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Thanks Geoff. In some ways I think they deserve to have the fruits of their labours! Anyway, I'll have a read later.

Hello Festive Forkers. Welcome to Norm2 and hello to David.
Thank goodness it is Friday!
It took 2 cups of coffee as I caught up.

Good news about your friend Inka, what a worrying time.

Hope you get well soon Becks and Jess. There is a lot going round, Spreads especially well at a nursery!

Will have to check out the advent calendar prizes...I wonder if I would win the Harrogate one Geoff? I only live 11 miles away in Ripon

I have only 2 hens now, I had 3 last year. I didn't insulate the house but added some extra hay in the nest box. They tend to sleep in there together.
Right, off to press the heating extra hour button.
"See" you all soon

Am here too.

Been 'stabbed', fed birds again, been down to the kitchen veg waste compost bin with a bucket, cooked & eaten a macaroni cheese over cauli for lunch & still to do the rest of cards!

Now shall catch up. J.


Hello all. Not been able to get on here until now as I've had a 'helper' today - like one of Santa's little elves! He may be back in a min so I'd better be quick.

Geoff - my guess for the choc today is a milk bottle as well.

Becks - tiara and haribos

I'm off this weekend to meet Wilfred for the first time, and taking Mum as well, she's dying to meet her first great-grandchild. So I will be away all weekend so probably won't catch up on the antics here until Monday!

Play nicely everyone


Caz W

Hi Jo -  hope all went well today.  You're confusing me now having mac & cheese/cauli on a Friday and you sound as bad as me with writing those cards.


You're confused Caz, I havent a clue at the mo!!

Geoff- all I could visualise is a carrot!

Right, needed to post that before I will read rest. J.


Another update

Tinker Bauble-banana

Nightowl Elf-a wise old man or three wise men


Ice queen-star

Snowgirl-three wise men

Georg-milk bottle

Lottie-milk bottle



Nad- a wise man -Melchior


Becks- 3 chocolate decorations & a toy car.

Glad you both beginning to get better. OH, who's snoring on the sofa quietly at the mo, has said that he's hasnt been feeling 100% recently, but not actually ill?

Only 5 more drug sessions to go! Yay! Literally felt wobbly within 30mins as went down to compost bin with the bucket this time- drat. Give it a few days & that should have settled, I hope.

Just phoned someone at the hospital back. She phoned to rearrange an appointment that had been scheduled for next thurs. Oh yes, what appointment next thurs? Now have first thing on wednesday- drat. Could drive & park for free though if dont allow enough time/ feel up to walking down first thing. Think just about know where to go - lots of changes down there due to new buildings being up & running now. And they wonder why I am confused?! J.


Afternoon Miss L /Nola-if-big if-I win will pass Harrogate tickets on to those oop North

Lottie-have a nice weekend with Wilf-don't forget Christmas id next week-look after the trainee

Jo-where is this avatar you promised??

Miss Becks

Right, finally caught up with entries so far. Eldest daughter has decided she wants to come this weekend, so have been frantically clearing her bed which I have been using as a dumping ground!!

Geoff:        a frog of some sort Plus more haribo goodies
Bjay:        Tiara and christmas tree chocs
Gary:        the toy is a glass slipper, and the 3 edibles are a pumpkin and 2 sugar mice.
Flo:           tiara and jelly babies
Jo:            3 chocolate decorations & a toy car.
Caz:         a little baby doll and sweeties
Miss B:            
Lottie:          tiara and haribos


Oooh Geoff Don't forget those who look for any excuse to go up north to visit new grandchild 

Stil don't see why you can't go though before you desert this country

Been making dolls clothes all afternoon. They are so fiddly and I am so impatient


Tinker Bauble-it is getting all the travel requirements in place the jabs,the travel documents understanding the local customs..........



OH has just decided to retune the digi box & consequently lost all the programs set to 'tape'! Daughter will not be amused!

Give a man a remote...... I should know better.

Snacking now on soft 'crusty', yes I know, bread with rosehip jam! Yummy. J.



Well you have Dean to help with local language!

And plenty here live up there to give you a hand with travel and health requirements

How long before you wobbles wear off Jo?

Miss Becks

Hmm, soft 'crusty' bread sounds yummy jo, but I'd have cheese or pate. Haven't got any bread though, and not going out in the cold just to get some. Any chance of a delivery to my cyber locker??

Hi forkers, (that sounds so rude ), thanks for the warm welcome, certainly need the warmth, just got back in from work and it is a bit parky out there to say the least, bit of a gardening bonus today as I was given a 220 litre compost bin free of charge. It's in excellent condition and looks as though it's never been used, but it's missing it's front hatch, a quick google has found a new replacement hatch for £5 so thats on order and I shall be attempting to produce my own compost in the very near future.

Regards for now Norm.


 Here you are Becks-some bread

Miss Becks

Doesn't look very 'crusty' to me. And it's imported.

Hi Norm!