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Nipped back to say I'VE FINISHED the cards & letters!! 

Knackered now though, so wont be celebrating otherwise wont sleep properly.

Will be absent until later on tomorrow- course, then lunch out. At least wont be making any noise to wake daughter. Phone already put to silent. Have forgotten already what time she'd be back assuming she stays the whole duty.......

Right, off to sort out in kitchen. Went into there just now to see half emptied dishwasher...... byee, J.

night tinker, sorry forgot who you are again, lol, as to my bins that would be telling, beer is far too good to waste I'd rather recycle it naturally

Caz W



Caz W

Hey Norm - you must be in OH's good books   - you deserve a beer after that!

just enjoying one now, cheers



Son works very hard, comes in late pours glass of beer/cider falls asleep, Dead drink. in morning

In this house nothing is wasted.

Don't you put a spoonful of vinegar in your secret formula for that extra sparkle

I used to use vinegar but tried the corn flour instead after reading about it, and it's worked so far I must admit it's a horrible task so anything to make the job easier is ok by me. If I could I'd use the pressure washer but swmbo wouldn't be too pleased  

Miss Becks

having a battle with madam about going to bed. Going to say goodnight now, before I lose the plot!

Hi Norm!

Night lovelies!

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Am up dark and early this morning. Looks like another day of crap weather - mist and fog and temperatures hovering around freezing all day. But thank goodness it's not going to be ultra-cold.

Today's excitement will be waiting for an Amazon parcel to arrive. Otherwise I'll bum arround. I might watch some TV. I might put some lights up inside the house, or I might not.


Very sharp frost over here in the east - I'm sitting on the sofa surrounded by tissues and Olbas Oil again - I'm better sitting up than staying in bed - it's slightly easier to breathe when vertical 

Pennine Petal
Morning all, just eating my porridge, steeling myself to go out in the dark and cold to clear the windscreen. Vehicles go past ar too fast, I'm sure one will get me one of these days.

Have a good day all.

Take care!!!  I've just looked outside again and everything's covered with a layer of fine white powdery snow and it's still snowing .... 

Jean Genie

Morning Glyn, Dove and Gary, Same here. Very sharp frost but no snow, thank goodness. Dove, stay in and keep nice and warm. Hope you're feeling better soon

I know what you mean about people driving too fast in this weather , Glyn. Just don't get it. Take care out and about.

Gary , what are you burning today ?

Had a bad night , kept waking up  Think it's the trip to vet with daughter's little cat. Horrible thing to do but keeping her alive and in pain is even worse.. Trying to think of a nice distraction for her when it's over.

Think I best feed the birds before she arrives. Not much left again. All the longtails where back yesterday - we counted 9 in total.

Enjoy your day everyone and don't forget your thermals.  


Morning early birds-no snow- just very hard frost

Have been outside-it is definitely brass monkeys-off to thwack me balls later-probably not my best idea-I fear it will be bracing-thermals will be applied

Back to bd for an hour's snuggle

Jean Genie

Morning Geoff.  What's happened to our clue for choc of the day ?

Rather you than me in the ball wacking department.  Far too cold.



Just opened it-the clue today is------------------------someone who sings in a church


A choccy vicar ;- )

Morning all. Frosty and bright here.

Poor Dovey-lovey, hope you soon feel better.

Jean, it will be OK. It's the final act of love for a pet - Flo xx

Jean Genie

Thanks Flo ,Daughters on her way now . Dreading it ,  but she'll be at peace

Right. choc of the day, choirboy/ girl 

Bright and sunny here too


Morning all. Very chilly here but no snow. OH decided he would drive this morning, as far as his workplace. Better that than him commenting 'have you seen that cyclist? Watch out for that patch of ice.' Have to remind him I'm neither blind nor stupid. But sometimes its just easier to let him drive - even though my eyesight is better than his!!

Jean, really feel for you - there will be a sense of relief when its over. Plan something nice and distracting for afterwards.

Choc of the day - chorister (if that's how you spell it!)

Went into the little loft last night to find Xmas cards, only to discover I'd not bought many! (Normally buy them reduced in Jan). But I did find 3 boxes of crackers! OH has offered to help this year with card writing, then realised when he washed his jacket at the weekend he left his wallet in the pocket so washed that - along with a book of stamps that was inside. They're now drying out!

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Lovely blue sky out there, but still ice on the cars!

Todays pressie has been had numerous times already, so haven't photoed it. 1 edible and the toy comes in 2 parts. Again!

Geoff, choir boy!