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Her garden is her passion and is a true work of art. It is too manicured for my taste, and needs constant maintenance[which she gets help with, as it's 3 acres]--but she is out in it every day. Rides along on her mower--it has 2 ponds with a Japanese bridge connecting, a stream and many magnificent specimen trees.

It is not really treatable, and usually goes quite quickly, I understand--6 months if she's lucky, depending on how you look at it. She hopes to be at home as long as she possibly can.


Inka that is sad, you need to make the most of good memories while she is here. Her garden looks wonderful

Deanthat would be great - all offerings greatfully received. Have sent you message about a couple of other things. 

Receipt is not really a problem

Deanos Diggin It

Morning Inka! 

I do very much remember that post to be honest! At the time I was nursing my old dear to her end, n seeked sanity on here! when she fell asleep!  Although then never posted, n was a sideliner! 

It's alway's sad to say goodbye! But we all have a time! n as least suffering as poss is the better! 


That is very sad news Inka - your friends garden looks beautiful.Enjoy her company while you can .

My guess is a yoyo

Just about finished writing my cards,fed the Christmas cake before wrapping it and putting it in the cupboard - I love the smell of Christmas cake I love the smell of any cake come to think of it

All pressies are wrapped

Get Well Soon Becks

Pam LL x


OH gone to pub - he takes the monthly quiz there. Surprisingly it's not  a Christmas one. Gives me an evening by myself - great.

Daughter just rang - supposed to be meeting her for lunch tomorrow but she forgot it's her day off so now won't be out for day. OH says we'll go somewhere else.




Dean- too true about gardening & related message boards being therapy. I discovered the beeb boards in 08 after another spell in hospital in late 07. Many a happy hour spent 'lurking' on them & learning loads until I braved joining in.

Just phoned SIL to thank her for my pressie. I got a cross phonecall a few weeks back asking why I hadnt said thx for my present? I pointed out that it wasnt my biorthday then, nor hadnt been...... Need to phone OH's Aunt as well but shall do that tomorrow or Friday, as will need an hour to spare & a good seat!

Off to watch cooking now & then need to clean up/reinstate things in the bathroom & do a quick hoover up there.

Night all. J.

Deanos Diggin It

Soz! B'j! A long day! But got ya message! N yeah on both! 

Right best do one! or I shall not get up! 

Goodnight Godbless all!  Very quiet on here tonight! 

Caz W

G'night Dean

Inka - so sad about your friend - cyber hugs to you both x

Surprising to hear how many of us - myself included - sat on the sidelines before getting the courage to join in.



That's sad new Inka, you will certainly miss your friend, good friends are few and far between, her garden looks spectacular..

My OH has gone to the pub with his domino mates, so it's a quiet evening in for me, might even get to write a few more cards.

Jo. Don't overdo it, there's always tomorrow.

Goodnight Dean, sleep tight. I saw on the weather forecast there could be snow in Yorkshire/Lincolnshire overnight so you might have a rough day tomorrow, especially ion the early hours.

Lincoln Christmas Market starts on Thursday and is on until Sunday. We get visitors from all over the country, and from abroad, quite an experience, with over 400 stalls this year, all round the Cathedral and Castle area. Well worth a visit if you're in the area.

Pam, you have reminded me to look at my Christmas cake, given to us some time ago by a friend, with instructions to feed it, needless to say, I forgot, will go and do it now

Hope you enjoy your show tomorrow Geoff.

Catch you later.


Caz W

Talking about Geoff .... where is he tonight?  Do we need to organise a Search & Rescue Mission?



I'm here- just watching a bit of TV-no surprise there

Chris-I need to get north of London and visit these places before fleeing the country-never been to Lincoln,York ,Manchester Liverpool................

I think the trouble about joining in everybody seems to know everybody else and it is like gate crashing a party-completely uninvited--but we only know each other from taking that leap.

That sounds a bit deep

Have extended an invitation again on another thread today-there is probably a lot of people who just read.


I just used to read all posts. then one day was a bit fed up so took a leap into the unknown, specially with forkers. Took me longer to pluck up courage to join this. Still giggle when i think about my welcome pack  

Did take a while to work out who everyone is, still does sometimes 

Miss Becks

Evening lovelies. Not stopping on again. Just had a quick catch up of entries.Todays entries were...

Geoff:        Finger puppet-definitely finger puppet-it is a finger puppet    
Bjay:        Yo-yo and a lollipop    
Gary:        E.T. Finger Light...    
Flo:           Finger puppet and bubble blowing stuff    
Jo:            yo-yo.
Kaz:         a ring and some sweeties    
Dean:        A Doorbell
Chris:        finger puppet too and sugar mouse    
Miss B:            
Pam:          yoyo    
Lottie:         a finger puppet but it could also be finger paint   

And the pressie was....

 So we have 4 half winners, who are Geoff, Flo, Chris and Lottie!

Well done! My clues are obviously better than his!

Anyway, signing off again now, as me and little one are having an even earlier night. Will catch up with everyones posts tomorrow.

Goodnight Lovelies. x

Caz W

Hi Geoff - guess I can put my rescue outfit back in the wardrobe now!

Some very pensive moments there



Geoff can recommend York - great place to visit.  

When we were looking for somewhere to live we went all over. Found some great places. Some just seemed OK to visit, not to live, some we looked into a bit further, and we ended up here, it was initially maybe 5th on the list but it fitted our criteria we set  and the more we looked the clearer the criteria became, the more it seemed right. Does that make sense? 



Yay-I'm a winner

Will stop being pensive now

Night Becks and Dean and others who have sloped off


Shame on you Geoff, your missing some of the best places in the UK, and some of the best local produce, and very friendly natives

York is beautiful as are the Yorkshire Dales, Lincolnshire Wolds, County Durham and Northumberland, you really must try to get  'Up North' before you go to Spain.

Must get back to card writing, only came in here to get another packet of cards, and what happens, I'm back on the forum.

Becks must really be feeling off it.


I'm a winner too! How lovely to share the prize. What is the prize, by the way?

Agree with your 'gate-crashing' simile, Geoff. But, as you say, if people like the look of this and decide to join in, they are made welcome and also come to realise that you don't have to follow every single post just respond to whatever's currently going on.

Inka, so sorry to hear about your friend. I knew nothing about cancer of the pancreas until my Dad developed it. I hope she can be in her home and garden for as much time as possible.

Twinks, I too know little of those lovely places you mention. I hope/intend to visit some of them but never seem to get round to going anywhere!


Twinks-one day ,one day.................-how many cards are you sending??

Well I shall be sloping of as well soon-watching The Fear on Ch4 at 10pm-3rd part tonight

Night all forking folk


Nighty night all.