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Finally-robin as in robbing-thieving festive bird

Well done to those who got it right

It was a first past the post competition today-we have two winners of the rollover jackpot-here it is-Jo is in 7th heaven




Yay  I got it right 

Christmas lights are going up on the green as I write. Last year us neigh bours put money in the kitty and bought 2 extra long strings of solar lights for the fir tree . Will post photo later. Some of the folk in road weren't living here then,perhaps they'll decorate another one. For the jubilee we all decorated a tree each - not practical to have bunting.


Well, well, robin, who'd have thought! Certainly I wouldn't.

Bjay, glad to hear of a better night all round. My three are in utter disgrace as someone, we don't know who, thought a tiny scent-mark on the newly cleaned carpet in the freshly decorated dining room would add to the ambience! I have to admit I shouted, then I cried. Probably a woman thing. I'm in that sort of mood today ;- )

Pennine Petal
Flo, I think she is backing off, feeling too guilty, or is it too much too late from Matt?

The wind is a blowing up and I have to go out, sadly.

I did think about robin, but didn't make the connection. Not got my thinking head on obviously. I put it away at the weekend!

Catch you later.

Well of course it's Robin, now I know, anyway now I haven't got to rack my brains, not up to it today. I am going to finish Christmas cards this afternoon, and see how many I can possibly get away with not posting.

We have had the rogue cat coming in the house again and eating Molly's food,it frightened me to death the other day. I was going in the house, when it shot out of the catflap in the kitchen door, past me like a streak of lightening, now our poor old Molly is frightened to go out, we are having to keep catflap closed and she only goes out when she thinks the coast is clear. These pets can be a pain sometimes, but we wouldn't be without them.

It's getting quite festive round the neighbourhood. The village Christmas tree is up, hopefully it will not be vandalised this year, and some of the neighbours have got lights in their trees, it's looking good.

Catch you all later.



Pennine Petal
Chris, we have one of those cat flaps that so programmed to Rocky's microchip, so no other cats can get in. When he is going out he bangs the flak a few times to let the others no he is coming!
Pennine Petal
OH tells me Hidcote A Garden For All Seasons is on again tonight, just in case you haven't seen it. BBC4 at 7 pm. It might help stave off the withdrawal symptoms!


That sounds like a good idea. I just might invest in one.Thanks for mentioning it.


Pennine Petal
A bit expensive, but worth it. You can order them by phone directly from the company in Preston, their brand is called Staywell. Or the one we have is American from, they are made in the Channel Islands OH thinks.
Pennine Petal
Wrong info Chris, Staywell is the one with a magnet.

We were so fed up with visiting cats, birds (wood pigeon cooing by the fridge freezer) mice etc that in this house we decided not to have a flap. Thank goodness as there is a rogue cat that visits houses with flaps. eats food in kitchens and terrorrises cats. It does have a home. but our 2 feel safe as they know it won't come here.

Just spent a pleasant 25mins skyping with grand daughter - AAAAH! 

Just put wreath on door, now to do some internal decorations.

Hi all, oops missed competition, never mind, been out to pick up a shredder for the garden, pruned back neighbours tree which was overhanging my garden by about 12 feet and I can't believe the difference it's made, top half of garden and even the kitchen are 50% brighter, It was scary swaying about up the top of a ladder but so worth it. most of the branches should go through the shredder making a mulch for front garden and everything for the new compost bin can be now be shredded first.

Hot bath, glass of wine and relaxing for the rest of the day. need to get christmas out of the loft but that can wait until tomorrow after work.


Thanks Jean and Glyn  for the info. and Hi to Tinker, sorry I've lost track of all the different names, will have to make a note and stick it on my screen

Molly, our cat isn't micro chipped, she has a collar with all her info. She must be about 17 now, not quite sure of her age as she has been passed around a bit, had several owners, so I think I will go with the magnetic one. I will be out and about tomorrow so I will investigate.

Norm2. That sounds like a very good idea, enjoy your rest.



I've quickly nipped back- Great cake tins Geoff!! I have just refused OH taking some pastry cutters back with him for his mincepies! I need them here!

Off to start meal now. Had a surprise visit form an old friend this afternoon. OH was at college with him. T'was great to catch up, as we think it's about 10yrs since we all met up.

Pile of ironing to do later & those 'b' cards!! J.


I have another few minutes before need to add peas to the casserole in the oven. Keep snacking on OH's frangipani mincepies!! They are nice, but what's wrong with bog standard ones?

Ok peas in. Another old student days recipe, adapted using vegetarian sausages- not the quorn ones-ugh. I like the quorn mince for shepherds' pie but not the sausages....

I had been just about to clean our bedroom when friend arrived. Luckily daughter is going out tomorrow before starting nights, so I shall be able to hoover then as rest of week no chance...

Wandering outside earlier with some washing noticed lots of things now 'gone' over. Oh well any chance this week I'll get out there to finish off cutting back. My borders never look tidy though....... J.


Pennine Petal
Back from Costco, some presents bought, so I'm feeling a bit happier. Managed not to buy a tray of scones, so that's a result.

Very quiet on here is it the anticipatiion of x-factor? I've never seen it

Don't know how to do decorations. Using a different room and decorations just don't seem to fit!

Keep looking in boxes and then stumped. Was going to put a fibre lamp tree on big window in garden room, but it was Mothers and found actually it was broken. Should have known as she broke many things and never threw them away. So what to do????

Have hall, dining room and to finish big room. AArGH

Deanos Diggin It

Evening each n all!

Had a very pleasent afternoon potting bare rooted strawberries n varous other things in my gardening buddies dining room! (no fear OH would let that happen here )

Been lovely n warm all day, n was awarded a Sunday roast for my efforts! 

Now home! couple of beers, relax n bed! 

B'J! TV has a lot to answer to! 

Caz W

Hi Dean! and everyone else who's not watching TV

Had a busy day writing Mam's christmas cards (haven't done mine yet!) and putting up our christmas tree.  Time for a rest now and maybe a little liquid refreshment to start the festivities