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Hi Dean, another busy day again I see- do you ever stop? Hi Caz.

Just reminded OH to get our tree down from the loft. Daughter will do for us next w/end whilst me & OH away galavanting! Not quite sure where it'll live for this week. Cant move in the spare room for boxes from Dad's, the furniture, etc etc. As a 3rd bedroom it'll take a king size bed, (our sofa bed became one) so a good size but a dumping ground for everything on & around the single in there now. Another job for the colder non gardening months.....

The boiler has just made a new noise !! OH hopes to get chance tomorrow to contact the manufacturer......It's actually not fired up at the mo as temp reached the set level. OH just going to bleed all the radiators again. Am almost wondering if we shouldnt have stuck with the elderly one...... Just think of reduced gas bills Jo & I think we're warmer?

Right, am signing off early to try & do those 'b' cards!! I hope box is taping that Hidcote prog....Dont watch Xfactor either Bjay, nor decorate the house now daughter all grown up, very boring here.J.


3 chldren all grown up as well, but would give us hell if they arrive and no decoration - especially daughter. Mind you i don't go over the top (no streamers) and this year we will have balloons as baby likes looking at things,

As she gets older will probably get sillier again

'Mam' that's a word haven't heard in a while.!

hollie hock

It is indeed a school night so something to eat and then episodes 5 & 6 of The Killing watched on a TV got this week from Freecycle

Goodnight everyone

Deanos Diggin It


Before I retire!

My old dear (Who is sadly missed)  once said! if gardening becomes a chore rather than enjoyable, then ya not doing it right!! Bless Her! 

Up to press! I enjoy!  

Deanos Diggin It

Night Hollie! Infact night all! Didn't realise what time it was! 



Night Dean


We have a winner-am X factored out for another 9 months-roll on BGT

Night all


Morning Everyone

Too much to catch up on so I just hope everyone is well and warm  I have been feeling a bit 'off' for a couple of days - now have a very sore throat and streaming cold  This is the first cold I have had for a couple of years

Sofa day today I think .

Have a lovely day whatever you are doing

Pam LL x


Good morning everyone - just popping in to say Hello!  I'll join you on the sofa today if I may FG, I too have a streaming cold and  a chestikoff - they're not going to want me in the office spreading it about just before Christmas.  I normally don't get colds either, so this must be something unusual - either that or I've been overdoing it - nah!  Couldn't have, could I?

I see our friend Plainleaf, The Great Cob, Grid whatever is back, this time posting as Birdwatch2 and trying to cause trouble (fancy telling Adam Pascoe what he's doing wrong!) - the thing is he's so easy to spot 


Good Moaning-very frosty out

Aaw-por Pam and Dove-you have 2 weeks to get better-stay snuggled.

Todays advent choc is a tricky one-but if you know your Nativity story- there is a rotten baddy-it is him.

To the big outdoors

Pennine Petal
Morning all, frosty start here. Pam and Dove, a day in front of the TV with your favourite films I think or day time TV.

Geoff, I have 2 obvious answers, but thought I would go for the 'bad ass'!
Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Woke later than usual this morning. So fed the birds before I had my own breakfast. It was light and there was a clear sky with lovely crescent moon. The crescent moon will be in the sky all day, though not as bright and conspicuous as it was first thing.

Got nothing planned for today, so I shall just bum around indoors.

Jean Genie

Morning festive forking folk

 Had a speedy flick through posts and it it seems you are all in fine fettle. Too much to mention but wish Dove and Pam a speedy recovery.

The move is complete. OMG Feel like I've been run over by a train

 Everything aches and I mean everything.
 Daughter safely installed and meeting her at old house later to have a clean up. Thats after I clean mine
 Not been here for 3 days .

Choc of the day Herod ??

In my absence a rather large Christmas tree is now sitting in the conservatory. Husband will be getting a rollocking - I've seen smaller Giant Redwoods. Think this one comes with it's own squirrel colony.

Anyway off to start it looks like a warzone in here.

Have a good day all. Pop back laters. Where's our festive smileys ?

 Just how I feel !


Georg Faust wrote (see)

The crescent moon will be not as bright and conspicuous as it was first thing.

so I shall just bum around indoors.

Oh my-well I never


Morning all

Was going to change persona today but no time. As I am relatively new to forum I read those Birdwatch posts, shackles rising, answered one then thought hang on a bit so I looked art where it comes from. Was going to ask if you hadn't said.

Any way glad move went OK and all in one piece. Keep warm you to with sniffles, perhaps you have the Becks virus.

I am saying goodbye , I may be some time, wish us well. We are off to Cheltenum for shopping. Never been there before, will have to watch signs. We will meet up with daughter for lunch as she works there. There is a park and ride

Men came and measured for blind already, quote by end of day, put up by Chrisrmas. Hooray. 

See you all later



Morning forkers all.

I'm going for a choccy crown as Herod has already been guessed.

Lazy start to the day - had better get dressed now. No plans so far, may just do what Gary's doing ;- )

Wishing the poorly ones a speedy recovery.


Just a quicky - Crown


Bjay-just a nasty troll-ignore-gets a kick out of attacking people for some reason- there are plenty on here who know how to deal

Nice to see you back Jean -The Ice Queen-you comments stated my morning with a laugh

Expect the site to go down at some point today if the smileys come on

Have spent 20 lovely minutes sorting out the chicken manure buckets-someone has to-then washed freezing hands under hot water-that bloody well hurt

Glyn Flo Jean Bjay-all guesses noted

Gary Hobson

My guess for the bad-ass chocy - it's the inn-keeper.

For not finding a bed for a heavily pregnant woman, and making her give birth on the floor of a stable. That's shameful.


:- D :- D Gary.