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Oops-misunderstood -try this instead

 very old and crusty-enjoy


Big official welcome to Norm



Yes Becks this one is from Morrisons- spelt bread. No meat products in this kitchen but it does go well with all sorts. I can even eat it 'neat' so to speak!

Bjay wobbles hopefully should settle by mid next week. I managed to walk down to the hospital last time on the Tuesday after the friday drug session, but was glad of a lift back up. I'd have got a taxi if nec. Now I know where to park & it's still got plenty of spaces before 10am, so I may drive down on the Wednesday for the other early appointment, then I can drive home via the GPs/chemist to collect my latest prescriptions. That was a first- ordered repeats on-line! Simples! Much better than having to do it by phone only between certain hours etc etc & e-mail reply to confirm. J.

Miss Becks

That is disgusting Geoff.


You just scrape the green bits off and blow away the fluffy stuff-very,very, tasty-mmm

Bjay-Deans version of English is hard to grasp


plumstrudle wrote (see)

Yes Becks this one is from Morrisons- spelt bread.

b-r-e-a-d is a very peculiar way to spell Morrisons ;- )


I made a wedding cake using spelt for one tier. - nightmare - practiced on OH uncle till he said taste and texture was OK.

Got to start pratising after Christmas for another one - I think they want a choco one, as not to keen on chocolate so will have to find a willing volunteer or 2 to taste - L daughter and daughters partner I think at moment

Jo yesterday after i said about daughter asking if she wants help now I had text a asking if you have to get special detergent if there is something that needs hand washing - so now I am a walking cookery book, and a cleaning book. Great 




-I woz confused what spelt bread is -good old googly


Deanos Diggin It

Evening All!

Hi Norm!  Already we have twinned! I too was awarded a compost bin today! One of those spinny barrel types! 

Now't wrong wit reet talking folk Geoff!  I got you a pressie today! but on arrival home, n upon closer inspection, I have Boobed! Unless you have blu-ray? Whatever that is? 

Guess for Choccie......Milk Float!

Beck's! Guess for something fit for a Princess.....Acute morning sickness! How did you wrap that? 



Any more entries for the choccy today?-will reveal the answer shortly

Dean-don't have a blue-ray player-now I am intrigued-have added your guess to the list

Pennine Petal
Evening forkers, laying on the sofa with the iPad and Rocky cat while OH tells me about all the lottery ticket wins that haven't been claimed. Hope y check your tickets carefully.


We mums are experts at everything, don't you know?

Work experience elf has gone now, back to school for him next week. Can't make him work past 5 o'clock either, something to do with child exploitation! Actually I got him to sit at my desk and do some tedious stuff for me while I caught up on filing other stuff. On the whole he did a good job but he did ask me if Malaysia was in Europe!!!

Just finishing up myself now as I'm meeting OH at Morrisons. Veg curry for tea tonight - I have placed my order.

So what's todays chocolate?

Deanos Diggin It

I picked up what I thought was The London 2012 Olympic Games DVD with you in mind! But has mentioned, it is the Blu-ray version!  

Miss Becks

I'm taking that as your answer now Dean. Smart-arse!!



Boiler off again!!

OH now discovered that radiator valve twiddling in daughter's room stops it- daughter said same last week. Now I know that when many yrs back OH replaced the valves, with the then new thermostatic ones available, he got hers the wrong way round!. Engineer this time said shouldnt matter, but it makes you wonder...... as they've kept them as found, ie the wrong way round! Any heating engineers plumbers out there? J.


The choccy clue for today was not eric-therefore Ernie as in Morecambe and Wise-Ernies full name was Wiseman-amswer is a wiseman

Winners today were Nad,Nightowl Elf and Ice Queen -each with a share of the crusty loaf-yummy

Jo -carrot!!-really- how chrismassey is that!!

Another one tomorrow


Reindeer- carrot, stable, manger....... I did say my brain works in a very weird way.

OMG OH thinks he's sussed the trouble.... He's promised NOT to try removing any radiator valves without first turning off the water first. Help!! J.


I have just entered an RHS competition to try winning some fruit bushes for a certain persons new, to her, garden. You never know. J.


Jo-kill him now!!

The chap who installed the boiler surely checked these valves??