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The clue tomorrow will be so easy-a child could get it

Had sprouts today-quite like sprouts

I am X-factored out -we have a great final tomorrow-one happy bunny

Night all



I loved Willo the Wisp too Jackie Frost. Unfortunately poor Mavis came out legless!

Haven' had sprouts for ages, I've always liked them.

Nice to see lots of people here today. Nighty night to one and all now.


Bon Matin

Had a bad night and coudn't sleep properly for some reason-so am up way too early and the heating hasn't kicked in yet

Todays advent choc-is a thieving bird--think Christmas

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Just been out to feed the birds. It's nice and mild today.

Quite a few people will have similar ideas about auspicious lottery tickets. But how do you get 6 different numbers from '12' and '12' and '12'. If a lot of people use those numbers and a ticket does come up, the payout won't be a mega jackpot. Though to win something and share it, is better than winning nothing at all.

Did my Christmas cards yesterday. Bought them from Sainsbury's on Friday. The cost of the stamps was THREE TIMES the price of the cards. I noticed that the cards were all made in China. I guess the price of cards has actually gone down during recent years, more than the postage has gone up.



Geoff I warned you my brain processes are unique

Thieving bird- magpie- pie in the sky- STAR!

We sort of overslept in that OH made our cuppas early. Next thing tis an hr later! Daughter now up & i've been beaten to the shower again!

I will do those last 3 cards, I will do those last 3 cards.... J.


Good morning All.

Hope everyone is well. I overslept as well Jo, was up in the night as I couldn't sleep, had a cuppa and read for a bit then went back to bed. Didn't wake again until 9.30 when OH brought me a cup of tea, went back to sleep and woke up to find it cold. Ah well it is the day of rest, so they say.

Our friends at Nottingham gave us a load of holly, but the birds have eaten all the berries so I think I will be looking for artificial ones, I think you can still get them.

Not planning on doing much today, although the weather has improved, so might get to have a look round the garden. The twisted hazel could do with a prune.

Still thinking about the choccy clue. will be back later when my brain is in gear.



I was going to say Magpie too I shall go for goose.

I am going to make my christmas cards today, I was shocked by the cost of stamps.


Oh goodness me-second clue-is- think laterally-not literally

In what universe is a magpie and goose a thieving Christmas bird-some of you have got the answer staring you in the face.

Now- second goes are allowed today -because it is Sunday

Pennine Petal
Morning all, sunny here, long lie in, reading my book and listening to
Archers. More shopping today, off to Costco.

My guess is gold.

Hello Forkers.

Slow Flo this mornig. Brain and body only just got into 2nd gear.

In my universe, Geoff. Thieving is a magpie, Christmas bird is goose. Perhaps it's a woman thing. Can't think of anything else myself. Maybe when I get into third gear...

Gary, if I did the lottery I'd be looking at factors and multiples of 12 for starters. It's a good number for investigation esp. with primary age children, I found.

Ooh, Holly Berry, what's our Lilian going to do now? All hell will break loose over Christmas I suppose.


Well it is not a magpie or a goose-nor a magoose or goopie-or gold

I need a lie down

Desert Island Discs on then ISIHAC



Afternoon all - Late again!


Just been to local farm shop, they said the waters only went down to get access to them last week but even now can only get to them one way,

We went for local produce for a hamper for SIL - never know what to get them, The others garden so that is sooo easy. Anyway ended up with a Christmas Tree , but we have arranged to visit Cannock Chae on wednesday to buy one with the IL's. 

This is a Fraser Fir, pretty, and it has roots. Farmer said put it in water for 48hours, then plant it and may take. OH has just made a comment about how he is going to get a large pot full of compost and tree into house. Der never thought of that and he was with me when bought it. Any one out there in cyberland know about trees and roots and stuff??

Dog only barked 3 times after I went to bed last night, was a sleepy bark so didn't get up to him. Hooray. He was in the hall again. Good nights sleep by all

Gary Hobson

I bought a Fraser Fir, in a pot, from Homebase, several years ago. It's still going...

Georg Faust wrote (see)

Getting a large pot full of compost, and tree, into the house is possible. You just need to lay something waterproof on the floor first. I'd recommend a compost with some substance - John Innes #3.

You might prefer to do the potting up outside, before you bring it in. But you'll still need waterproof protection underneath, whereever it stands. Keeping a tree upright, if the roots are not established, might be, er, challenging.


Not Chicken

My head hurts-there are teachers here-no wonder we are in a double -dip recession

Once again festive thieving bird-slightly cryptic lateral thinking clue-some of you are probably looking at it-Jo more tham most and it was mentioned yesterday by someone on here.



Well I'm looking at a lap top but I guess it's not that!!




OK OK- complete change of answer- ROBIN!!


There you are 2 of us now! & I hadnt seen bjay's post either.