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Caz W

Jo - didn't recognise you there with your new avatar


Is that significant in 'magic' terms? Does any one know. (Next Wednesday i mean)

Thanks for the kind comments It's really appreciated, Obviously influenced by the great Geoff Hamilton I see various things on my travels and then think how can I make that so I can afford it, The weathervane took some work as everything is hand cut from the shape of the dog to the letters, after I made this I ended up making another one with a football club  emblem for a friends disabled father, I have the obelisks sorted now and have made 3 so far with some more planned for next year, they looked really good with sweet peas grown up them. I am really pleased with the greenhouse planter, this is the prototype and needs a fair bit more work to grind off excess welds etc, I think once it's painted, lined with moss and planted it should look really nice.

You have me stumped with the choccy geoff, my best guess is a vicar with salmonella poisoning,  If thats right your chocolatier was obviously having a bad day 




Right-what do we have~~~

Norm-vicar with salmonella poisining


Nad-hen fatale

Jo-Julia Roberts

Tinker Bell -turkey

May I just remind posters this is an advent chocolate calendar

Nad-top nerding

Pennine Petal
Phew,, back from shopping. Successfully bought a couple of presents, a new angel for the top of the tree and a couple of Christmas trees and a reindeer for my office desk and a partridge in a pear tree!

Waiting for SCD now.



Deanos Diggin It

Evening Guy's n Gal's!

Been playing out! am frozen to the core yet again! but hot bath running as I speak! n got loads done!

Caught up briefly! But Kate! Glad you are back! 

Norm! Nice posts! 

Beck's! Hope all sniffles are absconding! 

Right! Off to thaw! Back shortly! 


The answer to the mystery choc today with the clue- egg related and also someone who gets many marriage proposals-is~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


As in egg with soldiers and soldier,soldier won't you marry me?

No winners today-so the jackpot rolls over to tomorrow where there will be another one, that -promise-will be dead easy to guess


ARGH!!!!! that's awful J.

Deanos Diggin It

Oh Geoff! Feel loads better now my guess was totally wrong!

Was gunna be George Eggsremly good looking Cloony! He's always getting proposals! Although personally I think he looks like a Badger !


A soldier!!!!!!!!! from that clue!!!!!!!!!

And Zippy it depends what sex you are 


Leave Mr Clooney alone

I will be using the 12:12:12 fact with all my classes on wednesday I may even buy a magic lotto ticket


Deanos Diggin It

To all telly dwellers! Enjoy your evening!  n here is my oucome of the day!

 Sprouts for Christmas Dinner!


Raspberries sort of in!


n put to bed! 

 Talking about Bed's! Bed three done!  n now bed! Night all! 





Dean well done!

Was actually able to sort of watch Strictly tonight......

Oh dear OH planning tomorrows' baking session.....

Signing off now. The last 3 cards+their letters still to be done, sometime..... J.


Christmas cards - not written any yet 

Dean you work really hard on your plot. I just planted autumn raspberries in eatry summer and picked the last, last week. Have you tried those. Don't need support allegedly!

Gooseberries next?



Christmas cards? Not bought any yet.

Norm,  Love your metal creations and look forward to seeing more.

Jo, your avatar is lovely.

Aggie the chook is on Baytril for her wheezles and was OK when I left for the Christmas parade. We got the bus there to save parking hassles etc. Never again!! Had to wait an hour and a quarter getting colder, tireder and grumpier by the minute at the end of the afternoon to get home again : @


hollie hock

Soldier.........I would have never got that, that was very cryptic

Hi Kate, think I'll buy a ticket as well

Enjoyed the dancing, homemade chilli for dinner



You know on 'what to do thids week' for 6th Decenber they say earmark your brussel sprouts . Does that mean you have to go and mark every sprout with wool or somethng so you know which you are going to eat? that one, that one, no, not that one!!!

Enjoyed dancing as well

Miss Becks

Evening lovelies!

So sorry for my absence today. Eldest daughter is here. Havoc has reigned!

Just popped in to say what todays pressie was.

Another rolled up colouring book, buttons, santas and coin! I thing Gary and Caz are our winners today!


I'm off again now. Catch you all tomorrow. Hopefully.


Hi everyone, and a big warm welcome to Norm2. Is there a Norm1? I've lost track with being away.

Loved your photo's and Gary's brussels, you have got plenty on nobs on them -  an old Nottingham/Midland name for brussel sprouts.

We managed to survive the light show at Rufford Park, not quite what I expected but enjoyable none the less, but bl.....y cold. It was just starting to snow as we left.

Geoff. - your clue today for the choccy was flipping awful, I would never have got that had I been home in time to enter.

Hope all invalids are feeling better.

Will catch you tomorrow.


hollie hock

On the subject of sprouts, I always thought that I hated them. This stems from my childhood days of preparing Sunday lunch with my Mum and the result being very crunchy al dente sprouts.Not nice

I have since eaten well cooked sprouts and now I love them

Nice sprouts Zippy

Flo- nice avator, I loved Willow the wisp