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I feel I should say that other washing up liquid fairies are available ;- )

Caz W

Morning all - lovely sunny day.  Hope poorly forkers take it easy today and get well soon.

Gary, you've given me an idea for today's choccy - "bad ass" - it's the donkey!!!

Caz W

Ooops - just catching up on previous posts and saw Glyn's answer - wasn't copying sir, honest.  I could always change it to the Angel Gabriel who scared those poor shepherds witless or can you only accept my first answer??


Morning all.

I'm fine, but daughter on her bed with some lurgy. She wont take anything- have got all sorts for her to try- hospital very generous with their prescriptions &, probably in her case, their bugs!! Somehow dont think she'll be doing night duty tonight.......

Was planning to hoover & clean out our bedroom today, but cant now- good excuse as she's next door trying to sleep. So shall layer up & go & cut back things that have been really got by the frosts- those that need doing now that is.

Noticed the 1st cracked pot rim earlier -the 1 with the repotted HNiger, drat. Think shall have to do a real pot sort out, chuck out sometime & hope that I win or get given some garden vouchers to buy replacements.

Keep warm & snug those poorly Forkers.

Geoff- no idea yet, but you know me...... J.


30mins later....... just been drooling at the webcams from the Austrian village we visit. About a foot of snow there, looks very festive on/around the log cabins in the square set up for their winter markets.

Right, next washload done- well it may dry a wee bit, no wind, but sun!

Daughter poorly again- but still wont take anything. J.


Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

What a lovely weekend I had. Eldest daughter doesn't come that often anymore, so was nice to have her here.

Geoff, King Herod?

Todays pressie was fun!! 5 items in parcel. 3 edibles, 2 for playing, but not together. One can be used with previous presents, and the other is something we all have in the garden, and moves!!

Pam and Dove, I hope you haven't got what we had. We've had it weeks. I am pysically hurting when I cough now. Can you get bruised ribs from coughing??



Becks-chocolate money, haribo sweets plastic frog that jumps if you flick the back end.

Jo-just leave her to get on with it-imagine how she will cope in her own house


Becks you can pull muscles from lots of coughing, I know, ouch.....

Geoff- I was only thinking that earlier. Trouble is when I'm off-colour  or whatever she's fast enough reminding me about all the various tablets etc hopsital has supplied. I ended up saying didnt want the one lot again as still had 3 boxes- 1 in each handbag & 1 in cupboard! OH still had to return some to the pharmacy! Tis a case of 'physician heal thyself' upstairs today.....

Am still thinking about the clue & not getting anywhere...... J.


Gary Hobson

My guess for today's wrapped pressies...

Some Halibos and crayons, plus...

The thing that is in all our gardens and moves could be one of many...

But I think I'll go for a single wriggly worm...

Jean Genie

Some semblence of order here now. Having a sit and a coffee before I tackle upstairs.

Oh great joy then going to old house for another clean. However. I'm aquiring her water feature said I would ''mind it for her '' No electrics for it in her new home so it can stay here for  now. Only problem being I'll have to give it back - it's much nicer than ours .

My Jess guess is earings , choc mouse and freddo

Oh well, back to it.


Phew am hot! well several layers, double gloves, hat, etc.... nice cuppa now.

The 1 compost bin almost full, leaf cage ditto & have even added stuff to council bin as was nearer to walk to!

Am actually going to cut back some of the stems of the fuschias in the big pots. Visible from house, totally frosted now & annoying me. I have several others in the borders which shall leave alone. Have cutttings too on porch sills.

Daughter has reappeared. Colour better, still doesnt fancy eating, but doesnt feel sick any more. Unlikely to be the noro virus as she had that couple yrs back & knows she just doesnt feel that bad. Just hope that I dont get whatever she's had/got! Have clinic appointment again this Wed.

Right, back out. BTW still thinking Geoff J.


Miss Becks

All answers noted!

Just got back from sorting office. AGAIN.

Kettle on, cuppa needed, and a giggle!


Guesses so far today are~~~~~~~~~~

nightowl elf-king herod

plumstrudel-a blind deer


holly berry-bad ass


ice queen-herod



I think that is all~~~~

Now playtime

Miss Becks

What we playing Jungle balls,

Tra-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la

Choose a game and see who calls!

Tra-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la

Make it funny, little honey!

Tra-la-la La-la-la La-la-la

Give a prize, and make it money!!

Tra-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la!!!!!!!


Jean Genie

 Daughter just rang . she won't be coming until later now so I can play too .  Are you and Jess ok now ? When I had lurgy I had sore ribs for weeks, Becks. It killed me when I laughed.

I am still waiting for my prize money from Geoff.


Miss Becks

We've both still got a cough Jean, but that's it. Compared to how we felt last week, that'll do me. She's gone back to nursery today, full of beans, God help them!

Where's the Christmas Smileys???


There was a young lady called Flynn

Who forgot about her trash bin

She was cooking some faggots

And then spied the maggots

But eating them will not make yourself thin



Shall we march on GW towers demanding smileys?

Jean I sent a cheque


Jean Genie

I vote you send Daniel a msg.