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Jo has been avatared-yay


Hi all.

OH & me had a pleasant shop first thing. I cant get my head around how this supermarket can be soo quiet on a Saturday! Has a good stock & loads of room between isles, bliss.

Am employee had much amusement at my expense this morning. OH, of course, had wandered off, in search of light bulbs. I'm standing in front of the bread rolls muttering to self about what someone is likely to need? 'You do know that you're talking to yourself?' says man loading up bread shelves. 'Yes' I replied 'at least I get an answer, if not always sensible!' Both now sniggering!! OH then reappears looking puzzled & asks 'what's funny?' which sets us 2 off even more.......

The 'b' slimey brigade have eaten every one of my sweetpea seedlings so will try again in Spring, as usual!

Now to check out Geoffs & Becks quiz. J.


Yes dont ask me or daughter to change the avatar in the near future! Much muttering about hating windows- she has a Mac- but we got there! Tis my bargain of the yr. All of £3.50 reduced price Erysimum & it's flowered it's socks off all this year & still has flowers even now.

Clue re choc too criptic for me today Geoff. Will have a think- I may be gone sometime..... J.


That's really nice Jo - Erysimum with frost. it does mean come spring you will have to go seasonal as well

Pinned dolls hair on with safety pin, son comes in and says 'you can't give a baby that it's got a pin in it' (sigh)

so much encouragement 

hollie hock

Afternoon all, usual Saturday routine for me. Very long lie in......then on the settee with laptop, fire on, kitten on lap and radio 4. Happy days

like the new avator J


Gary Hobson

My guess for the wrapped pressie - rolled-up colouring book, and sweets.

Hi Guys, had a busy day in the garden today, final big clear and tidy up, planted the new compost bin and started to fill it. It's had some chopped leaves, thatch from the lawn, shredded paper, dead flower heads from a hydrangea and coffee grounds so that should do as a start.

Thought I'd add some photos as a sort of introduction to my interests so bear with me if they don't appear first time around. 

In my spare time I like to tinker old machinery and have a couple of very old mowers a nice heavy petrol cylinder mower with a bowling green blade and a very early hayter rotary model, I have been restoring an old car for the past few years it's almost complete and is finally being reassembled after a complete overhaul and my respraying it black. I have an average size suburban garden which is being revamped a bit this year my daughter has now grown up and it's finally been agreed that the obligatory trampoline can be rehomed so I can relocate  a shed to make room for a greenhouse.

I enjoy making things and have welded together a few bits n pieces for the garden firstly a weathervane as a memorial to my rescued german shepherd  who sadly passed away a while back,  some obelisks and lantern holders and I am currently in the processs of making a planter in the form of a greenhouse, It needs cleaning up and painting now and I'm not sure whether to add a loop and make it into a hanging basket or mount it onto a bar so it can stand in the border.

hope the photos attach ok, regards Norm.









Geoff we're all stumped here! All I can think of is white- wedding dress- runaway bride- Julia Roberts!! Told you my brain is unique!

Becks- need to trawl back through old posts...... J.


Chicken related and gets marriage proposals-I may be over thinking this

More importantly Jo- how is the tins situation this afternoon?-I have been worrying

Jackie -thought you said two kittens??-how about a pic so we can all say aah?

Good work Norm-with no avatar ot festive name!-just saying again,

Saints 1-0  up


Oh the tin situation completely forgotten, well no comments anyway! Family should know by now that if I know am right then I will argue blue murder! This stems from once being punished in junior school for something that I hadnt actually done!!

I was planning to do some mincepies this w/end, but someone else wants to practise! So the rubber type muffin/little cake tin that he sent back with me from 'little house' can be used by him tomorrow!  Then if ok he can take it back to make some for people at his works! I didnt buy it, he did! Daughter on nights this coming week so I can do some for us in my ususal tins & hopefully freeze some too.

The 'what's for tea & when is it?' have started! Ok have been sat, resting, here so no excuse. Back later. J.


Southampton win !!

I will delay the choocy answer till later-for some more guesses

I never knew tin-talk would be so fascinating after recent information about potato -peelers I shall soon be a fountain of all knowledge


Saints have moved out of the relegation zone

Norm I love the sculptures

hollie hock

There are indeed two, will take a suitable cute pic

Hi Norm, really like the greenhouse planter

Caz W

Hi forkers.  Nice to see you Kate - not long to end of term now.  Geoff - did you set cryptic crosswords in a previous existence?  My guess: hen fatale .

Becks - my guess is a colouring book and some choccy Santas.  Hope your colds are getting better.


On BBC Midlands - the weather persons name tonight was Sara Blizzard!

Like the metal sculptures Norm, Wouldn't greenhouse be heavy to hang up. I have a courtyard type patio that needs interesting pieces if you can't think what to do with it



I thought my clue made it too easy

-now it seems soooooo difficult

The Beast from the East is getting nearer too-Mr Plow be on duty next week


Caz W

 This coming Wednesday at 12 mins and 12 seconds past mid-day it will be:
       12:12:12 12/12/12


Becks-2 choc money & another necklace!

Norm- am impressed!

Now am cross though- I use tubs of stock powder. Needed some for the risotto, but sometimes the powder goes lumpy in container as tonight. So i stabbed at a large lump with spoon, the bottom of container fell out & stock powder everywhere!!

Geoff- simler clues maybe? livesinhopesmiley. J.


Try simpler maybe?