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Night Jo-we will be gentler tomorrow-perhaps

Sleep with your tins under the pillow


Night Jo. 


That's me done for the day as well

Bed bugs beckon

Night campers



Bjay, are you having doggy troubles? You probably said so sometime and I missed it. I'm no dog psychologist but I have dogs!


Yep. Every night for last 2 weeks or so I put him and me to bed and sometimes before I have got into bed he starts barking. I come down he stops, then just as I doze off he starts. it was only once last night but we are all suffering from lack of sleep. There is a new light at the building at the back that is movement sensitive and that sets him off, but sometimes there is nothing. Today we went to a blind place and ordered one - we always said we wouldn't have one because of the view but, you know , desperation. I may put him in hall tonight but then there is the difficulty of where he will sleep ie probably outside bed door or something equally tricky. He is 12, and feels the cold but I don't think it is that.


You have my sympathies, Bjay. It's so hard to know what's setting them off. Two of mine started last night, I know not why - foxes or other nocturnal wanderers is top guess - but having two weeks of it is dreadful. I had terrible troubles for Pepper's first few weeks and spent at least four nights sleeping on the hall floor near him so he'd settle then invested in a baby gate so he could be right outside the bedroom and see us but not get in. I also got in the habit of having a torch by the bed so if I got up in the night I could see any furry trip-hazards.  I do hope your blind does the trick.


Thanks Flo. we think its foxes set off the security light, and maybe reflection in the plastic bird feeders. 

We have to have a made to measure blind and the firm said they would try and get it before Christmas as it was urgent!! All over a daft dog!!


Hola all festivians

All the workers can have a lie-in this morning-your Saturday starts here-great excitement to day-theX Faxtor final is upon us this weekend

The site competition prize is some AT books-still waiting to hear about any winners -I wonder how it all works

Today's advent choc clue-is egg related and also someone who gets many marriage proposals-too easy

To the end of the garden I go.

Gary Hobson

Morning festive forkers,

Tinker Bauble wrote (see)

... we think its foxes set off the security light..

I've got a motion-activated securtiy light and alarm. It goes off during the night, at least once or twice a week. It's normally foxes, But I always get up and look through the window, just to make sure it not someone wearing a balaclava.

There's an interesting article in this morning's Sydney Morning Herald about the equivalent of GW on their TV...

"For Australian gardeners the really big news this year was the arrival of Costa Georgiadis as the host of ABC TV's long-running Gardening Australia program. He became host after the acrimonious departure of horticulturalist Stephen Ryan... For traditional viewers, the change was traumatic. Georgiadis was criticised for his appearance and his apparent lack of specialist horticultural expertise. But the formula worked. Costa has delivered a freshness to the program and brought in a whole new generation. The audience has increased by 5 per cent this year..."

This is a video clip showing the man in action. In this clip, he explains that the function of chickens is not to lay eggs, but to build soil fertility...


Just watched a few seconds of that georg - is our version Bob Flowerdew?


Morning All 

Dog had me up again . On the third time (1 am) I picked up his bed, made him follow, put a water dish in the corner and tucked him up in the hall. I heard him pattering around and thought he'll be up stairs but no. When OH got up he was curled up on his bed and didn't move. So all curled up and toasty (new quilt) I to had the rest of the nights sleep. Hooray.

Garden today - to frost proof an area of the greenhouse, to replenish bird feeders and have an attempt at making a wood pigeon free bird feeder for blackbirds - Jo's idea

Then, hopefully, another nights sleep to look forward to

Oh and sometime I have to get on with the ET's

Choco - turkey


There is way too much frivolity on this thread, where are the complaints about trying to park , the queues in the post office, the cost of everything, no one winning prizes, poor driving on unsalted roads

Bah humbug


Who the ******* is Scrooge???



Tinker Bauble-Scrooge is our esteemed founder


Oh - the one who disappeared into education of sums land. That case Scrooge can be as miserable as is Scrooge's nature


That's the one-how is life Scrooge?

The BBC now forecast bitter cold from Tuesday with snow in some areas-it is official-we are all going to die


Morning elf, 2 hours to drive 11 miles then to have to cross a playground of children throwing snowballs, I have lost my sense of humour I am just plucking up courage to go to the post office

Chris to win

Miss Becks

Morning Lovelies!

Kate, how the devil are you! Make you're own snowballs at home, but with razor blades wrapped in cotton wool! Alternatively, make them some mince pies. With slug pellets in! That should sort them!

Todays pressie has been had before as well. (I think she started running out of ideas at this point). It was a deceiving shape!

Accompanied by 4 edibles.