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Jean Genie

I'm feeling a bit naughty.


Caz W

Hey Becks - you're sounding better and more like your old self again.  My guesses - a finger puppet, a robin tree decoration, 3 chocolate coins. 

I think I'm owed some prize money too Geoff

Gary Hobson

Is that some kind of punishment then?

Having to sit on a cold chimney pot.

Miss Becks

Thanks Caz! I am thanks.


Have sent Daniel a meesage



One for the kiddies




He couldn't take any more-all those begging letters,mince pies,milk..........

Miss Becks

We better get on the next page and quick, before Jess see's that! And Daniel!!!!!! No wonder we're not getting smileys!!

Jean Genie

  I am cracking up here ! Stop it. 

Miss Becks

You're such a naughty boy!!


Jean Genie

Right I'm off . Need to stop laughing before daughter gets here or she'll think I've lost the plot . Will also be hiding this page from small children.


Miss Becks


Yes Jean, they'll be censoring our thread soon!


Hello all. Had a lovely weekend having lots of baby cuddles. Nice to give him back when he started to cry though!

My guesses for today - a snail, some chocs and a ring.

Choc calendar - a snowman?

Geoff, that's not nice!

Jo, they say doctors make the worst patients! Seems it might be the case. Glad she's feeling not so bad now though.

So are we getting this beast from the East?

I was in Oxfordshire over the weekend - lovely countryside, and went to a very posh farm shop. It was divided into different (very upmarket) barns with fireplaces with gas log fires in, all very lovely but frightenly expensive. One barn had cashmere clothing in - I found a nice top but couldn't find the £200 I needed to buy it!


A while ago Geoff asked our Dan
For smileys to use until Jan.
There were hopes of today
But they're fading away
Unless it turns out that Dan can.


Sorry, not my best effort, I'll try and do better next time.