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Answers so far today on the advent choccy are~~~~~~~~~~~




The Ice Queen-reindeer

Flo-umbrella.ella ,ella

Holly Berry -snowman


About an hour or so left

Talking to meself 'ere


B****r I was going to say snowman as well, sooooo Sledge!

Becks- another bubble set & a choc.

Back to being Mrs Mop! J.

Pennine Petal
Afternoon, came home from work early as OH rang to say starting to snow heavily. had finished teaching, so came home to do marking. Came up the hill behind the gritter. Still snowing but blowing around a lot. Perhaps I'll be snowed in tomorrow.

Jo, perhaps your daughter will get interested in gardening too.

That didnt last long! Do need to finish it though as nurse coming tomorrow

Lottie- am puzzled as to why she thought I'd react differently? I kept saying wish she'd find her own place! Ok usually in a fit of temper, but she was at uni for 6 yrs, lived away the next 2, so it was instant clash of very similar personalities over lots of things. OH & me had got used to the relative peace & me especially with him working away & previously all hours he could. Am quite happy with my own company. Neighbours on hand if an emergency.

Oh I could go on at length, just as any parent would, about all the annoying things/ habits she has. She certainly does about mine!  Am just glad that she's finally decided to make the jump onto the property ladder. Just hope that it all works out ok.

Have been mentally thinking what things she can take with her..... just as our parents did to us!

Right, I really must finish off that bit of cleaning, rest shall wizz through tomorrow before get 'got' by nurse!

Back later. J.



What a lot of posts and news and I've only been out for an afternoon!

Becks- hope all was well at docs and you now have magic medicine. I find our receptionists are OK but then I don't see them very often

Jo - what great news, a shame you couldn't join in from the beginning but may be it was for the best. Wish No 2 son would go, Just think you'll have somewhere to put all those cuttings you have too many of, and oodles of advice if she wants it. And we are all here to listen if you need a cyber ear

Something is coming out of the sky but it is rain. My have snow on hills by morning

Dreadful jokes geoff Straight out of crackers 

L had just phoned me from Wilkinson asking for directiions to the solar lights. Sold out though.



Glyn- she is interested! Has already been asking what cuttings can I do, which shrubs etc will cope where. I suspect the hardest bit will be trying to wait 12 mths to see what is actually there before she starts anything radically different.

I do know that there are apple trees, about which I know nothing, so questions will be asked on here! This is where I wish Dad was still around to ask...he did know about those. Ooh just had a thought, OH said he wanted to grow vegetables... J.

Deanos Diggin It

Geoff....Your clue is a dead giveaway!.............Snowmobile! 

Beck's! I have this one in the bag....Been had before?....Easy!....Toad in the Hole!     

(Hope all as gone well at the Quacks!)

 Good Evening Everybody! 


Jo my daughter and I spent a lot of time disagreeing with each other for much the same reasons as you say - we are very similar. She moved out about 2 years ago and first i relished the peace, then I actaully missed the rows, Now she rings me for advice. Although we are not as close as I wish now, at least we are not hating each other. And if she has a problem - eg car crash - it is us she asks for help

We are so alike she described a jumper she had bought the baby, telling me not to buy one only it is exactly the same as one I had already bought!

She yearns for a garden but with the current clinate doesn't stand a chance f them getting their own house, so living in a flat.


Saw this in the paper today-A Royal Ode


  Dust your pantry, move your jugs.

Prepare for tea towels, spoons and mugs,

there’s news to make you weep with mirth

We’ve got another royal birth

Our austere country need not grieve,

for William’s missus can conceive.

Yea, every other story’s guff

’cos someone’s up the Royal duff

Iran and Israel may soon be nuking

but we’re ­obsessed with morning puking,

forget our youth who can’t find work

and take a look at Witchell’s smirk

Pray, go and tell your auntie Mabel

to forget the boy born in a stable,

’cos Kate’s had a tweet from Barack Obama

and a Facebook message from the Dalai Lama

Who cannot wait to see the pics

of little baby’s early tricks?

The snappers too will catch our Kate

not though when she doth lactate

This proud arrival will change our nation

it truly is a bless’d creation,

for next in line it will be third

even if it’s born a bird.

Deanos Diggin It

Evening B'J! 

I have just sent you a message! Prick your ear's girl! 


And now the moment no-one has been waiting-the answer to today's mystery advent choc-the clue "is it snowing darling"

The response is no-it's rain dear"

so "Reindeer"

Two winners today- who each have a share of £50,000-Nad and Ice Queen-just send me your bank details-thankyou

I am trying here


I can see the hamburger jumper, but it was the animal head T-shirts that really got to me.

I have pricked my ears Dean -

I have heard good reviews of Alan davies. Enjoy Geoff

Poem reminded me i found one i was going to post. back in a minute

Miss Becks

Back from docs! She hasn't got a chest infection, as feared, just a bad cold, same as me! She has nose drops and paracetemol!!

I have been rail roaded into doing a full roast!! Talk about wrapped around someones very little finger!!

Oi! Geoffrey!! Where's my entry on your list!! I never won, but I might have, and you wouldn't have noticed! Glad you're not running the lottery



My Christmas:     Mum's Christmas

decorations                climbing up to the loft on a wobbly ladder, probably   falling      

a Christmas tree                  pine nedles and tinsel all over the carpet.

lots of food                          preparations and loads of dishes to be washed.

crackers                             crumpled paper everywhere.

presents                            money down the drain.

sweets                              indigestion and tooth-ache.

parties                              late nights, and driving back through the dark.

snow to play in                  getting soaked and frozen whenever outside.

by Sara Forsyth

Not funny but I thought rings a few bells

 That's  good news Becks, must have been some virus though


I bo-boobed-will not post a graphic to illustrate

As long as it just a cold- that is goodish news

Miss Becks

Bjay, rings MANY bells!!

Deanos Diggin It

Do not refresh on messages either! That too sends twice!  Soz Beck's!