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Deanos Diggin It

Aftie's All!

By! It as been bitterly cold today! 

But now home, n heating in full swing!

Hope Beck's n Jess keeping warm!

Advent guess.....A Doorbell!

Choccie guess.....Catman! 

Right! Off to do GW advent thingy! Back shotly!! 



Hi all

Good to hear from you Jo. 

Half way through cleaning windows realised should have been at mothers care home for monthltymeeting. Grabbed a Christmas tree, 2 cards and went in my house cleaning best..

Only just got back. Quickly put up new solar lights outside front. Easy-wrap them round the porch pole and drape them between hanging basket hooks.

Don't look too bad, charged up solar cell during day on cleared window ledge.


Christmas lights Bjay? Sounds a good idea.

That's reminded me. OH bought me a set of solar powered garden lights- those on a 'spike' that you put into a border/along a path. They're still at the back of the shed. Now that the tree gone the garden is a lot more sunny at the top end, nearest the house, so must fish them out for next yr.

Oops curtains....... J.


Latest update~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jo-chimney pot



TCB-Christmas tree





the nightowl elf-door wreath

Will reveal the correct answer shortly


I have solar lights on spikes in back garden, 2 lilies and 2 butterflies(fairies) in the fairy garden. I thought the lilues had stopped working but found that once I'd cleared border of surplus grass plants they now shine.

Not sure if I should have brought them in for winter or not though

Still have Christmas wreath to make, out all day tomorrow so I guess it will be Friday.

NB to me do all competitions before I go



Yay, heating engineer has been, heating is now on full blast in my office!

Jo, big hugs. I think my youngest son needs some psychiatric help, but he won't accept that he does and its not something you can make people do unless they are willing to do it voluntarily.

And my biggest sympathies for having a December birthday! At least yours isn't too close to Christmas. One of my friends had her son on Boxing Day. Very bad planning (or perhaps there wasn't any!)

Ok, Geoff.....we're waiting!!?


My youngest's Birthday is 27th December

Ok the clue-was "close to home"-this thread is Fork Handles-Four Candles

The answer is candle-hence close to home

I thought it was easy-it is a Christmas advent calendar


Lottie- yours is nearer to Christmas than mine I think. My daughter was due last week in December. I knew that having a December baby was bad planning (IMO) so so she was a wee bit early!! That's why she blames me for the lack of about 1inch in height!

I always sent proper birthday pressies, & small Christmas ones, to a friend's children. 1 born on 28th & t'other 31st! Never forgot those 2, but their younger brother, born in September...........

Still not a peep from boiler. Dont think engineer re-pressurised it again. I know that when I kept checking last night, when it really was noisy, the pressure was well inside the proper limits- I have worked that bit out ok......

Need inspiration for meal now. Cooking for 1 again. J.


My daughter was due on 1st Jan she arrived 2 weeks late so every Christmas day we get "It's only 3 weeks till my birthday!"

Any way Geoff 'close to home' has so many derivations!

What an incredilbly windy dog I have today




Yes mine's close to Christmas (20th) which is why I have two! Not cheating really as only celebrate once a year.

Geoff, bad planning on your part as well.

We obviously weren't thinking laterally when guessing the choccie.

Ok, off home now, got to pick up OH on the way - he's got a cold and isn't cycling at the moment. Can't say I blame him!


Will try to make it easier tomorrow-perhaps,maybe

Our garden is like blackpool illuminations at night with solar lights

Off to Guildford again tomorrow night to see Alan Davies in stand-up-quite looking forward to it.

Caz W

Evening all - bit late reporting for duty as I've been doing my voluntary day in school.  Took well over an hour to get there this morning instead of 20 mins - found out later it was  due to 8 accidents on one stretch of dual carriageway (both sides) caused by black ice.  Sorry I missed advent competition, but my guess would have been wrong anyway .  You have lovely chooks Geoff -  do all the girls say that.

Hope Becks & Jess are sufficiently cuddled and feeling a bit better today.  Think the presents today are a ring and some sweeties.   Cyber hugs for you too Jo. x


Deanos Diggin It

Right! On a serious note before I eat n retire! 

I have an abundance of Raspberry canes, Rhubarb, Various bare rooted soft fruit n an absolute shed of seed going free to a good home! Don't ask! I find it better not too!

 Either that, or it was going in the bin!

Anybody have any preferences! Inbox me! I shall endeavour to send on! FOC of course! 

Coz the ain't way I shall use all that myself!


Gosh Dean. That sounds really interesting

Wish could see more




Dean sent you a message

Deanos Diggin It

 Altough only the basic's! You are more than welcome! 


Just got some sad news--my friend Zona, who is 89 has pancreatic cancer--so she won't have long. She has the most magnificent garden--you can see a tiny part of it through the window.

You may remember this photo, taken last year---


I am really going to miss her.



Oh Inka that's so sad. Is it not treatable?

Her garden looks wonderful too. J.