will it be tomorrow? The mystery choc is a mystery to me, but I will go for Sailing Ship, you being near the sea. am I thinking too much, I ask myself.

I watched The Last tango in Halifax last night, quite enjoying it, OH watched the football.

Becks, hope you are feeling better today.

Have a good one, jobs await.



Done all my morning jobs-got nothing else to do today except play-OH has gone swimming plus there is the swimmers Christmas Lunch to day-so won't be back till late afternoon

All early guesses noted

Twinks-already have tomorrow's name stored in my little head

Jean-keep calm now

Flo-give the WW hell if it is not the right result

Just took this picture of a feeding frenzy-yoghurt and spinach on the menu for morning treat



Morning All

Hope Becks is feeling better. Maybe Docs as you don't want it lingering on for Birthday and Christmas.

Lovely chicks Geoff though I must admit photos are as close as I want to get.

Choc - Christmas tree

Good luck Jean, it gets very emotional - Mother stuff still needs sorting. Skip is the best place to trash memories you don't want.

Had to give up till really late last night on the Forum. Also had some ilayer I wanted to see and that was a blank too. Like the advent calender prize today. In fact I've liked ALL adventcalender prizes

I See we still have the same old faces.



Morning all, must get round to doing a Xmassy name change and avatar!

We had a dusting of snow overnight but the sun's out now so its all gone. Not enough for a snowball, never mind a snow-person! Just made the traffic horrendous this morning though.

I went to a meeting last night for district cub & scout leaders and we had a festive mince pie and glass of mulled wine, then I had one more small glass of wine in the pub after, and woke with a tremendous headache this morning. I'm such a lightweight! I should just avoid alcohol altogether like Becks does. At least the headache is gone now.

My guess for today's chocolate is a car!

Gary Hobson

My guess for today's choc is a chicken.

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Inka is so lucky to be able to go in the woods to choose her own tree.

Lovely chooks, Geoff. Realy spoilt if that's what they have for breakfast. Mine look tatty at the moment and only getting one or two eggs a day from 7 hens. They are moulting so might do better when they have new feathers

Chocolate guess..... dog

Have we any forkers  living in Hertfordshire? If so check your old lottery tickets 



Kate -lives in Hertfordshire-I think-surely not??

Just looked back at Daniel's message -he "hoped" to have the festive smileys on the forum in the first week of December??

Lotties's Christmas celebrations have started early then


This name changing is doing my head in! Tinker CB - is that Chris? I like your idea of an ilayer

 Not too bad at WW, Geoff - it was the mince pies wot did the damage.


TinkerCB is Bjay's newer alter-ego


For those that are interested in such things jockey Frankie Dettori has been banned for 6 months for failing a drug test-cocaine apparently -so someone has been doing his lines

 In other news-the royal hospital security has been breached-an Australian programme has convinced a nurse into believing the Queen and Prince Charles are on the phone asking after Kate-the funniest bit is advising visitor times-go about 2.30 in


Tch! Should have guessed from the Tinker bit.

:- D doing lines :- D